Banned From Instagram (Reasons, What To do)


Instagram is now among the top used social media platforms for influencers and creators of content.

It is the largest social media platform that caters to small and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

The majority of creators rely heavily on Instagram followers for business And a sudden ban on their accounts could be disastrous.

To avoid a ban be sure to align your actions with Instagram’s guidelines.

Let’s examine some of the most important reasons behind a being banned on Instagram and then discuss ways to help you recover your deleted Instagram account reinstated.

Banned From Instagram (15 Reasons, What To Do)

It doesn’t matter if it’s an account that is a creator account or just one that is a regular account, an Instagram exclusion can be very frustrating particularly when you’ve invested so much effort to build a following.

Check out the 15 main motives that are the reason of the majority Instagram account suspensions.

1. Posting Violent Content

Similar to others social networks, Instagram has become extremely strict about any content that is violent on the platform.

You could be subject to a long-term ban in the event that Instagram detects that you’re posting violent content on a regular basis within a short time.

Instagram has banned accounts that are not legitimate to protect its users.

Beware of posting content that encourages violence.

It’s text or digital medium Instagram’s algorithm is clever enough to detect it.

It will immediately take down the page and mark your account as a result of any community-wide infractions.

2. Sharing Nudity

Instagram has strict rules against explicit sexuality or nudity images since the majority of models and influencers utilize Instagram for self – and brand promotion.

If you post any such item in your story or post, Instagram won’t even approve the content.

If it is accepted for any reasons, Instagram will surely remove your post and issue a the community violation notice.

Avoid sharing any of these posts in chats or comments.

While Instagram chats are encrypted from end to end but you could still be an account revoked by some one.

If your account is subsequently found to be sharing naught, Instagram will block your account, without warning.

This could be a permanant restriction as well.

3. Harassing Users

Harassment is among the main issues that have arisen ever since the advent of the various digital platforms for social networking.

The majority of people use these platforms to intimidate and threaten users.

This could be in the form of threats, blackmail or even verbal abuse.

If a user feels harassed They have the right to file a complaint with Instagram’s support.

This could result in an immediate ban on your account.

In the wake of the recent revisions to Instagram’s Terms of Service (TOS) We have observed Instagram adopting actions against individual reports falling into the category of harassment.

This is a serious issue for those who use the platform to cause distress to other users.

If you’ve harassed someone inadvertently or in ignorance, you may beg forgiveness from the victim and vow not to repeat it again.

If you’re granted forgiveness by the bank, you may have an excellent argument for appealing the decision to suspend your account.

You must provide evidence that the person who has forgiven you and a promise that you will not take part in similar actions in the future.

4. Posting Copied Content

The use of copied content is now widespread on all social media platforms, and especially Instagram.

Yet, Instagram has started banning accounts that are accused of posting content that is copied.

Content creators or brands are able to report copy content directly to the Instagram support team with proof of the copied content be deleted.

This is an extremely difficult situation for creators that use content from other creators.

Instagram has recently modified its copyright policies to be comparable to the policies that apply to YouTube along with Facebook.

While you may gain views and followers through the duplicated content Instagram doesn’t allow you to make money with your profile.

Your account could also be permanently blocked when the original creator file a copyright infringement claim.

5. Using Fake Bots

A few people have taken the increasing followers strategy using Instagram and taken it to another step.

To maximize engagement and increase the number of followers, there are some who are unable to build organic followers, and instead opt to buy followers as well as likes and comments.

It does give you a small advantage over natural users, however it doesn’t work over the long haul.

Whatever way you can precisely as well as precisely false bots operate your account will eventually be scrutinized by Instagram’s algorithm.

In the end, you’ll be facing being banned for life from Instagram since Instagram will not tolerate violation of its policies.

If, however, the algorithm fails to find your account, specific reports from accounts of users could be the cause of your account being banned.

Therefore, it is best to stay clear of any activity on the platform and instead wait for the organic growth.

6. Multiple IP Logins

The simultaneous actions of an account is one of the main causes of the majority of Instagram account suspensions.

Instagram’s algorithm is strong enough to identify multiple IPs, and then send you the alert right away.

There are more than one person who uses the majority of Instagram business accounts to manage your business online.

Instagram is a great platform for giving multiple users access to the account at the same time, however, you must ensure that all logins aren’t made at the same time.

It is also important to make sure that your account isn’t performing the same action on multiple IPs.

This can include the use of VPNs and VPS for various reasons.

If you’ve activated VPN for any reason and then accidentally logged into the account you have created on Instagram profile, then you could put your account in danger.

But, if you’re using an VPN or VPS plan that doesn’t constantly change your IP address of your account, it is less at risk.

7. User Complaints

User complaints are among the main reasons behind the decision to ban Instagram for life. Instagram.

Contrary to the majority of different social networks, Instagram adheres to a very stringent approach in its user feedback and will take the necessary steps to ensure that there are no issues for users.

Typically when there are more than ten accounts, the reports could result in an account ban for life once Instagram reviews the report.

However, in certain instances it is possible that the number of complaints required to block an Instagram account for life can be decreased to less than five in the case of seriousness of the problem.

Instagram swiftly responds to incidents that fall within those categories, including harassment or violent content.

The claims made by users about any violations must be genuine and supported by proof.

Instagram doesn’t take any action on any reports that don’t support their point.

8. Continuous Posting

Instagram is somewhat different from other social media platforms in terms of sharing content.

Instagram’s algorithm is different since it will show every post that is in the feed of your followers.

The platform is not able to permit creators to continue spamming the post section with constant content.

Instagram hasn’t revealed any limits on posting.

But, you shouldn’t publish more than once per day, or 3 to 4 times per week.

If you make more than once per day your account will lose engagement.

Instagram may be able to ban you if you publish over five posts per daily for more than 2 weeks.

9. Spam Activities

Instagram has a very clear policy against any form of spamming that could harm other users or the platform.

Avoid a constant stream of comments or liking, sharing or messaging random individuals.

Instagram’s algorithm could block you from doing various things when you do this.

Many people believe that Instagram lets them be a follower of a variety of people, but that isn’t true.

If you are a regular user of repeatedly clicking the Follow button in order to gain the follow back, either sooner ou later Instagram can ban you.

The practice of re-posting hashtags to each post also falls under spam activities.

It is essential to use the appropriate hashtags to your posts on the platform.

Relevant hashtags will help your posts appear in relevant searches.

However, unrelated hashtags will can bring down your posts.

10. Third-Party Software

Most creators of content and businesses on the platform utilize different third-party software that allows massive actions at just a single click.

They aim to increase their followers, increase their likes and increase engagement.

Although this could bring immediate results, accounts do run the risk of being removed.

Connecting your accounts to third-party software is among the most significant security and privacy dangers.

Instagram could also ban your account if you are caught.

11. Selling & Purchasing Account

Diverse Instagram accounts are sold on the web, offering accounts that are established at affordable prices that are in complete contradiction to Instagram’s guidelines.

Even though you’ll be given an account with a specific name upon transaction, Instagram will ban your account if it is discovered.

Do not make purchases that do not conform to the guidelines of the platform.

13. You Are Under Age

Instagram has a limit on age of 13 and you must not sign up for your Instagram account if you’re under that age.

The platform confirms your age via you Google Account at date the account was created.

However, if you’ve somehow established the Instagram account Instagram is going to find the age of you and end your account.

14. Selling illegal items from your Account

The majority of business owners utilize the platform to create an online marketplace that can help boost sales.

Instagram promotes online businesses because they generate revenue for Instagram through advertising.

It also ensures the safety of the community by prohibiting illicit activities from the platform.

If you’re selling illegal products or services your account may be subject to ban.

Be aware of prohibited items in your area and stop selling them on the website.

15. Creating Duplicate Accounts

The majority of people create duplicate accounts in order to obtain fake followers and followers on the platform.

It can be effective for a time but then you’ll face the possibility of being banned from your account once Instagram detects the fraudulent practices.

In light of the recent changes to the policy, Instagram keeps a close watch on accounts that are duplicate Instagram accounts.

Do not create multiple accounts on Facebook with distinct Facebook IDs or email addresses.

How To Get Banned Instagram Account Back

Recovering your Instagram accounts can prove difficult when the platform has blocked your account permanently.

But you should look to regain your account because Instagram is able to lift bans on several accounts previously and your account might be the next to be removed from the ban.

Here are five strategies to recover a deleted Instagram account.

1. Wait For Two To Three Days

At first, as Instagram blocks your account, you have to wait up to three days to see if anything may be different.

In the majority of cases Instagram removes the ban on its own, without notifying the user.

But it’s only possible if you’ve got the track record of complying with Instagram’s guidelines without significant infractions.

The waiting period of a few days can be beneficial in the event that Instagram has placed a shadow ban for your Instagram account.

It is possible that the suspension is lifted within just a couple of days.

2. Verify Your Age

Sometimes Instagram will block accounts if they are concerned about your age.

The platform is not notified of users.

It is recommended to confirm the age prior to proceeding to the next step.

  1. Click on the menu Support. Select the section for age verification. (
  2. Enter your personal information including your specific Instagram username.
  3. Make sure you attach your identification card (you could also attach your birth certificate or passport in the case of children under 18.)
  4. Complete all additional information on the bottom If there is any.
  5. Complete the form.

Instagram can take a full couple of days to verify the details.

It could take longer if you are from any other third-world country as Instagram performs manual verification.

3. Contact The Support

If waiting for a while doesn’t work it is time to reach support with all evidence. It is not a bad idea to making an apology if you’ve erred in your conditions of service of Instagram.

However, if your account is blocked in error you can fill out the form along with the relevant screenshots and Instagram will most likely allow you to re-instagram your account.

Follow these steps to fill in the contact form.

  1. Visit your Instagram Support section for your account on the homepage of Instagram. (You can also access it via Facebook Business Manager if you have connected to your Instagram account to Facebook.) (
  2. Complete the personal details with your Instagram user name.
  3. Mention the number of your mobile phone that you used to connect the Instagram account.
  4. Define the situation in the section on messaging.

If you are filing appeals, be sure to discuss the appeal in a clear manner and truthfully.

You can also post relevant hyperlinks and share images by sharing and posting URLs on the cloud.

This will allow Instagram’s support to determine the specific activities and could even restore your account.

After you have filed appeal, be sure to allow an entire week or so before taking any further actions.

4. Email Instagram Community Support

If Instagram has denied your appeal, reach out to the community manager via email, providing a thorough explanation.

This is a great method to restart the account, however it takes some time.

Here are the email addresses of the top profiles of community help.

  1. The Instagram IP Team:
  2. Business Support Team:
  3. Security Support Team:
  4. Meta Support Manager:
  5. Instagram’s Help:

Send emails to them all with the appropriate proof.

For support to pay attention Make your subject line pop to ensure your message doesn’t go unnoticed.

5. Use Third-Party Service Providers

The final way to contest the verdict to reinstate an banned Instagram account is to use the third party service provider.

They have direct connections to Instagram and are able to get responses from the support team in a matter of minutes.

Some major service providers like Do Not Pay ( and IG Recover ( provide account creation opportunities on their websites.

Once you have done this, they will act as an automated lawyer and present your case before the Instagram assistance with all the evidence and evidence.

They have a greater likelihood of regaining the account because they are aware of all the requirements for submitting the application in a timely manner.

Types Of Instagram Ban

Instagram can impose different types of bans, based on the severity in an TOS violation.

Learn more about these kinds of bans to stop your account from being banned in the future.

1. Actions Blocked

Instagram blocks certain actions when they spot spam activity.

This ban prevents users from performing certain actions such as following, liking, commenting or even posting.

Instagram alerts you when you try to participate in a way that’s not permitted on the platform.

In general, Instagram automatically lifts this ban without issue within about two or three days.

2. Shadow Ban

Instagram enforces a shadow ban whenever a user uses inappropriate, unlicensed hashtags or ones that are not relevant to boost engagement for their posts.

If Instagram prohibits posting the posts you post won’t be seen by the users even if they post regularly.

The site won’t show up in relevant searches or hashtags.

One way you can avoid and escape it is to refrain from making use of hashtags that are not relevant.

It is also recommended to wait some time before you start fresh with fresh content.

3. Permanent Ban

A permanent ban is among of the most important and sever measures Instagram adopts.

If Instagram prohibits users from using their platform and you are unable to sign in to Instagram.

In certain cases, Instagram might even block your IP address, meaning you’ll be unable to create new accounts with the same address.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Ban From An Instagram Account?

Removal of the Instagram ban could take up to a month or even two.

In certain instances it can happen within between two and three days.

It all is dependent on the circumstances and the reason behind your account being banned.

Resetting your account can be an easy process when you use the help of a third party service provider.

If you try the task manually, you could need to wait one or two months.

How To Avoid Instagram Ban?

One of the most effective methods to avoid a permanent ban from Instagram is to connect external accounts.

This could cause Instagram reconsider banning your account, regardless of whether you’ve breached Instagram’s terms of service.

Follow the steps below for linking other Instagram accounts with your Instagram.

  1. Tap Settings to go to the Accounts section in your profile.
  2. Choose the Account option in the menu.
  3. Click Linked Accounts in the menu.
  4. Copy links into your accounts after clicking them one by one.

External accounts linked to your account can shield you from permanent bans to a certain point.

Yet, Instagram can still block your account if it continues to see you breaking Instagram’s terms.

This is why it is important to keep your actions in line with the terms of service for Instagram.


The process of getting an Instagram account to be removed from the service could be a challenge when you’ve violated one of the main conditions of the service.

If you have the right evidence you have a chance to have your account reinstated.

If you’re banned for life Unfortunately, there might not be a way from it.

You must take the necessary methods when you use social media so that you don’t get in trouble.

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