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A quick guide on how to use Twitter without an account

You don’t need an account to use Twitter. You can browse Twitter without signing up.

Twitter’s popularity means you can find everyone on it, from entertainers to business executives. It’s great for keeping up with your favorite people or news updates, but not everyone wants to create a Twitter account to just check a few tweets.

Twitter’s open nature means that anyone can check out the microblogging social media network without signing up. We’ll show how to use Twitter even if you don’t have an account.

Is it possible to view Twitter without an account?

Although you can access many of the Twitter features without an account, certain functions will not work if you don’t sign in.

These are the parts of Twitter that require an account to work:

  • Follow these accounts to create a timeline
  • You can send your own tweets
  • Retweeting, liking and responding to tweets
  • To filter tweets from someone’s profile, use the Media or Likes tabs

You should also note that Twitter used to have a feature that allowed you to subscribe via SMS to tweets. This feature is no longer available so it’s not possible to use Twitter without signing in.

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You can’t use Twitter for Android or iPhone without an account. The app prompts you to sign up as soon as it opens. You can still use many of these tips from your phone using a mobile browser. You can open Twitter in Chrome, Safari or another browser. If you are already signed in, an incognito tab will be used.


If you open the Twitter homepage from a desktop browser, you will be asked to sign in. We’ll however show you other links to help you around this.

You can browse Twitter’s Explore page without an account

Twitter’s homepage can be a dead end if you don’t have an account. Instead, start at the Twitter Explore Page. You’ll find trending topics in a range of areas on the For YOU tab.

Click on the image to view more information. You will find related tweets and photos as well as a summary of each event depending on the topic.

You can use the tabs at the top to choose a topic that interests you, such as news, sports or entertainment. You can click on each one to see the most important stories within that area.

This is a great way to keep up with the latest topics on Twitter without creating an account.

For the most up-to-date Twitter news, you can use third-party sites without an account

Some third-party services can help you find the most popular hashtags. These services don’t require you to have an account.

If this sounds appealing to you, give these websites a shot:

  • Trends24 – Trends24 provides a simple and hourly updated list showing you what is trending on Twitter in the last 24 hours. You can highlight one to see the popularity of that topic over time. Or click it to view more information and to view it on Twitter. You can filter by country using the dropdown at top; the default view of the page is worldwide.
  • GetDayTrends – Here you can see the most popular hashtags and topics from the last day. Click to see the changes over time, or in different regions. You can also use the date selector to view past data. You’ll also see the trending hashtags.

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Search Twitter without logging in

The search bar at top of the Explore page can be used to find specific information on Twitter. It doesn’t require an account. To see suggested searches, type a username, topic or any other information.

Twitter will display stories and accounts that match any keyword you type. To see more, click a story or hit to enter to search for the term.

Use hashtags on Twitter to locate tweets that are related to a topic. You can also search users by their @username.

Search terms will defaultly show the Top Tab. If you prefer to sort by popularity and time, use the tabs at top. People will display accounts that match the term, but Photos or Videos filters will only show tweets that contain media.

Use Advanced Search to Find Your Tweets

Twitter’s Advanced Search can be a very handy tool. It doesn’t even require an account. You can use it to find the correct tweet or user even if the default search fails to do so.

You can filter your results by keywords or phrases, add hashtags and filter by language. You can also add accounts that sent it or were mentioned there, limit by time, or choose to have a minimum number of likes or tweets.

Once you’re comfortable with it, it’s easy to use and is one of the most powerful tools a Twitter user has in his toolkit – whether they have an account or not.

You can read tweets from a particular user without an account

Twitter allows you to read any tweet without having an account. All you need is their profile page. You can’t view a profile if the account has been made private. You can’t request to follow someone without an account.

Search for a Twitter user by name or use Google to search for their profile. You can search for “[person] Tweet” to find their account.

Google searches are often more straightforward than Twitter searches, as not everyone uses the same name for their Twitter accounts. A Google search will most likely yield better results.

You can bookmark the page once you have found the Twitter handle of the user to make it easy to find later. To create a feed directly from a Twitter page, you can also use RSS.app.

To open a profile page, click on the account’s name on Twitter. This allows you to easily see more accounts that interest you.

Follow Twitter Lists to Keep Track of Multiple Accounts in One

Twitter doesn’t limit you to just following one account. Twitter lists are collections of multiple accounts that allow you to scroll through tweets from multiple people in one place. These lists work even if your account isn’t logged into.

These will help you keep track of Twitter communities that align with your interests. Twitter’s @Verified account also has a list of Olympians .

You can only follow public mailing lists without an account. Private lists are not allowed. Twitter allows you search for lists if you are signed in. However, it is more difficult to find lists if you don’t have an account. To find the ones you like, ScoutZen’s list search will help.

Twitter is available to all users, even those who are not signed in

These tips and tools will help you get the most out of Twitter, even if your account isn’t set up. These tools allow you to keep up with the content you are interested in without being distracted by endless tweets.

Twitter is a great way to learn, regardless of whether you have an account. To get the most out of Twitter, make sure you know how it works.


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