“Among Us” Common Lingo, Phrases That You Must Know to Avoid Being “Sus”


InnerSloth’s “Among Us”, one of the most popular mobile games in 2020, is reported by Sensor Tower. Sensor Tower reported that the game reached the top of global mobile game downloads in September. It was downloaded for 83.8 million in total worldwide. The Americans lead the list with 23%.

It’s a good idea to learn the basics of the game before you start playing it. It’s not a good idea to pretend to be “sus” every time you take off.

“Among Us”: How to talk like a crewmate

“Among Us”: Common Lingo/ Phrases to Avoid Being “Sus”

Every player in “Among Us” uses a variety of lingos, phrases and words.

You should be able to understand the basics of the game, regardless of whether you are a hardworking crewmate or a crewmate-killer impostor.

This can technically help you avoid being caught by skilled crewmates who know every room, task, and pattern of the murder game.

These are some terms and phrases that “Among Us” players commonly use.


AFK is a gaming lingo that’s not only used on “Among Us”. 

If a player declares he is AFK it means that he has walked out of the device. It could be an internet connection or a glitch in the game.

Although it is a common term, many “Among Us” gamers use it to confuse, avoid killing or just irritate others.

“Among Us”: Common Lingo/ Phrases to Avoid Being “Sus”


Elec is short for Electricity. It may not be a word everyone can remember. However, if you don’t know the meaning of Elec, others may suspect you are suspicious.

This is the area of Skeld where the majority of killings take place, especially when the lights are out. It’s not far from a vent and is quite distant from other rooms on the map.


Yes, Cyan is on the list. Surprisingly many players don’t know what Cyan means.

Cyan can be described as a mixture of blue and green colours.Remember: Tell your crewmates as soon as you can if Cyan kills a crewmate. “Cyan is a fraud!”


Another gaming term is “GG”, which stands for “good game”. This word is also used to inform the impostor that he has done a good job keeping his disguise.


The main phrase to remember in the game is “Sus,” which is shorthand for suspicious. It’s better to let your crewmates know if you feel that another crewmate is suspicious.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the player is an impostor. Few “Among Us” impostors may call out names to avoid suspicion from their crewmates.

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