Choosing the Right Equipment For Boise Mammogram


Choosing the right equipment before heading on to Boise mammogram would be beneficial. What should one op for, digital mammography or analogue mammography? Although one can receive enough information from the doctor or the radiologist, it would be helpful to possess some prior and basic knowledge about the pros and cons involved in both types. Most people have come across digital mammography as the new medical darling, but how safe or suitable is it for an individual? Let’s find out!

How Is Digital Mammography Different From Analogue Mammography?

In the case of analogue mammography, low-dose radiation is used to detect tissue changes. The procedure involves catching the x-ray beams on film cassettes, which shows the picture of the breast from different angles that are usually translated to a digital image by a CR. 

On the other hand, for digital mammography, a digital detector turns the beams of the x-ray into electronic signals and is then transferred to a computer. These digital images are then reviewed on high-resolution monitors or are analysed by radiologists with the help of special tools. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Analogue Mammography:

The main advantage of analogue mammography is that it is not so expensive compared to digital ones while offering digital images—the high price of digital mammography results from the involvement of digital detectors. As in analogue mammography, there’s no requirement for digital detectors repairs are not so expensive. It is also easy to find a company that offers mammography services.

But it comes with several disadvantages, too, as the image’s quality is far inferior compared to its digital counterpart. It also requires a longer time to receive the final photos as the films used must be removed and put into a CR reader. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Mammography:

Digital mammography is far superior to analogue mammography as it provides a clear picture with no limitation in the size of breasts. It has the capability of detecting cancer or tumour cells earlier as compared to analogue mammography. It also allows the transfer of images electronically to the exact location for diagnosis. 

However, the main disadvantage is that these are expensive and can only be affordable by some. Moreover, they are also delicate, and the repair is costly.

Final Thoughts:

By now, it is clear that the digital one can secure the best mammography services. However, analogue is not always an inferior option. But people who need certainty about their health should go for digital mammography.

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