The Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas To Invest In


Las Vegas’s population should grow by a further 1.8% in 2022. And trends show that the population will jump to three million by 2040. These people will need places to live so this is a great time to start investing in a Las Vegas property.

But you want to make sure you invest in the best neighborhoods with the best property value. You want areas where the property value has not yet reached its peak. And you want to choose neighborhoods with real estate ideal for long-term rentals.

Don’t know a lot about Vegas to know where to start your search? No sweat! This guide lists the top four best places to invest in property in Sin City.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is one of the best neighborhoods to find real estate investments because it’s a very livable area. It’s in a well-connected part of the city right next to Highway 95 and 613. It also has tons of amenities like grocery stores and entertainment venues.

This neighborhood is one of the more affordable areas in Las Vegas for real estate. If you consult local real estate listings like those on, you’ll see this area is below average. That makes Pioneer Park ideal for newbie investors who are still building up their portfolios.


On the other end of the spectrum, Summerlin has some of the highest real estate prices in Las Vegas. Why? It has some of the top-rated schools so families are falling over each other to live in this neighborhood.

If you have the cash to splash, you could make a killing with an investment property in Summerlin.

Michael Way

On the surface, Michael Way might not seem like a great neighborhood to invest in. It doesn’t have the best schools so it’s not the most attractive area for families. The real estate market is around the city average and the crime rate is a little higher.

But Michael Way’s proximity to Downtown Las Vegas is what makes it a winner. This neighborhood is close to so many amenities and employers that people will always want to live here regardless.

Tule Springs

Where do families and couples with young kids go when they can’t afford the cost of living in Summerlin? Tule Springs! This area has one of the lowest crime rates in the city and some of the best-rated schools.

Rental rates in this neighborhood are higher than average which makes it a better investment. There are lots of new developments here but not so many that you should feel worried about them driving down real estate prices.

Check Out the Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas Today

Las Vegas has tons of neighborhoods that are full of great investment properties. But now you know what the best neighborhoods are, you can narrow down your search. And you’re far more likely to find the most lucrative real estate investment for your portfolio.

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