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Airtel Free Data Code – Free 10GB 4G Data (August 2022)

Airtel Free Data Code

Airtel Free Data Code Good morning, everyone, we’ll learn the details of Airtel free data within this article. What you can do to access Airtel Internet at no cost by make use of the free Airtel Data code. This is why you need to read this post and then use the internet for the free method.

As you are all aware, currently, a lot of mobile Internet businesses are trying to attract customers by offering innovative recharge deals.

And Airtel continues to offer data plans to its customers.

Airtel continues to launch different plans of data for customers, from time to time.

Recent Update – 2 August 2022

Free Airtel Internet Codes 2022

In this article, you will find out the details about Airtel’s complimentary data codes or charges. You can also redeem these offers through SMS and mobile missed calls.

We all are aware that data plans are extremely affordable, but the cost of internet has grown so that it has made data an integral aspect of our everyday lives.

Data plans are becoming more affordable but the daily limits of data we are given are quickly exhausting.

And in this state, Airtel free data codes are very beneficial for Airtel users.

In this instance we’ll need an additional data plan.

If you are looking to obtain free Airtel data, don’t fret in this article you will receive every Airtel Free Data Code

Be aware that free code codes for data are good for a specific period of time only. Therefore, it’s possible the code won’t be effective until you have review this post.

Free up to 6GB of data on Airtel App Exclusive Special Offer

  • Recharge 219 Rs. and you will be rewarded with a coupons of 1 GB 4G data for 28 days.
  • Recharge 399 Rs. and you’ll get a coupons for 1 GB of 4G data for 58 days.
  • Recharge 598 Rs. and you will be rewarded with a 6 coupons of 1 GB 4G data for 84 days

Airtel offers free Internet Offers 30GB of free 4G data

Here is the complete details of Airtel Free Data Code. Look through this list of codes and receive a free Airtel broadband plan.

  • Airtel Volte beta software Get 30 GB loose 4G Data
  • Dial USSD Data Code *121*100# and Get 10 GB Airtel Data (Specific Users)
  • call 51111 and get 10GB of data (certain users)
  • Dial Airtel Free Data Code 52122 and Get 2 GB 4G Free Data for ninety Days
  • Contact 125346 for a Miss Call and get 28GB Airtel for free Internet data (Specific users)
  • Message SURPRISE to 121 and Get one hundred sixty GB Free Data Internet (Postpaid Users)
  • 10GB of 4G data Call 5999555 and follow the instructions.
  • 60GB internet activation . Activate it through a text message
  • 500MB data Follow the instructions provided within
  • 2GB of free 4G Dial 52122 and follow the steps
  • 1GB 4G data Download Airtel TV app
  • 30GB of data for 30 consecutive days Call 51111

Get Free Data On Airtel

Follow the steps to receive Free Airtel data. Airtel continues to provide new plans for data and recharge plans to its customers each month. However, it’s an issue of recharge and today we’ll discuss the best practices and tricks. One of the new techniques is to utilize VPN. Yes you can avail Airtel unlimited 4G internet using VPN.

Every user is requested to understand to be aware that they are aware that the validity of provides is limited to several days.

Therefore, you should use your data plans as fast as possible prior to the date expires.

The validity of a data plan could be 15 days 10, 10 days, 5 jours, or three days or some plans also be valid for one day.

You can are able to redeem this offer Airtel data before expiration date and can make use of 4G data.

Airtel free internet deals are currently available for a short period, but we don’t know whether these offers will be offered in the future or not.

Over time, the Airtel Free Data codes that are provided here will delete 30GB of data for 30 days.

It could be that it doesn’t work if you dial and redeem the code.

Get 5GB Airtel Free Data with Flipkart Supercoins

Flipkart is offering two top offers in the super coin section. Now you can take advantage of you the Free Airtel Internet data with your Flipkart super coins. Follow the steps below to claim Airtel free data:

  1. First login into your Flipkart account
  2. Visit Free Airtel Data Offers pages
  3. Then click the Claim Now button.
  4. Then you will be able to access a Unique coupon on the following page. Copy the code
  5. Install or update the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Playstore
  6. Go to the My Coupons section within the Airtel Thank You app.
  7. Copy the Unique coupon code you received from Flipkart
  8. Click on the Claim Now option and the coupon will be added. you can click the Redeem Button
  9. Finally Done!
  10. The coupon will be active for 3 days from the moment you purchase it.
  11. You can examine the balance of your Airtel Balance of data by clicking the check balance option.

Airtel free internet plans Data Codings Airtel free data Code

  • Get 10GB 4G Airtel free data code
  • Airtel beta program offer: Get 30GB of free data
  • Free Airtel 1GB and 2GB Data Plan
  • Download the Airtel thanks App and get 2GB of free information (Eligible Users must be notified by SMS)
  • Free 7GB Airtel 4G Data
  • Airtel Free Data Coupon Get 60GB of Data (Offer Only for Postpaid Users)
  • Free Airtel 30GB of data
  • Free 2GB 4G Internet Offer
  • Get 1GB of Free Airtel Data
  • The Promotional 500MB Data
  • Airtel Offer Get 30GB Data for 30 Days
  • 1GB Free Data Offer For Airtel Users
  • 10GB Data “FREE LUCK DATA”
  • Get 13GB Airtel 4G Data

Here is the complete details of Airtel Free Data Code. Look through this list of codes and obtain a no-cost Airtel Internet plan.

Airtel Free Data Code 2021 – 2022|

In these sections, you’ll find the complete list of Airtel Free Data Code from where you can obtain Airtel Free 4G Data Internet. Read and follow the next section.

Airtel Free 2GB 4G Data Internet Code

This is a new deal from airtel. You will receive 2GB of 4G data at no cost. The validity of the plan will last until 90 days. This compliance is accessible to all users who have prepaid. If you own an Airtel SIM prepaid number, this 2GB data offer is perfect for you. For this offer to be availed, follow the steps listed below.

Get 2GB for free information on Airtel

  • Contact us at 52122
  • It will disconnect automatically following the call.
  • The recipient will be notified of a confirmation email within the next 24 hours.
  • Check balance of net after 24 hours.
  • To check data balance, dial 1212#

Free Airtel Internet Data Offer List 2022

Here is the complete list of Airtel free internet data offers 2022.

  1. 4G Upgrade Offer Free 4G Data Offer
  2. Give Miss Call 52122 & Get 2GB Data
  3. Message SURPRISE to 121 Airtel Delight Offer
  4. Missed a call to 51111 and received 1GB of data
  5. Received missed number 5999555 and 10 GB of data

10GB Free Airtel Data Offer

For 10GB of gratis data Airtel Free Data Code was provided. If you use this number you can access 10GB no cost.

To get 10GB of internet data for free call 595552 toll-free number. Follow the instructions on the screen.

How to get Airtel Data Loan 4G 2022

If you require additional data, but your net pack is dwindling, then you may also apply for an Airtel Data Loan through your pre-paid Airtel SIM card.

Make use of to use the Airtel Free Data Code (Loan) Use the Airtel Free Data Code (Loan) – *141*567# and receive free data in advance on your SIM card. The remaining loan amount is removed from your next balance it’s an excellent deal that provides Airtel network.

3GB Free Airtel 4G Data From Amazon Pay

Airtel is also working with Amazon in recharging customers on the Airtel data plan. With Amazon Pay, customers can receive 3GB of 4G data for free and cashback of between 25 and 50 rupees. Follow the steps below to receive free 3GB of 4G data.

  • Download Amazon Pay App
  • Log in into Your Amazon Pay account.
  • To recharge your mobile, go to Recharge.
  • Choose a plan with a price of Rs. 48.
  • And recharge your Airtel number.
  • You can earn cashback between 25 and 50 rupees when you recharge your account.
  • After recharge, you’ll receive 3GB of data free on 4G. Validity is for 24 hours.

How can you obtain no-cost data on Airtel?

To obtain free data from Airtel users must determine their eligibility. A few limited users can avail free data deals through Airtel by which customers can get free data. Airtel has also provided the number for free data benefits to users.

The phone number is 511111. If you dial this number toll-free users can get 30GB of data for free. After the reduction of 30GB free data, users can enjoy the benefits of free data in 24 hours.

How do you obtain no-cost data for Airtel 2022?

Codes are provided to customers to obtain Airtel free data. This can be accessed by dialing to the data for free.

  • 28GB Free Data Contact 125346 (Give the missed call) Valid on selected accounts
  • 2GB of free data: call at 52122 (Give an unanswered call)
  • 10GB of free data for 120 days Contact us at 54321 (Give an unanswered call)
  • 60GB Free Data SMS SURPRISE for 120 (Valid to Airtel Postpaid Customers)
  • 2GB of free data Install Airtel TV App (One Time Use)
  • 100MB Free Data 100MB Free data: Dial UsSD Number *121*100# (For Select Accounts)
  • 10GB of free Data: Dial 5999555 (Toll-Free Number)
  • 10GB of free data: call 51111 (Give the missed call) Valid on selected accounts
  • 2GB of free data: call at 51111 (Give an unanswered call)

How can you obtain 2GB of data using Kurkure?

If you’re looking to utilize unlimited 2GB data, you could also take advantage of the Airtel Kurkure offer. With this Kurkure offer, you will receive 2GB of data. To avail this offer, you’ll receive the amount of Rs. Kurkure from the nearest store. 10 or Rs. 20 packets will need to be bought.

You need to purchase the Kurkure packet, on which the 2GB of free data is written. A 12-digit unique code has been etched onto the Kurkure packet, which you must redeem.

The coupon code is required to be used with the Airtel Thanks App After redeeming the code, you’ll receive a free 1GB or 2GB of Data.

How to Redeem Kurkure Airtel Free Data Redeem Code

  • Download the latest Airtel Thanks App version from the Play Store and the app store.
  • Then, open and then open the Airtel Thanks App to use your coupon.
  • Go to”My Coupon” in the “My Coupon” segment of the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Input your redemption code in the “Have a Coupon Code” section.
  • Hit”Claim” or click on the “Claim” option.
  • In the end, you will receive 2GB of data to your account.


Dear readers, in this article you’ll find all the details about Airtel no-cost data coupons. In addition the codes are valid for a period of duration, so you should use these codes as quickly as you can.

Airtel is among the largest telecom companies, with millions of customers. Airtel from time to time offers special discounts for their loyal customers. At present, they have certain offers that are offered for which you’ll need Airtel’s Airtel app. First of all, remember to install the Airtel application. To make sure you are able to avail the promotions and receive the benefits for free.

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