Dark Web Sites: 10 Best Dark Web Sites Not on Google


The “dark web” is often thought to be a haven for criminal activity. This may be half-true. The dark web’s less-famous aspect may go overlooked because of its mystique. This post lists some of the top dark websites that may be fun to browse and informative. These “onion sites” operate on private server networks, so Google and other search engines cannot find them.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web: Differences?

The deep web is anything unsearchable online. It lies underneath the “open web” or surface web. The deep web takes up 90% of the internet, whereas the surface web makes up 5%. Your email, social media, financial, medical, and other confidential files are secured on the deep web behind robust firewalls. Hidden stuff is usually harmless.

Google cannot index the dark web, which is a hidden subset of the deep web. It requires specific browsers. The dark web is known for illegitimate material and trade. It may appear like the black web is superior, but it’s worth visiting. For those seeking it, the black web is even more dangerous than the deep web. Be careful!

Dark web access?

You know dark websites can’t be visited by conventional URLs. Instead, they use.onion URLs, which are unregistered. Installing Tor (also known as the onion browser) is the best method to access hidden websites. Once installed, you may search the dark web like a browser.

Top 10 dark web websites

1. Secret Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a one-stop shop for onion connections to dark web sites. However, some links on this site may not be safe or operate. Click carefully!

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, a popular dark web alternative to Google, allows you to search the surface web privately. Thus, our private search engine will not monitor your browser history or other data and provide non-personalised search results.

3. DuckDuckGo

The world’s biggest social networking company has a.onion address. This legitimate mirror site allows dark web Facebook account creation. It also allows access in censored areas.

4. Secrets

Hidden Answers is one of the dark web’s most popular sites for guidance, answering questions, and general chatter. It’s like an anonymous dark web Reddit or Quora.

5. ProPublica 

Five-time Pulitzer winner ProPublica launched a dark web version initially. This non-profit investigative journalism organisation on Tor promotes free expression, anonymity, and bypassing national bans.


SecureDrop, a media darling, lets journalists and sources connect anonymously. Many news sites welcome whistleblower information on this platform.

7. Keybase

Keybase lets you exchange files with contacts, like WhatsApp. This dark website protects your data with end-to-end public-key cryptography.

8. ZeroBin

ZeroBin may be a dark web favourite among Tor users. Sending encrypted, auto-destructing text to contacts is beneficial. You may copy-paste without their servers knowing.

9. Riseup

Riseup offers dark web email security. This volunteer-run website protects against malicious assaults and government meddling. It also provides information security advice.

10. Hidden Wallet

Bitcoin has become mainstream in recent years. It has long been used for dark web transactions. The Hidden Wallet lets you exchange cryptocurrencies anonymously.

Dark web safety

The dark web is intriguing but hazardous. The black web is unindexed and uncontrolled, making frauds, viruses, and other hazards more likely. Thus, if you must enter the black web, take precautions beforehand.

1. Use a reputable VPN.

Enter the dark web using a secure VPN. It hides your IP address, encrypts your communication, and protects your privacy and security by hiding your Tor browser.

2. Install robust antivirus software

Install decent antivirus software before accessing the dark web to safeguard your device from limitless attacks. Strong antivirus protects you against hackers, malware, phishing, and more.

3. Be discreet.

Dark web identity theft is real. Visit dark websites using an encrypted and anonymous email address. Use an untraceable cryptocurrency wallet to buy. Online security services may also actively monitor identity and money theft.

4. Check your downloads

Too many dark web files contain malware. Thus, avoid downloading anything on the lawless dark web. Use real-time file scanning whenever downloading.

5. Beware!

Be careful while entering the dark web! Before accessing an onion website, verify its validity. Selectively click dark web links. Finally, be sensible and follow your instincts!

1. Can my phone access the dark web?

Android phones make dark web access startlingly easy. It works like a computer. Download Tor, connect to a VPN, launch the programme, and surf. Since there is no official Tor app for iPhone, it may be challenging. Other onion browsers are reliable.

2. Is the dark web trackable?

No way! Unless you’re a severe criminal, your dark web actions won’t be tracked.

3. Is the dark web illegal?

The black web is lawful, despite appearances. If you don’t do anything illegal, viewing dark web sites won’t get you in trouble.

Who invented the dark web?

The US government established the dark web to communicate with spies anonymously. The dark web’s Tor technology was released to the public in 2002.

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