All You Need to Know About Tinder Passport, The Feature that Allows You to Change Your Tinder Location


Do You Know Anything About Tinder Passport?

Tinder Passport lets you change your geographic location so that you can match up with singles in any place you choose.

What is the secret to it?

Tinder makes it easy to change your location:

  • Tap ‘Swipe in’ (Android), or Location (iOS) from the ‘Settings” or ‘App Setting’ screen.
  • Click the “Add a New Location” option.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the city that you would like to swipe into.
  • It will be displayed in your search result.
  • To change your location, tap the blue banner.

After you have done this, only Tinder users within that area will be able to see your profile.

You will have access to your 5 most recent locations. To toggle between them, tap on the city.

Tinder Passport shows distance so that your matches can see where you live. Your location can be changed at any time. However, your profile might still be visible to matches that you “like” for up 24 hours after your departure.

This means that no one will be able to see your profile at your actual physical location. You will still be shown in the destination city until your manually change it back. This applies even if you log in and out of the app.

You can move to another location.

Tinder Passport allows you to instantly boost your profile by changing your location. This means that you will get more views immediately.

This is also the best and easiest way to fake your Tinder location.

The Bad News

Tinder Passport doesn’t come free. Tinder Plus will require you to spend 900 shillings per month and 1900 shillings for those over 31.

Tinder Plus includes a few premium features like unlimited right swipes and extra Super Likes. You also get a monthly free Tinder Boost.

For all the details on Tinder Plus, visit Tinder Gold.

It is possible to determine if Tinder Passport is being used by someone. Your profile’s distance from the search criteria will most likely not match theirs.

Tinder Plus offers the “don’t show your distance” option. However, if it’s not listed, people might assume that you’re far away.

Tinder Passport: Is it worth paying for?

The location changer is worth it if you are a traveler and wish to meet new people at your destination. It can be time-consuming to go from message to match to meet up. Why not do all the work before you arrive?

You don’t need to stop swiping between cities if you live in one. This is all about being open to new possibilities. Tinder also allows cross-dating and people can explore their options from different countries.

It sounds great!

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