Cleaning and maintaining your loveseat covers – The essential tips to maintain


The loveseat furniture seems to be an exciting home décor addition you made to your home! If yes, then this does come with a minimal responsibility to keep this furniture clean. Most people place a loveseat or a left-arm couch at their balcony or any outdoor space. If you are using this for your office, perhaps you have kept this in the reception area. It is essential to clean the covers and keep it in proper condition so that it can keep your furniture secure and free from the dust and other dirt present in the air. It also secures the sofa from getting wasted during the rainy season because of excess water and debris carried by storms.

Not every homeowner gets the upkeep and maintenance bit correct. It is essential to study to discover how to keep your loveseat covers clean, dirt free, and functional. The following tips can help you.

  1. Know what works correctly

Not all loveseat covers can get washed in a washing machine at home. Neither can you wash it in your bathroom or at an open space in your courtyard or garden! You need to check with the couch cover service provider about the best cleaning process. Perhaps, you might have to appoint a professional home cleaning service provider and entrust the company with this job. They will have the correct cleaning tactics to keep the fabric clean and ensure that the cover performs well for years.

  1. Using the correct cleaning solution

Homeowners often commit the error of using washing powder and solvents for bed and other cushion covers for their loveseat slipcovers. That might not work. You need to choose a cleaning solvent that isn’t toxic and has the correct chemical content to clean stains and other marks that develops with time. Using an inappropriate cleaning solution can backfire and affect the fabric quality.

  1. Not using a brush

Daily cleaning and dusting go a long way to keep the loveseat cover from getting dirty. Do you cover your loveseat furniture every night? If yes, then it’s a smart call to use a dusting brush to clean the surface before you take off the cover. This small cleaning tip is useful in ensuring that the slipcover stays free from any minute dust and debris that it might have accumulated overnight.

  1. Manage the drawstrings carefully

The drawstrings are an essential part of the loveseat cover. While cleaning, you need to manage it correctly. Homeowners, at times, commit the mistake of pulling out the drawstrings completely. This thorough cleaning might go against them by affecting the drawstring elasticity. Ensure you clean the visible portion and leave the rest for a professional cleaning service when you hand over the cover for monthly cleaning.

  1. Don’t become irregular

Fix a loveseat slipcover cleaning routine and stick to it. For this, you might have to consider your work schedule and home errands and fix a day for cleaning. Choose the cleaning routine and stay committed to it.

When you keep your loveseat slipcover clean, you can maintain one cover for at least three to five years. You can change the sofa cover before that if any mishaps need immediate attention.

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