Candy Montgomery crime scene photos


Candy Montgomery, an average Texas housewife, did the unthinkable. She and her husband, Pat Montgomery, moved to Collin County in 1977 and had  children. Candy joined the Lucas Methodist Church quickly after that. According to excerpts from Texas Monthly’s book “Evidence of Love,” that is wherein she could meet Allan and Betty Gore.

Candy and Allan had an affair on the give up of 1978 after she befriended the married couple. Candy became reportedly uninterested in her marriage to Pat while she met Allan at a church-subsidized volleyball game, in step with The Daily Mail. Betty became laid low with postpartum depression, and Allan became upset together along with his marriage.

Candy montgomery crime scene photos

According to “Evidence of Love” (thru Texas Monthly), notwithstanding the truth that the connection commenced off robust with declarations of love, Allan determined to awareness on his own circle of relatives after approximately a yr and a half. Allen and Betty had a extrade of coronary heart after attending a wedding retreat. Candy took a step back.

Allan became away on a commercial enterprise experience on June 13, 1980, and he couldn’t attain Betty. He requested his buddies to test in on her due to the fact he became concerned she hadn’t back his calls. When they entered the house, they have been met with a macabre sight.

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