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Can I Use An Xbox Controller On PS4? (4 Ways To Use It)

Xbox as well as PS4 are among the most well-known gaming consoles on the market today.

But, the majority of people don’t know that Xbox is owned by Microsoft however PlayStation is owned by Sony.

They’re two totally different brands.

This causes confusion as to the question of Xbox controllers work with PS4 or not.

Let’s talk about the subject in depth.

Can I Use An Xbox Controller On PS4? (4 Ways To Use It)

Xbox controllers do not work with PS4 when connected directly.

But you can still make use of Xbox controllers on the PS4 with other ways.

It’s also possible to connect using another device, such as the Workstation or a PC.

1. Use An Adapter

But, you’ll have pay a bit of money buying the adapter.

The converter is equipped with an electrical wire as well as a USB port that allows for an interface between console and the controller.

Configuring an adapter is straightforward, however it requires some care.

It is important to adhere to each step with care to ensure that the adapter is configured without any problem.

The only adapter of high-end quality made specifically for connecting the Xbox controller to the PS4 can be found in Game3Gear Brook Xbox One to PS4 Converter.

It includes an wireless USB and cables to connect to the Xbox controller to the gaming console.

Check out the steps needed to connect the Xbox controller and your PS4 game console.

  1. Plug the USB stick into the console gaming.
  2. The USB stick should be connected USB stick with the Xbox controller with a cable when the LED light is on.
  3. It will produce a small vibrating sound from the controller that signifies it is ready to be utilized.

If you follow the steps, your Xbox controller will begin working with the PS4.

There are a few factors to be aware of to ensure that your connection is secure.

  1. Always connect the cable after the light bulb at the end of the adapter goes on.
  2. Don’t make use of the control if it doesn’t make a sound.
  3. Take the adapter off your gaming console when it is not using it.

These are the essential points to think about if you wish to extend the life that the device adapter.

The greatest benefit of this adapter is that it works with gaming pads and joysticks.

You can also join to connect the Xbox controllers to your PC using this adapter.

2. How To Set Up Remote Play On Your PC

Another method for using an Xbox controller with PlayStation is to set up the remote play function on PC.

Remote play allows users to gain access to Xbox controllers on various operating systems, such as Windows as well as iOS.

By enabling to enable the Remote Play Feature on the gaming console, the devices will now be in a position establish the link with Xbox controllers, as well as PlayStation consoles.

Check out the steps for configuring the Remote Play feature on a computer.

  1. Switch on the PlayStation gaming console, and you can access Remote Play. Remote Play feature via Settings.
  2. You can check the Enable Remote Play option from Settings.
  3. Click on Accounts Management from the console’s Settings.
  4. Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 then click Confirm.
  5. Install and download it. Install the Remote Play application on your computer.
  6. Log into your PlayStation account from the PC.
  7. Look up any available PS4 consoles and connect the PC to your PS4 gaming console. (Connect through the Add Device option if your PC isn’t able to pair automatically.)

If you follow the steps by following this guideline, you’ll be able pair the gaming console to your computer without difficulties.

If you experience any issues you are having issues, ensure that you reinstall Remote Play. Remote Play option on the PC.

Also, make sure you have that you have a reliable and fast internet connection prior to pairing the console and the computer.

Once you’ve successfully connected your PS4 with your PC now is the time to configure the remote play feature.

  1. download then install VDX program and the VI Gem application on your computer.
  2. Connect your Xbox controller with your PC the same way you connect it to your gaming console.
  3. Set the connectivity settings for use the DualShock4 Controller to access the Xbox controller using PlayStation.
  4. Launch on the Remote Play application, which will connect to the Xbox controller.

The procedure may be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with creating your wireless network.

If you do follow each step with care you won’t face any issues of any significance during the procedure.

3. Use A Wireless Or Wired Connection

Connecting the controller to an adapter that has wired and wireless connectivity is the most efficient method to connect the Xbox controller to the PS4.

The wireless connection occurs through Bluetooth which is controlled by an adapter that has updated firmware.

One of the top adapters that offer both wireless and wired connectivity choices can be found in MayFlash Magic S-pro.

The product makes connecting extremely easy for the user.

However, it restricts the user to a certain distance from the adapter.

If you exceed the limit of connectivity the adapter will disconnect the controller and console.

Look over the steps needed to connect the adapter using a wireless connection.

  1. Switch on the gaming setup as well as connect your Magic S-pro to the pro.
  2. Hold and press your button in the USB adapter until it flashes the LED.
  3. Hold and press the button that says X on the console until you are able to allow for it to join the adapter.
  4. A light on the LED will come on to confirm that connection.

The adapter functions exactly the same way that internet connection adapters work.

All you have to do is follow the correct method to create a lasting connection.

There are times when you may encounter difficulties when you set up the adapter for your gaming console.

If you are experiencing this issue The only solution is to insert the adapter and press it for prolonged period.

It is also possible to connect the adapter using wires.

The wires provide a stronger connection, which allows you to enjoy a fun gaming experience.

But when you connect via wire mobility capability is significantly limited.

Look over the steps to follow to connect your Xbox controller to the wire.

  1. Connect the USB connector in the console.
  2. The controller is connected to an adapter using a wire.
  3. The console can be opened by pressing the X button, and let it connect to the console.
  4. You must wait for the console to connect and play with the Xbox controller with your PlayStation console.

4. Connect Via Xbox One Elite Controller

Connection of to the Xbox One Elite Controller to the PlayStation is a simple procedure however it requires some effort.

It is essential to adhere to the right steps to make sure you establish a secure connection.

Xbox One Elite Controller can be described as one of the most effective Xbox controllers available.

The majority of professional gamers prefer the controller instead of other games because of its simplicity of use and high-quality features.

If you enjoy playing PlayStation games, but you can’t leave out your Xbox One Elite Controller, you must follow these steps to establish an internet connection.

A. Understand The Controller

If you’ve never utilized previously the Xbox One Elite Controller previously it is recommended to know the controller prior to moving on to the next step.

If you’ve previously used the controller this step could be skipped.

Connect it to your computer, or Xbox console to comprehend and set up the controller.

Start the application for accessories and look over the features of every button.

If the accessory application isn’t present You should get it downloaded from an app store.

B. Download The Cronus Pro Software

It is the Cronus Pro software lets you create a secure link between your Xbox controller as well as PS4 gaming console. PS4 game console.

Download the Cronus Pro from the official website.

After you have downloaded Cronus after downloading, you must adjust the settings on the PS4 game console.

If you download Cronus Pro, make sure that you download the most current software.

This will let you enjoy the latest features as well as the most stable connection.

3. Install The PS4 Game Pack

Next step installing it with the PS4-specific game packs to your PS4 gaming console.

This install lets the PS4 to mimic the connectivity that is available on the Xbox controller, and allows it to run smooth.

4. Connect The Controllers

In this stage you’ll need to connect both Xbox as well as the PS4 controllers with your PS4 game console.

Connecting both Xbox as well as PS4 controllers is required because the firmware allows to allow the Xbox controller to function along with PlayStation 4 console. PS4 console.

Once you’ve set up all settings, you’ll be able access the PS4 console using Xbox controllers without problems.

Can You Use An Xbox Controller On PS5?

Yes you can use the Xbox controller with PS5.

The procedure to connect the Xbox controller to the PS5 is similar to connecting to the PS4.

The best method to connect the Xbox controller to the PS5 is by using Remote Play. Remote Play feature.

With the new updates The Remote Play feature has become more effective and provides an immersive gaming experience.

Which Controllers Are Ideal for PS4? (Best 3)

Controllers play a crucial function in enhancing gaming experience.

There are a variety of controllers to purchase for PS4.

However there are a few casinos that offer a good gaming experience.

Because of this, it is recommended to only buy controllers that have been authorized by Sony.

Because they are compatible, they’ll play perfectly together with PlayStation and improve your gaming experience.

Check out the three gaming controllers that are suitable for PS4.

1. Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

This Dual Shock 4 wireless controller is the first model launched by Sony quite a while back.

The controller is also among the most efficient gaming controller, making PS4 gamers feel awed by its capabilities.

Microsoft just released a handful of updates to the controller, and it proved to be a great performer without a drop in sales, even without updates.

The controller comes with traditional options as well as the Share button.

Other buttons permit players to control over the game and the middle button offers users the Enter option.

The controller has a wireless connection, and it can be charged without wired connections.

It also lets you use Joysticks, D-pad along with Touchpad features.

It comes with motion control features and a touchpad which lets players enjoy the game by just a simple double-tap.

The controller also features an LED light, which allows the user to know the time it will start.

The controller has a reasonable price which makes it affordable to those who want an affordable alternative.

2. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is without doubt the best option to Xbox one controllers.

If you’re looking to try the advantages offered by an Xbox controller with your PS4 but you don’t want to fall into any pitfalls then you must consider this controller.

The controller comes with buttons that have an attractive design that will give an comfortable gaming experience.

Its quality and design of joystick as well as touchpad is simply superb.

You can choose from a range of options for customization using this controller.

The lights, the vibrations as well as the buttons for control can easily be customized according to the preferences of the user.

The customization is possible through a PC and the game console.

It comes with the Joystick and a touch-control feature, which allows players to take part in the game according their preference.

3. PS4 Evil Shift Controller

This PS4 Evil Shift controller is ideal for aesthetic people.

You’ll find some of the finest visual colours and 3D designs on this controller.

While the focus is on design however, there’s no compromise on functionality or quality.

The top quality paddle and buttons enable players to enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience.

The ergonomic characteristics that the control has are excellent to help ensure that your posture is in line.

This controller you’ll be comfortably play for hours without getting tired or feeling the sensation of having your hands tingle.

The controller offers many customization options.

You can alter the click ability and sensitivity according to your preference.

It is possible to turn the LED on or off. switched off or on as you are playing.

This can enhance your game experience since you can shut off the lights for a particular game and switch them back on again for a new.

The four controllers are all authorized by Sony.

The Dual Shock Controller is a Sony product that has been in the market for quite some time.

It is important to choose the one you would like.

If you’re familiar with Sony’s products, then the Dual Shock Controller is surely the most suitable choice.

If you’re looking to experience the capabilities offered by Xbox controller, then the Xbox controller with PS4 The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is the perfect choice for you.


It is possible to use an Xbox controller with PS4 by using an adapter or remote Play feature.

It won’t be possible to connect to the Xbox controller directly via the PS4.

Of the four options for connectivity that connect the controller, wireless or wired connection is the most effective.

The adapter is priced at a reasonable cost, and connecting is simpler than all other options.

Although it is possible to utilize an Xbox controller with PS4 but using Sony’s own products is the ideal alternative.

If you’re in search of Sony controllers The Dual Shock Controller is the ideal choice.

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