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Critical Legends Trello 2022 Crafting Recpies List

Hello guys, welcome to Critical Legends Trello 2022- Crafting Recipes. This Critical Legends Trello 2022 contains crafting recipes, how to play Critical Legends, Black Market and Meteorite, as well as Quests. Critical Legends is a timeless adventure. Explore forbidden and dangerous areas to find hidden treasures and take on boss fights.

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Critical Legends Trello

How to play in Critical Legend

Face your enemies and get into their encounter zone. These encounter modes can alter the way you fight.

Click on people to trade with or party with them. Some may even have it.

To deal damage, touch the orb that appears during the fight.

To search for the items you are looking for, press “P” / Inventory button

To upgrade or reset your skill points, press “L” / Stats.

To equip items, stand in an Arsenal

Trello Crafting Recipes


  • 40 Ninja’s Shuriken
  • 1k Honor

Godbreaker T1

  • Godbreaker Quest Completed (Defeat 4 his Eye (BOSS), Electro Dragon(John), Talented student)
  • Trusty Hammer

Sakura Katana

  • 50 Broken Sword
  • 5 Samurai Mastery


  • 50 Meteorite Elements


Blacksmith’s dedication

  • 1k Honor.

Trusty Hammer

  • 1k Honor.

Critical Legends 2x Reputation Weekend

2x Rep Weekend starts automatically on Friday at 00:00 (UTC). [Doesn’t affect Quests RP] 2x Rep also increases drop chances for all items (except commons) by 0.5%. (Only affects Legendary Skin Keys by Craig The Monkey).

Critical Legends Trello Black Market

Blackmarket, also known as “BM”, is an NPC that sells random items from the “Blackmarket Items” list. These can range from lore books and powerful items.

Blackmarket spawns approximately every 1015 mins and despawns after about 5 minutes

Critical Legends Trello Meteorite

Spawns every 10 minutes, despawns after 70 seconds

One interact counts per player. One interaction per player is enough.

This is located at the top of Cave 1.

These items are available from Epic (7.7% to Legendary (1.5%) as of the Meteorite’s current drop.

Common (if there are no other drops)

  • Meteorite Elements, drops 0 – 2

Epic (7.7%).

  • Knowledge Cube

Legendary (11.5%)

  • Final Destination
  • Otherworldly Creatures (Gives 15, at once)


This rock, although called a meteorite is not from space. This rock was formed by the combination of cells mutations and the calamities of the void. It is the result that excess energy has been condensed into a small ball, which is then spit into the real world periodically by void pillars.

Critical Legends Trello Quests

You will be rewarded with a certain amount gold and rep. Sometimes, you may also receive honor and some items.

The only available quests are located on Samurai Island (LVL 250+).


[Rep rewards doesn’t get affect by 2x RP Weekend]

Foxes Saga

Highlands: 8-times defeat Thorn Wolf

Guaranteed Rewards

  • 100K Gold
  • 5K Rep

Monster Hunter

King Skeleton defeated 15 times

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 10K Gold
  • 50K Rep
  • 104 Honor

Honey Collector

Three times Defeat Bee

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 20K Gold
  • 10K Rep
  • 88 Honor

Hot springs

2x Magma Bat defeat

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 10K Gold
  • 50K Rep

Tusk’s Revenge

Defeat Tier 1-2 Fox 10 times

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 20K Gold
  • 10K Gold
  • 27 Honor

Trolling The Wolf trolling

50 times defeat Demon Wolf

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 500K Gold
  • Silver Key
  • 53 Honor

Scroll down

Defeat Electro Dragon (John) 20 times

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 100K Gold
  • 20K Rep

Non-Guaranteed Rewards:

Electro Dragon Wings

  • X10 Electro Dragon Fang

Foxes and Slimes

2 times: Defeat Tier 1 & Tier 2 Green Slime, Tier 1 & Tier 2 Fox

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 5M Gold (wtf Lmfao

Unsatisfactory Situation

Defeat Sakura Slime 10 times

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 10K Gold

Non-Guaranteed Rewards:

  • Kings Gem
  • Sticky Slime

Challenge the Challenger

13 times defeat the Challenger

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 50K Gold
  • 15K Rep

Non-Guranteed Rewards:

  • 100 Honor
  • Strange Mystical Urn

Anger Issues rage

Avatar of Rage: 3 times defeated

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 10K Gold

Non-Guaranteed Rewards:

  • Raging Soul
  • Fake Gem x10

Drilling Mission

Defeat Voidborn Phage 3 times

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • 50K Gold

Non-Guaranteed Rewards:

  • Voidborn Drill
  • x10 Fake Gem

This is the Critical Legends Trello 2022 Crafting Recipes List.



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