Axie Infinity: How to Play on an Android or IPhone


Axie Infinity members have the option to earn money while they play the game via their mobile devices. The game can be played on PC but you can also take your smartphone anywhere you go. It’s not as simple as downloading Axie infinity from the app store.

Instead, the mobile versions can only be obtained from the official website and third-party providers. Because there is less risk, it’s safer to obtain it from the former. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Play Axie Infinity with an iPhone


iPhone users are the ones who have to wait the longest when it comes time to get the game. Due to the amount of money involved, it may take some time to register for cryptocurrency wallets. There’s another reason why you may have to wait until you can play Axie Infinity.

TestFlight allows app developers to create apps for their users. Developers will allow users to test their software. This requires an approval process. Axie Infinity requires players to use TestFlight to apply as testers. Once approved, players can download the app to start playing.

Axie Infinity requires you to have Ethereum in order to play the game. The token is used for special cryptocurrencies. This means that you will need an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, or something legal in your area.

Ronin Wallet is another requirement. This is where you will store your Smooth Love Potions, Axie Infinity Tokens and Wrapped Ethereum. The last option is optional, but you can earn it by playing the game.

We can now get started with the process once you have a better understanding of Axie Infinity.

Getting MetaMask

Since MetaMask is easily connected to Axie Infinity, we’ll use it as an example. It can be used to trade or buy Ethereum, and all you need is a smartphone.

  1. Go to the App store.
  2. MetaMask can be searched for and installed.
  3. Register for a MetaMask account.

MetaMask allows you to buy Ethereum. Never reveal your credentials to anyone. You’re in serious trouble if someone malicious attempts to access your wallet.

Getting Ronin Wallet

You will then need to download Ronin Wallet. Axie Infinity accounts are not possible without Ronin Wallet. It is also available for smartphone users.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Install Ronin wallet by looking for it.
  3. Register now to create an account

You might need to wait for approval. These two steps may take some time. Once both have been approved, you can visit the Axie Marketplace to obtain at least three Axies. With your Ronin Wallet account, you can create an AxieInfinity account.

Install TestFlight, Axie Infinity

With your Axies, you can now download the game. Only Axies-enabled players will be able to download the app. These instructions are the last.

  1. TestFlight is available in the App Store.
  2. You can install the app but you have not yet done anything.
  3. Visit the official website.
  4. Visit the download page.
  5. Download the iOS version.
  6. Install Axie Infinity.
  7. Open TestFlight after that.
  8. Register to become an Axie Infinity tester.
  9. Wait for approval.
  10. Once you have been approved to test, open the Axie Infinity App.
  11. Send a QR code to get it.
  12. Log in to play the game

You can now start making money to pay your Axies. The only thing that players with scholarships have to pay is a cut of their earnings.

Play Axie Infinity with an Android Device

Android users don’t have to use TestFlight. After they have earned three Axies, they can download the app to get started. The rest of the process is almost identical.

Here are the steps:

Download MetaMask

You can replace MetaMask with an alternative exchange platform if you don’t like it or it isn’t available in your country.

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. MetaMask can be downloaded and installed.
  3. Register now to create an account

You should ensure that your bank account has fiat money. To purchase Ethereum, you will need to have money. The Ethereum is also required for the three Axies that you must obtain before you can start the game.

Download Ronin wallet

You’ll need Ronin Wallet for Android just like iOS. You can still use your phone browser but it’s much easier to install Ronin Wallet. This way you won’t need to switch tabs constantly.

  1. You can search for Ronin Wallet on the Google Play Store.
  2. It is available for download.
  3. Install the app
  4. Register now to create an account

All your earnings from the game will be donated to RoninWallet. You must keep your credentials secure, in order to prevent someone else from stealing your AXS and SLP.

You can use the Ronin Wallet account now to open your AxieInfinity account and buy three Axies.

Download the App

There’s no need to download TestFlight. After you’ve received your Axies, you can get Axie Infinity.

  1. Visit the official site of the game.
  2. Go to the download page.
  3. Choose the Android option.
  4. Install the app
  5. Open the app, and enter your QR code.
  6. Log in to start playing

This is how you can get the Android game. Because there are no TestFlight approvals, it’s often faster than on iPhone.

Make Money with the Go

Many Filipino gamers are now able to quit their jobs and play online with Axie Infinity. Because they are easier to find in the Philippines, most of them use smartphones. They are the largest segment of the player base today.

Which wallet do you use for Axie Infinity gaming? Are you happy with the mobile version of Axie Infinity? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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