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Aroma King 10000 Puffs is the world’s first rechargeable disposable gadget with 20 flavour options. The airflow control allows you to find the optimal place for you, and it has a rechargeable Type-C connector. It is powered by a built-in battery that can be recharged in a USB outlet. The steel button will give you a better control over airflow. 


It comes with aroma king 10000 flavours, including original tobacco, menthol and hookah tobacco. There are also other options such as golden nut and cream, blueberry and cherry. The aroma king 10000 box of 10 contains three sizes high and one size low of atomizers which can accommodate most people’s needs. Each pack contains one battery, one charger and four atomizers of different sizes.


About the Aroma King 10000 disposable vape:


When switching to a disposable e-cigarette, it will save you quite a lot of trouble. You don’t need to worry about cases or batteries and wires any more after you use the Aroma King 10000 puff disposable uk. You can put it in your pocket and take it for a walk when you are out. The Aroma King 10000 is also small and light, so you can easily bring it everywhere. If you want to take it with you when you are going to travel, aroma king 10000 puffs review rechargeable disposable e-cig can do it for you. 


Its battery is rechargeable, which means that it will never be drained in a long time. Using the charger to charge the battery is the same as using a computer’s USB cable. You may charge your Aroma King 10000 by plugging the wire into an USB wall socket or an adapter that has USB ports built in such as a smartphone charger or tablet charger. It will also work if there is no power in your household or office/room, just like your mobile phone.


How does Aroma King 10000 work?


After the power button is pressed five times, vapour will be produced immediately after pressing the button three times in succession. It will give you the same experience as a regular e-cigarette, and it is extremely convenient. You just need to enjoy the fruity flavour in your life and carry aroma king 10000 not working anywhere. The biggest feature of Aroma King 10000 is that it is rechargeable. You don’t need to buy any disposable e-cigarette after this one, because you can recharge the battery and use it for a long time. It also supports 20 flavours and adjustable airflow control to meet everyone’s taste. 


Do you know how to use aroma king 10000? 


If you do not know the usage of Aroma King Vape, here are some tips for you. First of all, please use the Aroma King 10000 on a flat surface, not on your lap. The coil will be more damaged if it is overheated at an unreasonable temperature. Hold it with both hands to avoid dropping it and make sure that no parts are touching when you use the plastic spring and metal button components. 


After using it a lot of times, it will become easier for you to hold the O ring seal ring firmly in its place. You can see that the chemical reaction between atomizer and e-liquid in the battery will result in liquid vapour when power is pressed 5 or 3 times in succession.


How long do Aroma King Vapes last?


The Aroma King Vapes can last for a long time. The battery is rechargeable and can last for a month with normal use (10 times per day). You can charge it to the USB port of your laptop, mobile phone USB port or tablet while you are on the go. You can also charge with a USB cable or charger, as long as it has a USB port. Please read the manual to check aroma king 10000 how to use the USB cable or charger. 


The aroma king 10000 charging instructions battery can be charged about 30 minutes after the power button is pressed 5 times. Aroma King 10000 disposable vape has a lot of features compared to other disposable vapes in the market. It supports 20 flavours, which means that you don’t have to worry about your limited options when you want some change.



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