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Best Pixelmon Servers For 2021

There are endless Minecraft mods. There are many mods online that can be used to enhance the game. There are many mods for the game, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones. The modders of the game thought of something new in 2017. They made a mod for Pokemon, but the company turned it down. However, that didn’t stop them from creating their own version. It’s truly amazing, to put it mildly.

Pixelmon Minecraft is an online multiplayer game that requires active servers in order to play. We will be discussing the best Pixelmon servers, which offer the lowest latency and the most features. Let’s get started.


Our first server is the superpixel server. It is located in the US. The Pixelmon server has an excellent rating and its uptime rate of 100%. This means that you don’t have to worry about it being down or crashed. Although it may be smaller in terms of players than other servers, the developers behind it have a lot of experience.

Poke Mayhem

Another great server for Pixelmon is the Poke Mayhem Pixelmon server. It has an incredible rating of 100%. With a capacity for 1000 players, the US-based server is much larger than other Pixelmon servers. Poke Mayhem is a great choice for a Pixelmon server.

Pixelmon Ultra

The Pixelmon was registered on the 3rd June 2020. However, their services are not as young as they seem. The Pixelmon Ultra is a top choice for professional Pixelmon Minecraft players. The server with the “water” theme has a 100% uptime rating. This Pixelmon server can host 100 players.

Poke MC

Poke MC is one the most enjoyable servers for Pixelmon Minecraft. Poke MC, a survival server currently running Pixelmon Reforged 8.12, is the Poke MC. This combination is a special one if you’re a dedicated Pixelmon Minecraft server. The Poke MC has many great features, including custom maps and custom plugins. Poke MC can accommodate 100 players.

Infinity MC

The Infinity MC is one of the most reputable Pixelmon servers. It has a 100% uptime and can host up to 200 players at once. The server also hosts the Pixelmon Reforged mod, which adds another layer to the original Pixelmon Minecraft. Infinity MC offers a lag-free environment. The Infinity MC’s best feature is its custom side packs. This is something that most Pixelmon servers do not offer. Side mods can be used to enhance the game’s excitement. Side mods are a way to attract more Pokemon’s. They include boosters and shiny rates of spawn.

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Razor Craft Pixelmon

If you’re a Pixelmon Minecraft pro, the razor craft Pixelmon is a great Pixelmon sever. Despite the fact that it can only hold 75 players, there are many other features, such as giveaways, frequent events and free ranks. We haven’t had any complaints about the latency of the server.

Pixel Asia

Pixel Asia is the first Pixelmon server specifically designed for Asian players. As a result, there was a lower gaming experience for Asian players due to higher latency. We hope to see more great Pixelmon Minecraft players from Asia. The server has a 100% uptime and 100 player capacity. Pixelmon’s server offers cheap ranks, shiny starters and the most recent Pixelmon reforge modifications.

Play Pixel Valley

Play Pixel Valley is the place to go if you want to test your Pixelmon Minecraft skills or if you just want an online Pixelmon server. The Pixelmon server features a unique ranking system, custom quests and a prize pool for tournaments. The server is fast and there are no reports of it being slow. This server is highly recommended with a 100% uptime rate.

Valhalla Pixel

Valhalla Pixel, another server that we’ve just reviewed, is not nearly as good as ours. This server was once one of the most popular, but it has fallen apart. The Valhalla is the only Pixelmon server that has not had a 100% uptime. This Pixelmon server has a lower server time so you can expect a server failure. The statistics show that the Valhalla was not updated in the last 262958 minute, which is roughly 184 days. We’d love to see the server come back on its feet and provide entertainment for the players using some of the most exciting perks of Pixelmon Minecraft.

Universal Realm

The universal realm Pixelmon server is at number 10. The universal realm was once one of the most popular servers for Pixelmon Minecraft. But this is no longer the case. We have not seen a server downtime as low as this one. Server failures or downtimes of 84.3% are quite common. The server was offline at the time this video was recorded. The Universal Realm offers some other amazing features.


Pixelmon is a great Minecraft mod, and it can give you a fantastic gaming experience if you have the right server. We recommend that you go to the server to get the best benefits for your needs.

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