Abdu Rozik: Hasbulla’s Rival


Abdu Rozik, who stands at 3’2, has been dubbed the world’s most diminutive singer. He’s also known for other things. This little performer became famous in early 2021 when a video of him fighting Hasbulla Magentodov at the upcoming boxing match was shared online. It received millions of reactions and views on social media. Many are curious to get to know him because of his charming personality. So, let’s dive right into it.

Abdu Rozik’s Backstory

Rozik is now 18 years old (as at 2021), but his medical condition, “Dwarfism,” may make him look younger. He was born to a family of gardeners in Gishdarva in Tajikistan in 2003.

His family couldn’t afford the treatment for Rickets when he was a child. His growth was severely impeded. At the age of 16, he weighed just 12 kilograms.

Building a Music Career

This young man is determined to become a star. According to reports, Baron (Behruz), a Tajik blogger turned rapper thought the same.

Baron was the first person to see the potential in Rozik. Baron encouraged his son’s father to consider a career in music. He also arranged for the young talent to have his medical exam in order to treat the disease. He is also the one currently supporting Rozik in Dushanbe.

Social Media and Fame

Abdu Rozik uploads his official tracks to a YouTube channel called AvlodMedia, which has over 400K subscribers. Rozik’s 2019 song, “Ohi Dili Zor”, has nearly 8 million views. Baron and Rozik, as well as other guests, do fun vlogs.

The adorable, baby-faced icon has a Instagram profile with approximately 1.6 million followers and 322 postings. Rozik hosted a meet-and-greet session at the Millenium Palace Hotel on August 3, 2021 to speak to his fans. Rozik is not just a fan.

He is a teenager star who has made films with Mohammad Heibati, a Persian fighter. Because of his popularity, he has met many famous people like Mo Salah or boxer Amir Khan. Abdu was also invited to Dubai’s private Belhasa farm.

Fight Against Hasbulla

Abdu Rozik’s MMA fight announcement against Hasbulla was a major catalyst for the worldwide success of the fighter. But when exactly is this happening?

Ashab Tamaev (a Chechen MMA fighter) had said that they would soon exchange blows. The bout was canceled for reasons not disclosed to the public.

Many speculate that the backlash from some netizens or organizations could have been a factor in the fight not becoming a reality. Protests erupted after the brawl. Russian Dwarf Athletic Association opposed the idea of two dwarf-like teenagers fighting for entertainment.


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