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Big Meech daughter, Instagram, Age, Who Is Big Meech Daughter?

The Big Meech daughter is among the most sought-after since a large number of people would like to know who Big Meech is actually.

BMF is on Starz has generated a lot of curiosity about it, especially since the show written by 50 Cent continues to increase in popularity and the popularity.

The series also uncovers details about Meech’s family that most people don’t know about. It’s appropriate that the role of Big Meech was given directly to the son of Demetrius Flenory Jr. or Lil Meech.

Many of the fans have heard reports of Big Meech had a lot of children, including one daughter. It has led a lot of people on social media to claim that they are Big Meech’s child. Let’s look at what we know about whether or not Big Meech did have an unborn daughter.

Who Is Big Meech Daughter?

Many online users are attempting to claim that they are Big Meech’s daughter. Recently an internet user whose name was Demetria Edwadior Flenory was seen making claims that she was one of the daughters of Big Meech.

The checks made on his Twitter account revealed that she joined the account in 2010 but hasn’t tweeted since 2012. The majority of the time, Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory makes use of her social media accounts to promote and help Big Meech.

As if all that wasn’t enough If that wasn’t enough, one Demetria Flenory has also claimed as the mother of Big Meech. She’s been using Twitter to demand the arrest of Big Meech.

As per Demetria Flanory Big Meech who was supposed to be her father sexually assaulted her and her sister.

In a series of tweets Demetria Flenory slammed:

“Look at us so-called dad we survived you and we can survive anything you drove my mother to her death, my truth will be heard not silenced or made to believe am lying or fake to save an image of my sperm donor father.”

Another queen Trudy using the name @ queentrudyhas posted on Instagram stated that she is Big Meech as her father. It is not known if they are related or if they have any biological traces currently.

Big Meech Daughter

Social media can vividly remember the day that Big Meech’s mother revealed the real child of Big Meech. In May of 2016 Big Meech’s mom posted that a woman whose name was Manessa Mia Hussey is the daughter of Big Meech via Instagram.

Our investigations found it was Manessa Mia Hussey is a user on Instagram and uses the username @ reallilmeech89. Menessa Mia Hussey is believed to be the real sister of Big Meech since per her username, Demetrius Flenory Junior also utilizes Lil Meech’s name in Instagram.

Big Meech Daughter Instagram

The suspected daughter from Big Meech are on Instagram. Their usernames are @ queentrudy and @ queentrudyand @reallilmeech89. thereallilmeech89.

Check out a screen shot from their website below:

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