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Best Gaming Monitors 2022: Budget-, Curved and G-Sync.

Complement your gaming rig with the best gaming monitors.

Comments (20)Included in this guide:1DellS3222DGMCHECK PRICE2MonopriceDark Matter 42770CHECK PRICE3MSIOptix MPG321UR-QDCHECK PRICE4MSIOptix MAG274QRF-QDCHECK PRICE5ViotekGNV34DBECHECK PRICE6Gigabyte AorusCV27QCHECK PRICE7AsusROG Strix XG279QCHECK PRICE8RazerRaptor 27CHECK PRICE9SamsungC27RG5CHECK PRICE10SamsungOdyssey G7 C32G75TCHECK PRICE11ViotekGFI27DBXACHECK PRICE12Samsung49-Inch Odyssey G9 Gaming MonitorCHECK PRICE13ViewSonicXG350R-CCHECK PRICE14ViewSonicElite XG270QCCHECK PRICE15AsusTUF VG259QMCHECK PRICE16MSIOculux NXG253RCHECK PRICE17AOCAGON PD27CHECK PRICE(Image credit: Shutterstock)

There are many options for gaming monitors, with new brands, features, and greater capabilities. This is a great time to be a PC gaming enthusiast, but it also means that choosing the right gaming monitor for you rig can be more difficult. There are many options, including screen-smoothing technologies like Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, as well as ultra-fast refresh rates of up to 360 Hz.

There are 4K screens for pixel-crazy people that can be just as draining on your wallet as the most powerful graphics cards. We have many great options for upgrading your old monitor.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right gaming monitor for you rig. Screen size and aspect ratio are important factors that can impact your view, desk space, and bank account. We haven’t even touched on bonuses like RGB, speakers, or port selection. What’s the best way for a gamer with all these options?

Our PC Monitor Buyer’s Guide (opens in new window) provides a detailed guide on how to choose the right monitor for gaming or any other purpose. Based on our testing, here is a list highlighting the top gaming monitors currently available.

Quick Shopping Tips

These are some things to consider when looking for the best gaming monitors for your computer:

  • G-Sync or FreeSync GSync works only with Nvidia graphics cards. FreeSync works only with AMD systems. Although can technically run G-Sync on a FreeSync only monitor it is not guaranteed. FreeSync monitors are generally cheaper but perform well. You can see a comparison between the two technologies’ performance in our Nvidia FreeSync vs. AMD G-Sync article.
  • Image quality is generally TN IPI VA. TN monitors are typically the most expensive, but they also have the best viewing angles. IPS monitors have a slower response time but better color than VA displays. VA monitors are the best for contrast, although VA has slower response times.
  • Higher refresh rates are better. This number is used to indicate how often your monitor updates with new information per minute (in hertz, Hz). It also indicates the maximum number of frames per second (fps), the monitor can display. Smoother images are reflected in larger numbers. Gaming monitors need to have a refresh rate of at least 75 Hz. Most gaming monitors provide at least 144Hz.

These are the Best Gaming Monitors Available Today


(Image credit: Dell, Shutterstock)

1. Dell S3222DGM

Best Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 32″ x 16:9Resolution at 2560×1440 @ 165HzResponse time (GTG: 4ms)Adaptive-Sync : FreeSync Premium PROTODAY’S TOP DEALS


+Sharp image with accurate color and vivid colors+Premium contrast+Solid video processing+Excellent built quality


HDR not available

Many gamers consider the Dell S3222DGM to be the best gaming monitor. The successor to the highly-rated S3220DGF (opens new tab), has a 32-inch VA (opens new tab), QHD resolution, and 165 Hz refresh speed with adaptive-synchron(opens new tab), support. It also features a display curve that measures 1800mm in radius and 85 percent coverage from DCI-P3.

However, Dell really knocks it out of the park with the S3222DGM’s contrast ratio (opens in a new tab). VA panels are well-known for their high contrast. However, the S3222DGM’s rating is impressive at 3,000:1, which easily surpasses IPS competitors. Our sample came in at 4,000 to 1 in instrumented testing, which was a third higher than the previous figure.

The 32-inch monitor has plenty of vertical screen realety without scrolling. It also supports 1440p resolution (opens in new tab)., which is the current sweet spot between image performance and gaming performance. The S3222DGM is primarily intended for gamers, but it can also be used to improve general productivity and other functions.

Although the S3222DGM doesn’t have HDR (opens in new window) support it has a great contrast that doesn’t diminish its performance and overall performance. This monitor is a solid choice for gamers looking to build a gaming PC with a budget.

More: Dells3222DGM Review (opens in new window)


Monoprice Dark Matter 42770 is the Best Budget Gaming Monitor (Image credit to Monoprice).

2. Monoprice Dark Matter 42770

Best Gaming Monitors at a Budget


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 25″ x 16:9Resolution 1920 x 1080Panel Type : IPS/W-LED, edge arrayRefresh rate: 144HzResponse time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: FreeSync & CompatibleTODAY’S TOP DEALS




+Good contrast+Superb overdrive


-Slightly darker gamma-No sRGB option

Monoprice Dark Matter 42770 gaming monitor is a great recommendation for 1080p gaming. It has a large color gamut, high contrast ratio, and solid build quality. Monoprice has spent a lot of time adding the features gamers need most.

Dark Matter 42770 has a 1ms GTG responsive time and a 144Hz refresh rate. The monitor supports NVIDIA GSync AdaptiveSync and AMD FreeSync.

The monitor does not support HDR but has a great native dynamic range. It also features excellent gamma tracking and a wide color gamut. This panel is an IPS panel with its color and contrast at a fraction of the price of monitors that cost hundreds more. It has deep blacks.

Although the Dark Matter 42770 is a great monitor, it’s not without its shortcomings. We’re happy to overlook the negatives in exchange for the outstanding performance and attractive pricing of this 25-inch monitor.

More: Monoprice Dark Matter 42770 review (opens in new window)


This 4K gaming monitor is equipped with a 144Hz IPS panel. (Image credit: Shutterstock, MSI)

3. MSI Optix MSPG321URQD

Best 4K Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 32″ / 16:9Resolution Type: IPSRefresh rate: 144HzResponse time (GTG: 1ms)Adaptive-Sync: FreeSync & CompatibleTODAY’S TOP DEALS


+Bright, sharp picture +Highly saturated color+HDMI2.1 & DisplayPort1.4/DSC+USB+C input


-Calibration reduces the light output. Contrast-Native contrast is just average

The MSI Optix MSPG321URQD is a great combination of performance and features. It costs less than $900. The 4K gaming monitor has great color saturation and is calibrated right out of the box. It also delivers amazing HDR quality for this price.

It also features HDMI 2.1, a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG reaction time. Peak SDR brightness was 424 nits, and more than 700 nits when using HDR content. Its color gamut was also 117% of the DCI-P3.

The Optix MPG321URQD was one the most vibrant monitors we tested. However, we wish it had gamma presets. We also wish the monitor was properly calibrated to reduce contrast and light output.

More: MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD review


The MSI Optix MAG274QRFQD monitor is one of the most vibrant we have ever seen. (Image credit: MSI)

4. MSI Optix MAG274QRF–QD

Best Gaming Monitor for Color


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 27″ / 16 9Resolution: 2560x1440Panel Type : IPSRefresh rate: 165HzResponse time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync : GSync Compatible TODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Amazon


+Huge color gamut+Fast response


-No sRGB modes-Backlight strobe creates artifacts

The MSI Optix MAG274QRFQD gaming monitor is the perfect choice if you want your games to be more colorful. After our recommended calibration, this monitor recorded the largest color gamut: 112.19% DCI-P3. This screen is only one-color saturated, which would make DCI-P3 appear to be at 90%.

After calibration, contrast is strong for IPS panels. It reached 1,129.1 to 1. For those who are concerned about speed, the 165 Hz screen performed well against the 170Hz Gigabyte screen in our testing

However, color purists will be disappointed that there is no sRGB mode. The MAG274QRFQD’s sRGB coverage stands at 166.33%. The backlight strobe that is used to combat motion blur is also disappointing. Adaptive-Sync cannot be used with it. The brightness drops by approximately 50% and ghosting results in a parallax effect for fast motion. This monitor is also capable of HDR, but it doesn’t offer any visible image enhancement over SDR.

If you can overlook these caveats, then you’ll be able to enjoy the most vibrant monitor ever created in our laboratory.

More: MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD review


The Viotek VNV34DBE offers the curves that you need and is a great value for money. (Image credit: Viotek)

5. Viotek GNV34DBE

Best Curved Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 34 inches, 21.9Resolution 3440x1440Panel Type : VARefresh Rate : 144HzResponse time (GTG: 4msAdaptive Sync : FreeSyncTODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Amazon


+Contrast+Effective overdrive+HDR


For best results, calibration is required.

The Viotek VNV34DBE is a curved gaming monitor that’s both affordable and highly-performance. The 1500R curve added an immersive feel to gaming and helped to fill our peripheral vision. We found the GNV34DBE suitable for work, despite its narrow curve. We enjoyed multiple windows for increased productivity and there was no distortion.

It’s not only about the GNV34DBE curve. The GNV34DBE’s curve also features a 144Hz refresh rate, response times, and input lag that were comparable to 144Hz competitors during our testing. FreeSync enabled smooth gaming and high pixel density on the battlefield. The color and contrast of the gaming display were comparable to those with higher prices.

The GNV34DBE’s edge-lit backlight makes it a great HDR monitor. This is a significant improvement on your standard SDR monitor. Despite its low price, it is not of high quality. The Viotek GNV34DBE gaming monitor is fast and has a good curve.

More: Viotek GNV34DBE review


The Aorus CV27Q has a sharp 1440p resolution and high contrast. (Image credit: Aorus)

6. Aorus CV27Q

Best Gaming Monitors 1440p


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 27″ x 16:9Resolution 2560 x 1440Panel Type : VARefresh Rate : 165HzResponse time (GTG: 1ms)Adaptive-Sync : FreeSync Premium PROTODAY’S TOP DEALS


+Contrast+Color accuracy+Speed & responsiveness


-Inaccurate RGB mode-No image controls to HDR

The Aorus CV27Q gaming monitor from Gigabyte is the best for high-speed gaming. Its impressive specs made it stand out against other 144 Hz monitors in our input lag, response time and performance tests. You could get slightly better performance with the Aorus 1080p, but you won’t be able to get the sharper QHD resolution and higher pixel density (109ppi).

Image quality is also excellent with a VA panel that offers 3,000:1 contrast. The CV27Q’s low black level made images look deep, especially when using HDR titles. HDR is not supported by this monitor. We prefer HDR displays with at least 600 nits.


Aorus’ active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature is a bonus feature. It uses two mics in the front to reduce background noise other than that generated by your gaming headset. This page shows the Asus ROG Strix XG279Q. It is a little faster.

Read: Aorus CV27Q review


ROG Strix XG27AQ from Asus is one of the most popular 1440p gaming monitors. (Image credit: Asus)

7. Asus ROG Strix XG279Q

The Best Gaming Monitors at 1440p


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio: 27″ x 16:9Resolution is 2560x1440Panel Type : IPSRefresh rate: 144Hz (170Hz with overclock).Response time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: G-Sync CompatibleTODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Adorama WW


View at Amazon All prices (4 found)


+Excellent dynamic contrast+ELMB Blur reduction works in conjunction with AdaptiveSync+Better HDR


-Needs calibration for best accuracy

The Asus ROG Strix XG27AQ gaming monitor may be the right choice for you if you have more money and you want to get the most out of your 1440p screen. This screen can compete with the fastest screens. It performs well in our response time tests and falls just 1-3ms behind our input lag tests.

We measured a solid IPS contrast of 1,158.4 to 1 right out of the box. You will need to calibrate the monitor to eliminate visible grayscale tracking errors. However, our recommended settings can be helpful. The dynamic contrast feature, which boosts contrast to 22,506.9, makes this a great HDR monitor.

It has the sharpest resolution you can dream of, and it is one of the few monitors that allows blur reduction in conjunction with side-screen tear-fighting AdaptiveSync.

The Asus ROG Strix XG279Q is another great 1440p option that offers similar performance. The XG279Q, however, is slightly more expensive ( $500(opens new tab) and $570 (opens new tab)), respectively. It has one of the most impressive motion blur implementations that we have seen and the rare ability of running motion blur alongside AdaptiveSync.

More: Asus ROG StrixXG27AQ review


This monitor is the most powerful 144Hz gaming monitor, with a stunning 1440p image quality. (Image credit: Razer)

8. Razer Raptor 27

Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio: 27″ x 16:9Resolution at 2560 x1440 @ 144HzResponse time (GTG: 4ms)Adaptive-Sync, G-Sync Compatible, FREESyncTODAY’S TOP DEALS




View at GameStop


+Excellent HDR contrast +Saturated color+Near-100% coverage+Fantastic design and build quality


-No true RGB color mode -User must manually toggle between SDR or HDR modes

Razer Raptor 27 gaming monitor is the best for 144Hz refresh rates. You’ll be jealous of any gamer you know with its premium features, including an RGB stand, flat-green cables for cable management, and a drool-worthy build. HDR delivery is one of the best in edge-lit panels we have seen.

The Raptor 27 managed to compete with 165Hz monitors despite its 144Hz refresh rate in our benchmarking. Although there was no significant motion blur, professional-level players will need to decide whether to deal with it or activate the backlight strobe. This reduces brightness by 40%, limits you to 120Hz and grays out FreeSync/G-Sync Compatibility.

The Raptor 27’s sleek design is complemented by the Raptor 27’s speed. The 2021 Razer Raptor 27 offers a 165Hz refresh rate and costs $100 more. (opens in a new tab

More: Razer Raptor 27, review (opens in new window)


Samsung’s 27 inch CRG5 gaming monitor is ideal for those who want 240Hz. (Image credit: Samsung)

9. Samsung 27-inch CRG5

Best 240 Hz Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio: 27″ x 16:9Resolution 1920 x 1080Panel Type : VARefresh Rate : 240HzResponse time (GTG: 4msAdaptive Sync: G-Sync Compatible TODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Conrad Electronic


+High contrast and color accuracy+240Hz VA panel+Superb gaming performance


No USB or speakers

A 240 Hz monitor is the best choice for speed demons. This level of speed was possible only by settling for 1080p resolution with a TN panel. The Samsung CRG5 27-inch (opens in new window) is the best gaming monitor of its class. It is unique because it can achieve that speed in our favorite LCD panel, VA.

During testing, we encountered several flaws. In terms of image quality, the biggest was an incorrect HDMI Black Level setting. G-Sync Compatibility is the only type of Adaptive-Sync. Our gaming experience was an unforgettable one, with only a few minor caveats.

More: Samsung 27-Inch CRG5 review(opens in new tab)


Although it’s costly, the Samsung Odyssey G7 32 inch is almost perfect. (Image credit: Samsung)

10. Samsung Odyssey G7 32-Inch

Best Gaming Monitor 32 inches


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 32″ x 16:9Resolution 2560x1440Panel Type : SVARefresh rate: 240HzResponse time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: G-Sync compatible, FreeSync Premium PROTODAY’S TOP DEALS




+Optimal size and shape for gaming or work+Low inputlag


No speakers

The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor is a unique and exceptional product. It is one of Samsung’s 1000R screens. This means it is one of the most curvy gaming monitors on the market. The 32-inch Odyssey G7 will give you an even more immersive experience with curved monitors.

The amazing 1000R curve on the Odyssey G7 was 32 inches. It attracted us whether we were working or playing games. This curvature allowed us to view productivity apps with no image distortion. Gaming was also possible thanks to this curve. The 32-inch 16:9 design is ideal for productivity, and the 1440p resolution makes it perfect for gaming.

The 32-inch Odyssey G7 was excellent in terms of image quality. It even came calibrated before we tested it. We also found that the Odyssey G7 had a 2,121 to 1 contrast ratio.

This monitor performed well in our benchmarking of response times, keeping up with similar-specced screens and doing justice to its 240 Hz category. This monitor is the best choice if you are looking for high-end performance, image quality, and form factor.

More: Samsung Odyssey G7 32-inch review


Viotek’s GFI27DBXA 27-incher is extra colorful. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

11. Viotek GFI27DBXA

Gaming Monitors 27 inches Best


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 27″ x 16:9Resolution 2560 x 1440Panel Type : IPSRefresh rate: 180 HzResponse time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: FreeSyncTODAY’S BEST DEALS




+Best-in class overdrive means no motion blur+Solid construction quality


-Switching HDR to a clunky mode is not a good idea.

There are many 27-inch gaming monitors on the market, but the Viotek FFI27DBXA is an exceptional choice with a vibrant image that is sharp and bright. Our testing revealed that the 1440p panel covers 101% DCI-P3 colors. While the panel’s contrast was comparable to an IPS panel, dynamic contrast proved helpful when gaming. The image was impressive during gaming thanks to its wide color coverage.

The GFI27DBXA has a great speed and is ready to go. It responded in benchmarks with a 6ms response speed. It had a 180Hz refresh rate which was 2-6ms slower than the 165 and 170Hz screens of premium brands. Its overdrive is also one of the most impressive we have seen. This ensures that mainstream players are not affected by any noticeable delays. The monitor is also very reliable and sturdy, even though it’s less expensive.

Consider the MSI Opx MAG272CQR as an alternative. This might also be more affordable (opens in new window).

More: Viotek GFI27DBXA review


The Samsung ultrawide is a premium option. (Image credit: Samsung)

12. Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9

Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 49″ / 32:9Resolution 5120x1440Panel Type SVA (VA).Refresh Rate:240 HzResponse time (GTG: 1ms)Adaptive-Sync: G-Sync Compatible. FreeSyncTODAY’S TOP DEALS




View at Microsoft US


View at Microsoft US


+Exact color right out of the box + Tight curve ensures maximum immersion


-No motion blur reduction -No speakers

This is the Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9, one of our most extreme monitors. It measures 49 inches diagonally and has a 1000R curve. This curve is the most extreme available on a gaming monitor. This panel fills your view from a distance of 2-3 feet. This panel is like two 1440p, 27-inch monitors in one. It will require nearly 4 feet of width and 17 inches depth, but you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without image distortion. Do you want a smaller ultrawide model? Excellent is also the Acer Predator.

The 49-inch Odyssey G9 showed excellent contrast (2,152.9:1 after calibration), and climbed to 58.881.7:1 during HDR testing. This monitor is bright and has sharp pictures and accurate DCI–P3 and sRGB colors.

We would expect more for this price. Blur reduction is not offered by the monitor. Adaptive-Sync is our preference over motion blur reduction. If you have a strong enough graphics card, motion blur shouldn’t be a problem. A framerate counter and speakers are not included. Some sacrifices are worthwhile when you have a solid image quality and an ultrawide that is fast.

More: Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 review


The ViewSonic Elite XG350R/C is an exceptional value and hard to beat. (Image credit: ViewSonic)

13. ViewSonic EliteXG350RR-C

Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor at a Budget


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 35″ x 16:9Resolution 3440 x 1440Panel Type : VARefresh Rate 100 HzResponse time (GTG: 3ms)Adaptive-Sync: FREESyncTODAY’S TOP DEALS




+Excellent color accuracy and contrast+Fast refresh rate of 100 Hz+Good build quality+Loud speaker


HDR mode does not add any additional contrast.

The ViewSonic Elite XG350R/C is currently available for $660 (opens in new window). This ultrawide 35-inch model is much cheaper than other ultrawides, and has fewer features (there’s RGB lighting on the back). The XG350R -C’s vivid, accurate color will make textures pop and skin tones appear more natural.

Look elsewhere if you are looking for HDR that will make a difference in your life or HDR with AdaptiveSync. The Elite XG350R–C has a 21.9 aspect ratio and an 1800mm radius. This gives us an immersive, ultra-wide experience.

More: ViewSonic EliteXG350R–C review


ViewSonic EliteXG270QC is a powerful HDR camera that’s much cheaper than other models. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

14. ViewSonic Elite XG270QC

Best HDR Gaming Monitor at a Budget


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 27″ x 16:9Resolution 2560x1440Panel Type VARefresh Rate 165HzResponse time (GTG: 3msAdaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium PROTODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Amazon

Low Stock


View at Conrad Electronic


+Build quality+Accurate colour+Adaptive-Sync HDR


-No sRGB Mode

The ViewSonic EliteXG270QC is available here (opens in new window) if you are looking for an HDR monitor, but don’t have the best HDR Monitors. Although it isn’t FALD-quality, the monitor’s HDR performance (edge-lit backlighting, the runner up, and a VA panel) will make you noticeably better than SDR.

The monitor performed well against other 165Hz screens, such as the Dell S3220DGF. ViewSonic’s XG270QC provides 1440p resolution and on-point gamma. With our calibration settings, contrast reached 2,897 to 1. Even without HDR. You also get a pair of 3W speakers that are surprisingly loud.

To experience the best HDR gaming, visit our Best4K Gaming Monitors list.

More: ViewSonic EliteXG270QC review


The 280Hz Asus VG259QM TUF VG259QM is fast. (Image credit: Asus)

15. Asus TUF VG259QM

Best High-Refresh Gaming Monitor


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 24.5 inches/ 16:9Resolution 1920x1080Panel Type : IPSRefresh rate: 240Hz (280Hz with overclock). Response Time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: G-Sync Compatible TODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Adorama WW


View at Conrad Electronic All prices (4 found)


+Phenomenal gaming using simultaneous AdaptiveSync and ELMB


-Light gamma-HDR doesn’t pop

The Asus TUF Gaming VG259QM monitor is not the only one with a 240 Hz refresh rate, but it is the only one that can overclock to a staggering 280 Hz. The high refresh rate is not the only thing that matters. You can also incorporate FreeSync (despite not being certified) and G-Sync Compatibility with Asus’ Extreme Low Motion Blur feature (ELMB). This feature is superior to any monitor’s overdrive. Our inputs felt almost pre-planned with these features and 280Hz. This monitor is the right one for your game. The Asus VG259QM topped the response time test, and performed admirably in terms absolute input lag.

This monitor’s HDR capability is one of its weaknesses. HDR will look worse than SDR content, thanks to an IPS panel with 1,000×1 contrast and DisplayHDR 400 certification. To get the best out of this high refresh screen, you will need a good graphics card.

The VG259QM monitor is one of the fastest on the market. Although there are now 360 Hz monitors, 280 fps is still more possible than 360. The VG259QM is a good value at 319 (opens in new window).

More: TUF Gaming VG259QM Review


This monitor is ready for eSports and it’s the fastest we have ever tested. (Image credit: MSI)

16. MSI Oculux NXG253R

Best Gaming Monitor for eSports


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 24.5 inches/ 16:9Resolution 1920x1080Panel Type : IPSRefresh rate: 360HzResponse time (GTG: 1msAdaptive Sync: G-SyncTODAY’S BEST DEALS




View at Adorama WW


+High contrast with variable backlight+ Incredibly smooth and quick


No speakers, no extended color

The MSI Oculux NXG253R will suit gamers who are able to take advantage of 8,000Hz mice and play at a high level. We have tested several 360 Hz monitors including the ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN and Alienware AAW2521H. All of them are incredibly fast and impressive. The fastest screen we have ever tested is the MSI 360 Hz monitor.

The absolute input lag of the NXG253R was 17ms according to benchmarking. This is 1ms slower than the next fastest 360 Hz monitor (Asus PG259QN). When it came to response times, the NXG253R was equal to other 360Hz screens, with a 3ms result. The NXG253R also includes Nvidia’s Reflexlatency analyser and G-Sync down to 1Hz. Gaming performance is not compromised.

However, there are some things that are missing. The NXG253R is expensive, especially for a 1080p display. However, it doesn’t come with speakers. The color gamut of the NXG253R is sRGB rather than the DCI-P3 which is becoming more popular among gaming monitors. This is still a bright panel with decent contrast (1.190.6:1), for an IPS panel. HDR is enhanced by a variable backlight that increases contrast to a high of 7,972.5:1 when HDR content is present.

The NXG253R is the fastest PC monitor refresh rate at 360 Hz.

More: MSI Oculux NXG253R review


The AOC PD27 makes 240Hz look great. (Image credit: AOC)

17. Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27

Gaming Monitors at a Discount


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio 27″ x 16:9Resolution 2560 x 1440Panel Type : VARefresh Rate : 240HzResponse time (GTG: 0.5msAdaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium PROTODAY’S TOP DEALS


+Wide, accurate color gamut+Build quality, styling


-Backlight strobe can cause some smearing.

The Samsung CRG5 27 inch monitor is fast at 1080p resolution. The Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 offers more features, such as a shorter response time and a larger price.

The CRG5 is a good choice for those who need a monitor with 240Hz. The 1080p resolution of the CRG5 will use less graphics power than that of the PD27’s 1440p. The PD27 was 1ms faster in response time than the CRG5 and 2ms slower for absolute input lag tests. Although performance is comparable, the PD27 is in a different style category.

This monitor has a unique metal stand that looks like a racecar’s roll- cage. It also features LED lighting and a projector that can cast a customized Porsche Design logo. The monitor is both premium in design and performance. This stylish monitor is the best if you’re looking for a little bit of everything.




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