Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) – Why Steve Jobs Did Not Own A Sofa Or Chairs For Years, His Wife Had This To Say…


Steve Jobs’s wife Laurene Jobs spoke about Apple Inc’s Apple Inc AAPL co-founders’ aesthetics in a recent interview with the Code Conference.

What happened: Laurene revealed that the couple didn’t have furniture or a couch for several years due to the fact that they could not agree regarding furniture.

“People make fun of us because we couldn’t agree on a sofa or chairs, so for many years we had neither,” said Laureen as she laughed, reported The Verge.

“It took many years” before they finally bought the couch, as per the report.

In a reference to Jobs’s aesthetic sense, Laureen said that Jobs was able to develop this at an early age as well, “certainly” before she did.

“He was able to see the particulars of every aspect.” “The way the floor connects to the ceiling and whether the lighting is recessed or not,” said Laureen.

“In addition to being aware of the natural environment, he was very aware of the physical environment as well.”

What is the significance of HTML0:A tidbit that was discussed at the time of the interview is that Jobs was seen throwing an Microsoft Corporation MSFT created music player, known as Zune on the ground in anger after reporter Walt Mossbergshowed it to him.

The interview also included Apple chief executive Tim Cook and industrial product designer Jony Ive, who made significant designs for Apple during his time at the company.

In the same interview with blogger and journalist Kara Swisher, Laurene shared that Jobs wouldn’t appear posting on Twitter or be a fan of the polarization that is prevalent in the present era.

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