9 Secrets To Make Your CBD Packaging Look Amazing


Custom CBD boxes are of great importance when it comes to brand growth. People use different CBD items on a large scale such as CBD oil and CBD vape devices. Anyhow, packaging is crucial for any type of product packaging. You must make your packaging solutions alluring to get the best results out of them.

The attractive design and robust packaging can draw the attention of the customers and therefore help you to stand out. Custom cannabis packaging is suitable for small and large brands as it holds cost-efficiency. In this way, you can manufacture your CBD solutions effectively and for sure without breaking your bank. However, you must manufacture them by taking into account several factors.

Use Sturdy Material

The material provides a base for the packaging box so it must have great efficiency. You are relying on a packaging solution for your product safety so it should be robust. For this purpose, you may choose cardboard and e-flute sheets as these materials have a great strength to support the packed product.


For small products like CBD cartridges, you can confidently use cardboard boxes. These boxes save your products from getting damaged. You can use them both for retail and shipping purposes. Besides, the product quality will not get affected as these boxes do not allow external factors to harm the product constituents.

Keep Customer’s Lifestyle In Mind

You must not ignore your potential customer when you are manufacturing your product’s attire. Product presentation initiates the relationship between a consumer and the product so you must create a packaging design that would stand in front of the customer. For this purpose, you have to know customers’ behavior, lifestyle, likes and of course, dislikes. You may also construct different packaging designs if your target audience has a different type of consumer.

Construct A Right Size

Manufacturing the right size box is very important for many reasons. Imagine a product having a large box compared to its own size, you yourself will not prefer to buy. Similarly, you must construct a box that would go best with your product. Otherwise, you may end up creating a lousy impression. The customer will not trust your brand as well. For a large box, you will also need more material so you have to spend more money. In this facet, you may leave a 1inch space in the box so that it will also not get congested.

Create A Unique Design

Packaging design helps you to win that single chance of getting the attention of the customer. You must not miss it and construct a worthy packaging solution. Different box styles are manufactured in this regard such as:


  • Slotted boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Die cut boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Display containers


For any box style, you must not ignore the layout. Create unique graphics or you may keep the design simple and decent. However, you must wisely choose colors and hues to make your product eye-catching.

Print Necessary Information

Use your packaging solution to speak about your product; usage, benefits, specifications, net weight, expiration date, etc. You may customize these details based on your product as well as your interest. Printing details help you to inform the customers that have come to your brand for the very first time.


It also creates a professional impression even if the customer knows about the product or he does not pay attention to these details. You must focus on the typography as well. Choose a suitable font style to make the details readable. Also, the background color must not be fading the printing details so choose the colors wisely.

Choose A Suitable Printing Method

Various printing techniques are offered by packaging builders so that you can attract customers at first glance. You must choose a suitable printing method based on the following factors:


  • Cost-effective
  • Good or high image quality
  • Prints must stay longer
  • Vibrant image


If you have a low budget, you may go for inexpensive printing methods such as flexography or digital printing. But if your preference is to get high-quality printing and you have a high budget for it, you may choose offset printing or silk screen printing.

Tell Your Brand Story

Using packaging boxes to get cost-effective marketing is an old trend but new custom features keep on entering the market with time. You can market your brand by using certain printing features to mount your company’s logo design and name on the packaging boxes.


These features may include flat printing, 3D mockups, sunken print, and hot stamping. Your brand features must be clear on the box so that the customer will see them in no time. These details create a professional image and therefore help you to raise your sales.

Use Inserts

Different inserts are used to make the packaging design simply resilient. You may use cardboard or simple paper sheets in this regard. These inserts are wrapped around the CBD products and keep them intact. In this way, the protection of the product will get improved. Paper material inserts are beneficial as they are lightweight and do not make the product heavy. Therefore, you can use these inserts for safe shipping as well.

Improve The Packaging Texture

Raw cardboard or paperboard boxes have a rough texture which may not bring you good results when you aim to influence the potential audience. For this purpose, different varnishes are available to smoothen the surface and make the packaging solution exemplary.


You may use spot UV as it not only improves the texture but also protects the packaging surface from getting affected by sunlight. Other techniques are also available such as gloss/matte coating, metallic coating, soft-touch varnish, and aqueous coating.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you must consider CBD packaging supplies crucial for your business growth. To get a remarkable solution, you must provide a sturdy foundation by using high-quality cardboard materials. Manufacture your boxes in ideal size following your product size and give them a unique style. Choose a suitable printing method and certain add-ons to improve the efficiency of your packaging solutions so that your sales will be raised.



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