Can You Change a Business Water Supplier?


Are you someone who is looking to change water suppliers for your business? Do you wish to know the step-to-step guide on changing business water suppliers? If that is the case, you have found yourself coming to the right article. If your company qualifies, it is simple to switch to a different water retailer.

Once you’ve decided to switch, the process shouldn’t take longer than a month. It takes only five easy steps to switch: Identify your water usage, review your current contract, shop around and lastly, come to a decision. So with that being said, let’s begin.

Eligibility checker and guidance

Only non-household clients with commercial properties, such as companies, nonprofits, and government agencies, may select their water retailer. Your water reseller is in charge of making sure eligibility is properly determined. Please refer to Ofwat’s complete eligibility guidelines and supplementary guidance for additional in-depth information regarding eligibility.

Additionally, you may seek guidance from trade unions or business associations. You can also think about employing third-party mediators that can offer advice and information that could help you purchase water for your company, albeit they could charge a fee for their assistance. Firms must keep expenditures in check.

Many people fail to see the financial benefits when it comes to switch business water supplier, even being more mindful of their consumption. Although switching water suppliers has been an option for businesses for some time, this information is not yet well known.

Like the energy market, businesses can move if they believe they are not receiving the best pricing. The primary distinction is that pricing for companies will become more competitive as additional water providers enter the market.

Business owners may now often evaluate their water bills throughout the market thanks to Utility Bidder. We assist businesses in calculating the amount they may save on water expenses.

Can I change my water provider?

Similar to switching their energy provider, many firms in the UK have the option of changing their business water provider. As a result, businesses may lower their total water bill and make financial savings.

Companies in Scotland have had the option of whether to switch water suppliers or renegotiate their current contracts since 2008. In 2017, England adopted a similar policy, enabling business owners to change their water source.

Wales businesses face a more challenging environment. If your company is headquartered in Wales, you are only permitted to switch suppliers if you consume more than 5000m3 of water annually.

For the UK, there is one restriction. The property must be utilized largely for commercial activities to change water providers. This implies that many home-based enterprises are ineligible.

Why Change Your Water Supplier?

Changing your water provider has benefits beyond financial savings. While switching is probably going to enable you to save money, there are additional advantages. Beyond simply the pricing, Utility Bidder helps you obtain the greatest bargain on your water. Some commercial buildings have trouble improving their water efficiency.

Additionally, some people may have their water bills overcharged by as much as 65%, depending on things like location and size.

A company water audit investigates water usage and offers suggestions that might result in cost savings. We’ll provide you with a thorough water efficiency report to guide your efforts to improve the way your company uses water.

Fixed Rates and linked several websites

You may lock in your new rates when you transfer water providers for a maximum of three years. In general, fixed-rate agreements are advantageous since they make your expenses predictable, relieving you of concern about swings in prices.

If you operate from many locations, you may simplify and manage your costs by choosing a single provider for all of your facilities. It must also be mentioned that Reduced energy costs shouldn’t be disregarded. Changing your supplier can frequently result in lower costs for you. Changing water providers might result in savings of up to 12%.

What Are The Advantages Of Changing Water Providers?

You may opt to change your water provider for a variety of reasons, including realizing savings through lower prices enabled by the availability of a different water vendor. Not just that, Aiming for higher service levels, which can include excellent customer support, quicker response times to your questions, and much more precise billing if you’ve experienced problems with your existing supplier that couldn’t be resolved.

Moreover, you could also locate a supplier who can better meet your operational demands or has greater experience dealing with businesses in your sector.  And lastly, you could be making use of value-added services on top of the essential water supply and sewage services.

Simple strategies to cut back on water use in small businesses

It’s simpler than you would think to save water. Plumbing, heating, and cooling, as well as gardening, account for the majority of water use. And the majority of water “waste” is caused by these systems’ shortcomings.

Here are some simple strategies to decrease water consumption in your company, save money, and protect the environment. Modern and water-dependent appliances consume far less water than their predecessors, just like toilets. If the dishwasher in the lunch room hasn’t been installed or updated in a while, it could be time to upgrade to a high-efficiency model.

Reduce the amount of time that the HVAC system is used

A small business’s water use is mostly driven by its heating and cooling system. For heating and cooling purposes alone, commercial buildings utilize the most water. The amount of energy and water used by your company may both be reduced by making efforts to lessen the load on the HVAC system.

Using your air conditioner nonstop is not necessary. There are other options. Utilize fans to circulate stale air, double-check the seals on your doors and windows, and use sun-controlling window screens or blinds to keep the heat out. Use a smart thermostat to turn off your HVAC system at the close of the working day and maintain the temperature in stores and empty places as low as possible.

Carry out routine maintenance

Beyond installing low-flow toilets and drought-resistant landscaping, there are several routine tasks you should perform to monitor your company’s water usage;

Keep an eye out for leaks. Each day, leaks can waste gallons of water, which can later result in serious (and costly) issues.

Understanding numbers Understanding your electricity and water bills might help you identify unforeseen increases (and leaks).

Frequently do water audits. Analyze the water usage in your company and seek ways to reduce it. When it pertains to auditing water consumption and reducing wastage, businesses that use a lot of water may and should receive expert assistance.

The takeaway

So there you go, folks! Now you know how much effort it takes to change water suppliers for business and how beneficial it really is.

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