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A Strange Pumpkin-Orange Full Moon Rises in the Sky Tonight

Check out your full moon! Tonight it could appear bigger and brighter than normal according to Space.com, “taking on an appropriate appearance for the autumn season as well as the run-up to Halloween. “This is the result of something called the ‘moon illusion” and also the reality that it’s observed near to the edge of the horizon. The orange hue is due to the fact that when we view the full moon at the line of sight, the light it reflects back towards us is going through more of Earth’s atmosphere than it does when it is overhead. The Earth’s atmosphere is great at scattering light of blue light which is shorter in wavelength than red light. It’s why blue photons bounce around in the sky before reaching our eyes. This is reason why our sky appears blue. Red photons with longer wavelengths slide through these molecules, and then directly to our eyes for the most part.
If red light rays reflected by the moon need to travel through the thickest layer of the atmosphere near a horizon point, the likelihood of getting bounced around increases. This is the reason why it appears to be redder when we observe it near the edge of the horizon.

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