Alleviating Anxiety Symptoms With These Physical Exercises


Rapid heart rates, palpitations, and chest pains are enough to make someone suffering from an anxiety disorder seek immediate solutions. Anxiety is never a good feeling because you get to be worried or scared about everyday situations. This could lead to high blood pressure which is not good for the body. There are remedies to bring down the symptoms of anxiety but the most natural one is engaging in regular physical exercises. Let us look at some of the exercises that can help.


Progressive relaxation of the muscles


A lot of research has gone into finding out whether progressive muscle relaxation can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and the findings have been quite positive. It was discovered that it can even improve sleeping habits in individuals, something that could be an added ill-health condition for those that get overly anxious. This exercise is achieved by concentrating on contracting and relaxing all of the muscle groups in your body such as those of the chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs, and shoulders.


This can be done one at a time. All you need to do is lie on your back and stretch out. Breathe in and contract the first muscle group for up to 10 seconds.  After that, breathe out and relax the muscle group immediately. Then, you can relax for up to 20 seconds before repeating the process on the next muscle group. When through with the last muscle group, repeat the whole process starting from the most recent muscle group that you worked on.




Though not everyone knows how to swim, you may want to consider learning if you have been hit with anxiety disorders. Swimming is usually considered an exercise that engages the whole body. It is called the full-body workout activity and is great for the cardiovascular system, offering some resistance training elements too. Water is denser than air and so will make you move less than if you were on land. The submergence in water is also soothing and serves as a stress reduction therapy that will help you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.


Hitting the gym regularly is another move that can help reduce anxiety disorders. Using the equipment at the gym like the pull-up frame, rowing machine, kettlebell, barbell, stationary bicycle, dumbbell set, and weight plates, you can find tons of hoist gym equipment that can fit a lot of your workout regimens, you are sure to feel more refreshed than you felt before starting the workout sessions with the different equipment. Regular gyming can release feel-good endorphins, endogenous cannabinoids, and other natural chemicals that can make the brain healthy and free of worries. The brain can enhance the sense of someone’s well-being, make you gain more confidence, cope with good health and get more social interaction.


Brisk  walking


This can be very helpful when you want to shed off some stress and reduce anxiety symptoms. It is an exercise that requires a lot of energy. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America report that some studies suggest that some minutes of brisk walking is able to restore calm and is almost as effective as an hour or a little less of normal walking when it comes to reducing anxiety. You can take a bottle of water along while at it and maybe some music to accompany you too. Brisk walking can also help you fall deeply asleep more often which is a medicine for a tired brain.


Resonance frequency breathing


This is also known as coherent breathing and this exercise can swing someone into a more relaxed state, reducing anxiety symptoms during the process. The exercise is quite easy to follow after. While you are lying in bed with your eyes closed for concentration, you breathe in through the nose with your mouth closed for about 10 seconds. Make sure that your lungs are not too full. Then, you breathe out slowly and gently for about 10 seconds without exhaling forcefully. You can repeat this exercise for up to 10 to 15 minutes.


Final word


So many people out there are suffering from the negative effects of anxiety because they do not have enough funds to go through the medical healing process. The prolonged suffering from the anxiety disorders could plunge them into a state of depression which is a very bad state to be in. Physical exercises are proven solutions to anxiety symptoms and if anyone with this problem can engage in physical exercises regularly, he or she will feel better.



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