A Complete Guide to Website Translation


Surviving in the modern era with the dream of becoming a global superpower is almost only possible for businesses with a website. A website functions as a digital store for any business that anyone from around the globe can visit, much like a physical store. This is why companies spend so much time and energy creating a website that is smooth, meaningful, accessible, and easy to find.

Nowadays, more and more people are spending their time online; thus, you can increase website traffic and boost conversion rates. Almost every company out there is aware of this, but most companies don’t know that translating the website can further increase their target audience base and even build better trust among their customers. 

America is a multilingual country; therefore, relying on an English website will confine your website. But if you are new to multilingual website translation and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

What Is Website Translation?

Website translation, as the name says, is the conversion of content on a website from one language to another. The translation can be limited to only informative content on the website or even extend to marketing and branding- it all depends on how a business wishes to translate its website through Spanish document translation services

In most cases, companies go for a complete translation of their website, meaning they translate their home page, product page, privacy policy page, about us page, contact us page, and much more. The translation company offering Spanish document translation services will first analyze your website, go through your specific needs and then translate the website. 

But before even choosing a translation company, it is necessary to be clear about who is your target audience and which language they speak. You can’t randomly pick any language, translate your website into that language and expect your startup to become a global leader.

Why Should Businesses Translate Their Website?

If you are wondering why you should translate your website and whether there will be any benefit, there are others. Many people say website translation is a herculean task, but that’s not true. After choosing the right company offering Spanish translation services, website translation becomes a cakewalk that generates sales and makes your brand more trustworthy. 

If you fit in any of the below-mentioned criteria, you should get your website translated without any second thoughts- 

  • You are trying to widen your market base and go international 
  • Your company is doing business in an area inundated with immigrants or people from other countries. 
  • You have plans to hire international employees 
  • A vast majority of your customers are LEP, and they prefer browsing the internet in their native language 

The list mentioned above can only be complete if everyone has their reason for translating a website. For example, an American law firm can decide to translate its website into Spanish since most of its website traffic comes from Spain, and they are ready to extend its law practices to Spanish people. 

What Is the Process of Website Translation?

Here are some questions that you should answer before choosing a Spanish translation service and translating your website- 

  • Why are you translating your website?
  • Will your website be translated into more than one language?
  • Are you planning for plain language translation?
  • What percentage of the pages on your website are being translated?
  • Do you have plans for SEO optimization of the translated website content?

If you have chosen a good translation company, their website translation process or certified transcript translation will be fluid and easy. First, you must send the website’s content copy to the dedicated project manager. The project manager then comes up with a time frame and pricing. After agreeing on the terms, the project manager assigns the project to one of his linguistic teams. 

The text is then translated, proofread, and sent to the client for review. You can suggest changes if you want, and the translation company will be happy to implement the changes without charging even a single extra penny. 

Such companies have dedicated teams for certified transcript translation, legal translation, and website translation, and you don’t need to worry about the experience and specialization of the linguistic experts working on your project. 


The people visiting your website come from different countries with different cultures and languages; therefore, you can’t survive the fierce competition on the internet just by relying on English content. You must make changes, and to begin on the right foot, you must start translating the website.
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