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Apple Turns Down A Request From Kenyan Government To Unlock 2 iPhones

Apple rejected a request by the Kenyan government to unlock two iPhones.

The Kenyan government suddenly believes that privacy invading their rights should be their right. It is worrying that they are willing to break privacy laws in order to obtain information. The Kenyan government demanded that an iPhone maker unlock two phones for two suspects who have been under investigation for 6 months. The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) filings from December 23rd revealed this. These documents indicate that Apple was contacted by Kenya to request information on an unlocked iPhone.

Why they don’t want to support the government.

If you believe that the tech company might be biased, you’ll find out that they have denied access to the U.S. government in the past to unlock encrypted iPhones. iPhone stated that they don’t believe in violating freedom of speech and that they won’t allow the Kenyan government access to the information that the Kenyan government needs.

“Examples such requests are when law enforcement agencies work on behalf of customers who request assistance regarding lost and stolen devices,” stated the SEC in a report listing countries that requested access to blocked iPhones.

Apple receives multi-device inquiries frequently in connection with fraud investigations. Device-based requests typically seek information about customers who are associated with Apple devices or have connections to Apple services.

Apple would have to create a new software program to allow the government bypass the devices security and unlock these phones if they accept the order from authorities. We doubt that the government would use the software except for investigation purposes. Apple would be in serious trouble if this happened as it would breach one of its core policies, user privacy.



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