It is no coincidence that whenever an event arises or a project begins to be created, the curiosity of the human being to know what it is about increases significantly, which is why once the term Metaverse appears, searches related to the subject have increased. The best way to buy that crypto is through a secure exchange like Qumas AI, where your digital assets aren’t at risk of being compromised.

Internet searches prove it

Recent internet searches show interest in this new digital universe and its possible uses in various sectors of society, such as commercial, labor, services, financial, entertainment, and telecommunications, among many others.

Many doubts exist concerning the construction of this mega-technological project that aims to impact the lives of people and their development in society.

Despite being a long-term project, considering this as within 10 to 15 years, Meta executive Mark Zuckerberg began working on this ambitious project involving his social network Facebook last year, experiencing a series of stumbles, but firm in his conviction that the Metaverse is a significant project.

Internet searches related to the Metaverse have exceeded one million since 2021 and so far in 2022, where the response of the google algorithm has shown that more than 4 million IP addresses of unique users have been investigated on the subject.

Possibly for many, the subject of the Metaverse is still a project in development; it is essential to follow up on the opportunities that many of the companies that are joining this concept could offer to individuals, where the interrelation and contact with their consumers and users6 it will be direct.

Another essential aspect to consider is the ability of the technology that represents the Metaverse to be immersive, which undoubtedly generates more significant curiosity in future users, where 9 out of 10 are willing to experience this new phase of the Internet.

The expectations regarding adapting the Metaverse at the various levels of the market chain are high, not only from the users’ perspective but also from the organizational side, which could significantly differentiate the relationship between consumers and companies.

The publicity created for the Metaverse has had an impact on society, perhaps in some more than others, due to the technological development of each country. Still, the users of the current Metaverse confirm that they will continue to use the advanced technologies that it represents since the benefits have outweighed the drawbacks.

Possible uses of the Metaverse

Many elements capture the attention of potential users of the Metaverse, which is why the most incredible intrigue is based on the experiences where users will immerse themselves, taking relationships between family, friends, and coworkers to a more evolved level.

Various companies have dedicated themselves to testing the technology that could be the basis for the Metaverse of the future, where most of these companies are retail and consumer since their products can be purchased within this virtual reality.

Such is the case of companies selling vehicles, household appliances, fashion, movable or real estate, where the way to acquire any of these products will be completely different from the usual one.

On the other hand, there is the use of this technology by employees where it is feasible to achieve the most outstanding operational efficiency, ranging from the design of any structure for shops or stores in a virtual way, as well as the professional preparation of people in the various sectors among which health, finance, technology developers stand out.

A clear strategy will determine the application of the Metaverse

After the situation experienced globally with the pandemic, many had to adapt practically by force to the various options that technology offers today, among which virtual and augmented reality stand out, as well as the digitization of most processes.

Creating a clear strategy will depend on each company’s vision, which is why when establishing the most minimal aspects in relation to user experiences, as is the case of retail businesses that project images based on virtual reality that allow them to visualize the products to be purchased.


The decentralization of this technological project could represent one of the most ambitious elements because it would be linked to blockchain technology to develop ample opportunities to increase the business value of each organization, as well as the preparation of human talent to maintain it in constant evolution.

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