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Facts of Chris Potoski

Full Name: Chris Potoski
Gender: Male
Profession: Founder And COO
Country: United States


He attracted a lot of media attention following his marriage to pornstar Brandi Love. It is not a different person than American businessman Chris Potoski. He is also the person who is responsible for the growth that is Tracey Jordon Properties. In addition, he is the CEO at TJC Asset Management.

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Chris Potoski Wife

Chris is a man who is married. Chris is married Brandi Love. Brandi Love was his long-time girlfriend , and she was also known as his brand name Tracey Lynn Livemore . Brandi is among the most beautiful porn actors. The couple got married on February 1st, 1995.

Chris and spouse Brandi Love. P.C- Google

The couple has a daughter who is part of their relationship. However the name of her character hasn’t been publicized as of now. The couple has happily married lives with their spouse and daughter living in North Carolina, US. There isn’t any rumor of separation. After their getting married, Brandi is still active in her field. They have never had any disagreements about her profession.

Chris Potoski Net Worth

Chris began his career in the year 1995. He was Director of Business Development for Curative Health Services. From that point onward He was a part of the National Healing Corporation and began acting as an Director of Business Development. He also worked for the corporation for more than five years before he was let go in July 20005. In June 2004 the former rep launched his own company. The name was No Rivals Media. He was the director from 2004 to 2008.

In addition In addition, he also filled the role of Vice President at Regent Medical Solutions. In addition, he served the role of CEO at InVixis for about five and five and a half months. He is currently in charge of TJC Asset Management, as COO from June 2004. Additionally, Chris has additionally been the founder and COO for Tracey Jordan Properties since July 2014. It’s been an entire time since he has been running the company together with his wife.

Thus his estimate of his value for 2019 will be around $10 million. His salary isn’t publicized.

Chris Potoski Wiki Bio Family, Age and Social media

In 1972, the businessman’s birthplace was in the United State. However, the specific date of birth isn’t publicly available. He is 47 now. The national he is American. Although he is of white race. Because of the absence of a birth date his birth certificate is not known. There is no information on his siblings, family members, or his childhood.

Chris Potoski

In discussing his education The man graduated in Science in the field of Science from Central Michigan University. He was a major in two areas. They are Physiology and Kinesiology.

There is no information on his height, weight and body measurements currently. His hair is brown. Also, his eyes are brown in hue. Finally, Chris is not active on social media. Since he doesn’t own Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter accounts.

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