Can QVC win over Generation Z? Yes. Here’s how.


After reading about QVC’s recent rebranding and digital strategy I felt inspired and motivated to share my thoughts on the retail giant’s ability and obligation to target new customers.

QVC’s New Logomark

Joelle Halle is my name. I am currently studying a master’s in experience design at VCU Brandcenter. After I graduate in May, I’d love to shop for a living. However, no one is currently hiring professional shoppers so I settled for the next best thing: an e-commerce specialization.

I was a case researcher last semester. I did extensive industry research to find many design opportunities in the ecommerce space. I was specifically interested in how QVC would look if it were created for Generation Z customers.

Retail brands face a major challenge with the Generation Z shopper because of their digital prowess as well as their conservative spending habits. Although they are still young, they have nearly $44 Billion in spending power. Smart retailers are starting to pay more attention to their needs and wants.

Although it was daunting to assume a brand that seemed so out of touch with young people, I soon realized QVC’s brand DNA is uniquely positioned to win over Generation Z. Here’s my deep exploration of QVC.

Mobile-first discovery is encouraged

QVC revolutionized the retail industry by offering anyone with a telephone, cable television and credit card the ability to shop online from their home. QVC has been around for more than 30 years. They made more than $8 billion in 2017, but the way people shop has changed. Generation Z, which overwhelmingly shops from their smartphones, is the most influential generation in purchasing decisions. QVC has already begun to experiment with new digital strategies. They should remember that the current content model they have may not work as well on a smartphone screen as on a TV.

Emphasize personalized curation

QVC prides itself on offering unique, curated products to its customers. However, to appeal to younger shoppers specifically, QVC must go one step further. Personalization. QVC offers Generation Z a great way to have control over what they consume. QVC should look for ways to use data to offer shoppers more personalized recommendations, whether it’s through preferences or feedback from customers.

Keep it brief and sweet

QVC is a master of long-form content. They broadcast to customers 24 hours a days, 364 days per year. Young shoppers don’t have the patience for filibuster-style product demonstrations. QVC must sell products within 10 minutes if they want to increase their popularity. Generation Z consumers look for short-form content such as unboxing videos or reviews from influencers before making a purchase decision. Generation Z will not have to leave QVC before they tell their product stories in the same way.

Real-time engagement with shoppers

QVC invited customers to join their live broadcasts from the beginning. They encouraged them to call in to ask questions and give their opinions on featured products. Interactivity is an important part of the QVC shopping experience. The brand should reconsider how their audience participation may change across platforms as they shift away from broadcast television. The current mobile live-streaming technology allows young shoppers to interact and share their needs in real time. QVC should make the most of these platforms and consider how they can help create an unforgettable shopping experience.

QVC is at an important turning point as a brand. They must be able to critically evaluate what they do well and what they can improve upon. They can be fast and win new shoppers. I am eager to see what they do next.

Keep checking back for more thoughts and feedback. If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at Thank you for reading!

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