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Asian Beauty Bloggers to Follow

You may have noticed that it is all about skincare and not makeup. This year, people have been focusing more on their skincare regimen to achieve a healthier, younger-looking skin. This is a good thing because it can make your skin look worse. Last time, I wrote about Influencers in Instagram which focuses on Asian skin care. This time, I will list down Asian Beauty Bloggers you should follow to keep up with the latest trends and tips for Asian skincare. They started their blogs because they love skincare . You can trust their reviews and that this is their passion.

Fifty Shades of Snail – The OG of Asian beauty blogs. If you are still not convinced to visit her website, you should know that Jude, or Fiddy, writes a detailed review of every product, from how it worked for her skin to how they should be applied to your skin to packaging. She shares not only product reviews but also her picks for favorite and least favourite, skin care and self-love tips and personal stories.

Musings of A Muse – I use this blog to do research on products that I am interested in buying or to get opinions from others. Muse not only showcases Asian brands, but also features beauty products from Western brands such as Too Faced and Revlon. Her post explaining why Drunk Elephant doesn’t work on your skin is really great.

Cosme Perks I found this blog through Google search, just like the one I linked to. There’s a high chance that I will find information in this blog when I search for a product, especially if it’s not well-known in West. This blog is different from other blogs, which are maintained by just one person. They also review the products in depth, just like Fifty Shades of Snails.

Geeky Posh I have been writing in-depth product reviews, but Jenny Wu is the most detailed reviewer when it comes to product evaluations. She’s seriously one of my favorite Asian beauty bloggers. She lists how to use the product in her product reviews. There’s also a rating at the end. Her list of favorites and empties is very detailed. Each review is accompanied by beautiful photos.

Moiko beauty – Sonia is one of my favorite Instagram skincare influencers and I love her blog. Sonia provides in-depth reviews and beautiful photos of beauty products. Sometimes, these are the most sought-after releases like Liah Yoo’s Krave Beauty or the highly coveted Wayskin, which is a handheld skin-analyzing device. Although this blog is in Spanish, Google Translator with its plugin can help you to read it if you don’t speak Spanish.

Style Vanity – Well, duh! You’re already here so why look elsewhere? Just kidding! But, it’s not that funny. This is not a shameless self-promotion. However, it is a decent Asian beauty blog that provides in-depth reviews and updates about the latest trends. I even try to explain the bizarre-sounding Korean skincare trends like glass skin, honey skin and cloudless skin.

Are there other Asian beauty bloggers you are aware of that were not mentioned? Please share it!




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