9 Things to Do When Your Microphone Doesn’t Work on Discord


There are several ways to resolve issues with Discord’s microphone.

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In recent years, Discord has gained a lot of popularity in the gaming community. It is becoming a trusted communication tool for both individuals and businesses, with new features being added every few months.

Discord makes it simple to hold virtual meetings, livestream your game, share screens with friends, and video call loved ones. Discord can sometimes be a problem.

Discord’s microphone not working is a common problem that frustrates gamers during gaming sessions and people who attend meetups.

Let’s look at some common methods to fix your microphone or other voice-related problems in Discord…


1. Restart your device

We first respond to technical problems with apps and devices by restarting the device that is being used to run the app. This works most of the time.

All backend drivers and registry file are recreated from scratch upon restart. Temporary files that were created during the previous runtime are also deleted. This will usually resolve a variety of problems.

To verify that the problem is resolved, you might consider restarting your device. If not, you can continue to the next steps.

2. Check Your Microphone

Make sure your external microphone is working properly if you use it as an input device. It may be worth trying it with another app or another device to determine if the hardware is the problem.

Change your microphone if it is. You can also try the other fixes.

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3. Logout or Restart Discord

Log out of Discord to avoid more complex fixes. Instead, restart your application. Although it might seem simple at first, most cases will be resolved by this step.

  1. Tap on in the lower left corner. User Settings (gear icon). .
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and click on Log Out From the left sidebar.


Log out, close the app and log back in.

While this can sometimes solve certain problems, it does not always work. If that is the case, move on to the next solution.

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4. Reset Discord’s Voice Settings

Discord has a handy feature that lets you reset your voice settings to default. Discord usually solves voice issues. To resolve the issue, you can reset the voice settings.

Here’s how to reset Discord voice settings:

  1. Click on Settings (gear icons) in discord.
  2. Navigate to the Video and Voicesettings within the App Settings.
  3. Tap Reset Voice Settings Scroll to the bottom of this page.


5. Discord Access for Your Microphone

Mice access permissions are rarely restricted to desktop apps’ access. Discord might not be able to access the microphone if you have disabled automatic permissions.

This is how to enable microphone access not only for Discord, but all other apps as well.

  1. To open Settings, use the Windows search box
  2. Navigate to Privacy under Settings.
  3. Tap Microphone under Privacy Settings.
  4. For activation, click here Apps can access your microphone .

Continue to implement the fixes if the microphone access is already on.

6. Modify the input mode

Try changing the input mode to Push to Talk if your microphone does not work after trying the other solutions.


To enable Push to Talk settings, you must press a particular keyboard key. This setting can solve most microphone problems (including broken mic inputs and cracked voice recordings), so it might also work in this instance.

Here’s how to change Discord’s input mode:

  1. In Discord, tap on Settings (gear icons) in the lower left corner.
  2. Select Voice and Video from the left sidebar under App Settings.
  3. You can change the input mode from Vocal Activity into Push To Talk.
  4. Set any keyboard key to a Shortcut to activate Push to Talk

This solution may be able to solve the problem but it can also have its flaws. If the microphone problem does not resolve, you can always change it again.

7. Disable the Exclusive Mode in Windows

Windows has an exclusive mode that allows one device to control the entire sound driver.

If a priority app controls the mode, this could cause problems with your microphone and prevent other apps from using it. To fix this issue, please follow these steps.

  1. Open the Sound Settings search box in the Windows Search Bar at the lower-left corner.
  2. Click on Device properties after selecting your input device.
  3. Click on the Related Settings link Additional device properties .
  4. Navigate to Microphone Properties, and then select the Advancedtab.
  5. In the Exclusive Mode settings, uncheck the box that Allow applications to have exclusive control over this device.
  6. Tap to apply the changes Apply.


8. Update Your Audio Drivers

You can also test the audio drivers on your system. If the driver problem is causing problems, Discord will not work properly. Older drivers files can cause blue and black screen issues, crackling voices, and poor quality recordings.

You can likely find a driver for your device’s input audio devices. This driver is available to update in order to get your microphone working properly again. Depending on which device you use and what sound drivers you have, the driver you need may not be found. You should update all audio drivers, regardless of the device. If the problem persists, you may reinstall them all.

The steps below will help you update the Inter(R), Audio Display driver. The same steps can be used to update other drivers.

  1. To search for Device Manager, use the Windows search box.
  2. Navigate to Sound, video and game controllers Settings in Device Manager
  3. Open Intel(R) Display Audio Go to the Driver Tab in the pop up menu
  4. You can click Update driver and you’re good to go.
  5. Click on Search automatically to find drivers, and wait for it to finish.


Depending on which hardware you choose, the name and driver of your device will vary.

9. Reinstall Discord

You can also reinstall Discord after you have uninstalled it if none of these fixes work. Sometimes the app stops working properly because of corrupted files hidden in the system. It is often overlooked because it is the root cause of many problems.

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Here’s how to uninstall the app.

  1. Go to Control Center > Programs and Features.
  2. Find Discord in the app list.
  3. Tap Uninstall By left-clicking it
  4. Install Discord using the official Discord site.

Discord: Solve Voice-Related Problems

These fixes will not only fix the microphone problem but also solve other voice problems.

Once you’re comfortable with Discord, it is almost impossible to stop using it. If you get bored of Discord, you can always look for alternatives.


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