All You Need to Know About Frederique Constant


The Swiss timepiece business is home to some historic brands, each with a distinct degree of quality and style involved. Everyone is aware of the high quality of workmanship associated with companies like Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Patek, and Audemars Piguet.

How about a more specialized company like Frederique Constant? Are watches made by Frederique Constant good?

We’ll go through various aspects of the company and by the end, you’ll know if Frederique Constant timepieces are worth it or not.


When it comes to Swiss watchmakers, Frederique Constant is a relatively young firm. When Aletta Francoise Stas-Bax and Peter Stas founded the business, it all started in 1988.

According to folklore, the firm name is a blend of the first names of the two founders’ grandfathers, Frederique Schreiner and Constant Stas.

Although the company’s history is not more than 100 years in watchmaking industry, it has been quite active in recent years. In 1992, Frederique Constant unveiled its initial line of six watches with Swiss movements that were manufactured in Geneva.

A glass on the dial’s face that provided a clear view of the pulsating balance wheel was added to the company’s first “Heart Beat” model, in 1994. When this occurred, it was a huge leap.

The tourbillon’s debut in 2008 is even more spectacular. The company unveiled a hybrid smartwatch design in 2015 that combined classical watchmaking with cutting-edge technology. An internal perpetual calendar was introduced in 2016. And maybe most notably, a tourbillon perpetual calendar in 2018.

The firm bought the far older Alpina brand name when it was just 14 years old, uniting the two businesses under the Frederique Constant Group.

The group was acquired by Citizen Watch in 2016, and as a result, the brands are now operated under the Citizen name.

Pros of Frederique Constant

Price Point: Frederique Constant has a solid hold on the marketplace for affordable quality. You can imagine getting a Frederique Constant watch for under $3,000.Yes, there are more costly versions, but the bulk of them are priced between $1,500 and $3,000 instead. It is comparable in price to other Swiss manufacturers like Tissot and Longines.

Brand Reputation: Frederique Constant is not a huge star and doesn’t have the historic heritage of other Swiss watchmakers. If you’re paying $500 on a piece, that might not worry you, but some of Frederique Constant’s products are worth more than $10,000. Most watch fans would appreciate a little brand awareness with that kind of investment.

Design: It wouldn’t be wrong to suppose that Frederique Constant’s watches are a little extravagant given the technological advancement and innovation they include. However, Frederique Constant has managed to control the desire to create large, garish timepieces in favor of elegant, conventional forms.

Cons ofFrederique Constant

Negative Reception: Many “watch snobs” have unfavorable opinions about Frederique Constant because they think the firm is duplicating another well-known firm “Constant.” Although the organization explains its nickname, it hasn’t always been well accepted.

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