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7 ways to add links to your Instagram posts

Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links in captions. These are some of the many ways you can add links to Instagram posts.


Instagram does not have the ability to share links in captions or add links to Instagram posts. There are solutions to this problem. You can still add links to Instagram posts.

You can’t embed a hyperlinked URL directly in an Instagram post. However, there are creative ways around it.

In this article we will show you how to add links to Instagram posts.

1. Add a link to your Instagram bio

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Displaying a link in your profile is the easiest and most straightforward way to add a link to Instagram.

To do this, visit your Instagram profile and click Edit Profile. To save your changes, add the desired link to the Website box.

Every link that is placed here will be hyperlinked. This allows people to tap on the link to go directly to the website.

You can tell people to visit your Instagram profile to find the relevant link when you post an Instagram photo.

This works well if you only want to share one link. This is a problem if you frequently change the link. People who are looking at older Instagram posts won’t find it.

The alternative methods of adding a link to an Instagram post are therefore preferred.

2. In the Post Caption, use a URL Shortener

URL shorteners can help with this problem. To make a link more memorable, you can use a URL shorter service like Bitly.

This link can be placed in the captions of your Instagram posts. You hope your followers will take the time to fill in the link in their browsers (since captions don’t allow for hyperlinks).

Bitly allows you to shorten links on your homepage by signing up without having to sign up. It will generate a link like https://bit.ly/3wUJ1mc, with the seven end characters being random.

To edit those seven characters, you can register for a free account. After logging in, click create and paste your URL. Next, use the Customize back half field for a more easily-remembered string.


Sometimes you might have to be creative because others will likely have common words.

3. Make a Link Landing Page

Instead of linking to a new page each time, you can use a link landingpage service. These pages are personalized with thumbnails and a number of links. Campsite, Linktree are two examples of such services.

Sign up for these services to receive a personal link that you can use in your Instagram profile.

These pages allow you to list any item you wish. The profile picture, bio and theme can be customized to match your Instagram page. You should add thumbnails to your links to help your Instagram followers identify the link that is relevant to the post.


Although these services offer paid plans, you may find the free option sufficient for your needs.

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4. Link Posts to Your Instagram Account by Mirroring

A service that allows you to style your link landing pages exactly like your Instagram page is another option. Your followers will then leave your Instagram page and land on a page similar to it. However, they will be able click the links within the posts.

Metricool is an example of a service capable of doing this. It is a powerful social media platform that allows you to link your Instagram posts with other links.


You will need to upgrade to a premium account to take advantage of this feature.

After you have logged in to Metricool and connected your Instagram account. Click the Planning link in the menu. Then click Instagram Links. You can now fully test the feature.

A feed of all your Instagram photos will appear. To add a link, click the red hyperlink button. The Metricool URL is located at the top of this page. This URL can be used in your Instagram bio to direct people to the Metricool photo-sharing app.

Metricool will display your 9 most recent images as default. However, you can choose additional photos from your feed or delete photos by clicking the trashcan icon below the image.

The final product looks almost identical to your Instagram feed. It features a grid of images with links to any location you choose.

5. Share a link in Instagram Stories or IGTV

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You can add links to Instagram posts, but you cannot use Instagram Stories to share them. You have many options to use Instagram Stories in order to make your content standout, including adding links.


Only verified users or those with over 10,000 followers can add links.

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There are some workarounds that you can use if you don’t meet either of these criteria. They aren’t the most elegant, however.

Your link can be added as regular text. This is the simplest way to go. Although it won’t be clickable the URL can be memorable. They just need to copy it and paste it in a web browser.

A link can be added to the description of an IGTV Video. Your followers might not be aware that there is a link in IGTV videos. To see the link, they will need to tap the expand button.

To make sure that your IGTV video is seen by a wider audience, you can add it to your Instagram Stories. Create a new Story after you have created your IGTV video. There should be an option to add links.

6. Get sponsored Instagram posts for as low as $99

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Although this isn’t for everyone, if you have an Instagram Business profile you can purchase sponsored posts on the main feed and within Stories.


Even people who aren’t your followers but fall within the specified target range will see this.

You can share a hyperlink in the post. There are no short URLs, copy and paste or copy required. These will be examples you have already seen in your feed. These posts are marked sponsored and include a link to an action (like “Learn More”) at the bottom.

You can find more information on this on the Advertising page.

7. Make your own image gallery website

You can create your own site to have complete control.

You can also create a website for free using blogging platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr, if you don’t want to spend money.

No matter what platform you use, you will want your Instagram feed to look exactly like it.

You could use WordPress.com to create a theme such as Cubic. Upload the photos in the same way as you did on Instagram. Then, change the URL to the link that you wish to share.


The themes Berlin or Fasofi will work well if you choose to use Tumblr.

Consider the Gridsby template if you are going to host WordPress sites. You can also create an extra page on your WordPress site and add a WordPress gallery.

Get more engagement on Instagram

One day, Instagram will make sharing links easier. These are the best ways to add links to Instagram posts.

These tools can help you get more out of Instagram. However, it is important to consider how to increase your Instagram engagement so that you have enough people visiting the link.


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