Alienware Aurora 2019: Key Features and More to Know About it


What Is the Alienware Aurora 2019? What is it? Alienware Aurora 2019 is a gaming laptop that is created to offer a premium gaming experience that includes the most powerful specifications. It supports three different graphics cards as well as the Intel Core i9 processor, and 8GB of RAM. If you’re looking for all the top capabilities at your disposal when you fight aliens, or fight virtual dragons then the Ienware Aurora 2019 might be the ideal PC for you. Let’s look at what it offers.

Key Features:

The new computer is equipped with the liquid cooling system, the latest compact form factor and toolless components. The machine looks great and is equipped with the performance gamers want. Popular solid-state drives, hard drives and graphics cards are just a few of the features. The new model also features a liquid-cooling radiator. This was made possible by the innovative two-port filler station that is located above Alienware’s signature head vents.


The Licensorware Aurora 2019 Specs have been updated. Below are the full specifications including: The following specifications are available: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor – NVIDIA GeForce 2080 Ti RTX 11GB GDDR6 Graphics card – 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM – 1TB 7200RPM SATA SATA 6Gb/s HDD/S It’s a desktop computer so that it is upgradeable. It comes with a mouse and keyboard (not depicted). The Aurora includes the Alienware Control Center that monitors the hardware of your system and controls lighting, cooling and fan control.


The Aurora 2019 from the Aurora 2019 model is a powerful PC with amazing gaming performance. It is equipped with the Intel Core i9 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards which is among some of the best gaming computers available for purchase at less than $2000. With the dual graphics configuration whatever your game you’ll have the ability to enjoy in ultra-high settings with an optimum framerate, which ensures that your gameplay runs smoothly. This is especially true for the 4K resolution. We got completely immersed into the world of Shadow of Mordor when we played the game with Ultra quality. We played it at the highest frames per second on a monitor with 4K resolution.

Alienware aurora 2019: Exclusive ‘Lunar Light’ Lighting

The branding etched with etching as well as the logo of alienware aurora 2019 are on the right-hand side of the chassis. This way of getting the brand’s name printed onto the body is more elegant as opposed to some of the extravagant designs I’ve seen. There’s a specific color for Alienware keyboard lighting, which is only accessible in the color known as Lunar Light at this writing. Therefore, you can see that the Dark Side of the Moon begins at a higher price.

Alienware Aurora 2019 The Interior Design with a Purpose

What’s most troubling about the r8’s door on the outside is the inside. The interior of the machine is appropriate for a mid-range desktop computer. It’s more similar to Dell’s Inspiron Gaming, which focuses on performance over aesthetics and features the appearance of a boring style. The less costly Dell G5 has a glass exterior and a clean interior. In terms of durability it is understandable considering the design.

It’s not meant to be taken it from its box after being hook up and tested. This system is intended to be plugged into and play, sacrificing aesthetics in favor of a huge sound that is compact in. Inside there are some fantastic design elements, like the power supply contained inside the silver box which opens up to allow users access to internal parts. This has been done previously, however this latest method is a novel and efficient way to conserve space. It’s also quite simple to make use of.

Alienware Aurora 2019: the Ports of Entry

The front panel ports are aligned with the “glittery” light ring. Because they’re aligned vertically, they are in line with the location that the laptop computer is in. It features the two USB 3.1 ports as well as a USB-C port as well as two headphone ports, that aren’t exclusive. It’s nice that USB-C is available but it’s not the only one. There’s a array of ports at side of your computer as well as a USB-C port as well as 4 USB 3.1 ports and five USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port and the DisplayPort connection, as well as audio lines.

Alien computer aurora comes with a 7th-generation Intel Core Intel i7-7700HQ quad core processor. It’s capable of achieving speeds up to 3.8GHz an impressive leap over its predecessor. It is used in a variety of gaming laptops, but also in many other desktop computer models. This makes it one of the most well-known processors. Thanks to its 8MB cache memory, which allows it to run applications smoothly without any problems or glitches.

A Gaming Desktop for the Future:

The Aurora R9 is a beautiful and modern gaming computer However, it’s only suitable when you’re planning to put it in your living space. The exterior is stunning however, you must also think of where you’ll put it. The device isn’t huge, and has a variety of options for customization, which can result in a broad choice of performance and price levels. We’ll not find out how they perform until we get the review units, so be looking for them. It’s also an extremely small size. Although Aurora R9 Aurora R9 may not look like a miniature model in photos however, it’s fragile. Its 18.9 inches by 8.77 17-inch dimensions or close to it, make it not too high or too deep, however its slimness is perhaps the most striking quality.

It also helps free up space, and as I mentioned it appears sleek and clean. Dell G5 desktop computer Starting with the Dell G5 gaming desktop, the new gaming PC draws heavily from Alienware’s exclusive design language. These components include blue LED lighting and clear side panels for windows within the cabinet of the PC which can be added as customizable extras included when you purchase the computer. Performance of the PC is unchanged despite the cosmetic modifications. Dell lets customers customize the performance of their PC by adding additional features. This assures compatibility with future versions of software for computers. The design of the computer makes it simple to access the inside of the computer and allows software updates to be more easily.

Mid-tower Alienware Aurora 2019 , gaming computer:

In terms of appearance Alienware’s latest model called the aurora 2019, doesn’t make much progress. The top-end model comes with the latest Intel Core i9-9900K processor, 64GB DDR4 HyperX memory 4TB SSD NVMe storage and dual-NVIDIA’s the RTX 2080 and a single RTX 2080Ti graphics system. But, it comes with a price tag that is staggering for even the simplest configuration -9th-generation Intel Core I5, eight GB of DDR4 memory and 1TB of magnetic HDD.

For instance, you can choose the NVIDIA GTX 1650 or GTX 1650, which sets the price at $969.99 (Rs 70 000). Alienware is always an expensive price, but it is loved by those who love it. and those who believe it’s the best choice due to its style and quality. The Alienware Aurora R9 and the Dell G5 are already available in the US and details about the release and prices for India are expected to be announced shortly.

Gaming displays are made by Alienware along with Dell:

It’s undisputed this: it is the Alienware 55 inch UHD Gaming monitor has been the clear winner of this category. Despite its huge 55-inch dimension the display is equipped with a 120Hz adjustable refresh rate panel and 0.5ms response time. Reduce latency at input, 98.5 per cent DCI-P3 coverage of the colour gamut. Also, AMD Radeon FreeSync to prevent frame interpolation and rip. Being aware that you’ll spend a lot for this feature, the Alienware PC case comes with several additional features. This includes AlienFX’s the ambient lighting feature, with an integrated control panel that allows quick access, as well as a remote control to give you additional command. The display also features an inbuilt speaker.

Unfortunately, this does not mean Dell’s unique Waves MaxxAudio enhancement is fascinating. It will cost you around $4,000 for this display it’s a significant amount higher than what you’d purchase one of Sony’s low-end 4K LED BRAVIAs. Additionally, a 34-inch widescreen curved QHD 21:9 display is expected with NVIDIA G-Sync. It’ll become available for purchase in the US in the coming week for $1,500 (Rs 1,10,000) and an 27-inch Full-HD IPS monitor that comes with AMD FreeSync that will be available from Saturday, September 17, priced at 600 dollars (Rs 4,33,000). The fourth monitor, which is the only one manufactured by Dell and Dell, is 32-inches curving QHD IPS monitor with AMD FreeSync. It will be available in the next week at a price of $600. While the top-of-the-line Alienware 55-inch display will not be available in India the country, details on local release dates for the rest will be revealed in the near future.

Alienware Aurora 2019: Gaming accessories.

Its price of $160 (Rs 11,500) Alienware AW510K gaming keyboard comes with slim-profile Cherry MX Red mechanical keys with full customization , as well as keys-per-key RGB light sources. The 100-dollar (Rs 7,200) AW310K features more traditional Cherry MX Red keys, macros, and an exclusive audio controller. The AW610M has a 16,000dpi pixel optical sensor, wired and wireless connectivity, 350-hour battery with a customizable scroll wheel with seven buttons that can be programmed, as well as RGB lights. Its AW510M is RGB and wired available for 85 dollars (Rs 5,400). The AW310M has RGB and wireless and retails at just $33 (Rs 4500).

Component Options: A Broad Range of Power

Other components are simple to locate since you need move the screen’s arm in order to find them. Dell has a wide range of options to configure. You can select an Aurora R9 with a lower-tier processor, but it can be scaled up to include top of the line components for the consumer. With graphics, you can opt for either an Nvidia or AMD configuration, however the latter is more flexible. The Nvidia GPUs begin at GTX 1650 and range up to the expensive RTX 2080 Ti with five choices. Additionally, you can get 2 RTX 2080s. In the case of AMD you can choose between two choices which are The RX 5700 as well as the RX 5700 XT and both are the most recent GPUs that they offer in their range. The CPU is equipped with Intel components that range from the Core I3-9100 model to the highest-end Core i9-9900K, as well as the Core i5 or i7 options that lie between.

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