7 ways mass communication course can shape your career prospects


In this age of digitalization, the media industry is evolving rapidly to accommodate new ideas and grow according to the trends. This has resulted in the creation of different fields aimed at entertaining and informing the audience. The significant growth of the media sector has paved way for the creation of numerous opportunities for talented people.

The possibilities and opportunities in the field have led to an increased interest in mass communication courses among students. The course allows students to develop new skills and polish their existing ones while enjoying their interactive curriculum.

The career prospects after mass communication courses are numerous and exciting. Let’s dive into the vast possibilities available for students after completing their studies.

  • Journalism

Moving to the field of journalism is the most popular career choice after a mass communication course. The field is exciting and challenging at the same time. If you have a flair for presenting, reading or writing with excellent communication skills, a career in journalism is the right fit for you. 

In the journalism sector, you can work as a news writer, anchor, reporter, editor, photojournalist and so on. 

  • Public Relations Officer

Another common choice among graduates, becoming a public relations officer comes easy on you and earns good salary packages. Communication skills and an excellent grasp of language are mandatory for a PR officer.

As a PRO, you must shape the PR strategies, hold meetings, prepare reports and press releases etc. for the smooth functioning of the organization.

  • Film Industry

If you have a passion for the entertainment industry, a mass communication course can help you. The various modules in the course prepare you to excel in a variety of roles in the film industry.

You can be involved in any three steps of making a film such as pre-production, production or post-production. With the right skill set, you can become anyone from a director to a screenwriter.

  • Television

The field of television is similar to the film industry. You could work as a copywriter for advertisements or any TV programmes or become an editor or anchor according to your preference and talent.

  • Digital marketing

If there is one field that is growing each day, it is digital marketing. With your knowledge of creating content and analysing trends in the industries, you can be a successful digital marketer. You could also start your digital marketing agency that curates content for organizations.

  • Radio and podcasts

Podcasts are the emerging trendsetters in today’s digitized world. You can start your podcasting channel and develop fun, interactive and creative talk sessions for your audience. Working as a Radio Jockey (RJ) or Video Jockey (VJ) is also another option.

  • Event management

If you are creative and love to organize events, then this is the career for you. You must lead a team and plan well to ensure the successful conduct of any event that is assigned to you. 

There are plenty of career choices awaiting students after completing a mass communication course. Most of these jobs are lucrative and help in developing good networks and connections useful in building a career. 

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