7 Tips For Effective Cleaning and Vacuuming


Here we will discuss the 7 tips for effective cleaning and vacuuming. We, Cleaning Services Malaysia, offer professional cleaning services Puchong to help you clean your place effectively and efficiently. In the past, we only used brooms to sweep the dust off the floor. Owning a vacuum cleaner was considered a luxury. Today, most Malaysians regard the vacuum cleaner as a basic necessity and an extremely essential home appliance in keeping your home dust-free and clean. If you find cleaning and vacuuming a chore, contact us, Cleaning Services Malaysia for our trustworthy and high quality house cleaning services.


Effective Cleaning and Vacuuming


Below are 7 tips on how to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner. 

Tip 1: Choose the best brand

Nowadays, consumers are bombarded by a huge variety of brands of vacuum cleaners manufactured in all parts of the world ranging from China to Europe. Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Do not be attracted by its outward shape, colour or design. Do your own research first on the various brands. Read the reviews of the customers. Make a wise and informed choice to ensure you purchase a reputable and trustworthy vacuum cleaner that will last you for years to come. A more lasting and more effective and powerful vacuum cleaner, though it could be more expensive, may enable you to save money by not repairing it repeatedly. In this way, it is more cost effective and saves you the time spent on hunting for another vacuum cleaner. 


Tip 2: Care for your vacuum cleaner

Once you have bought a good branded vacuum cleaner, spend some time reading the manual on the various functions. Understand the various features. Read about how to clean and care for the vacuum cleaner. Follow the given guideline on how to use it effectively. Change the dust bag frequently for better suction power. Get the vacuum cleaner serviced according to the schedule written in the manual. This will prolong its lifespan. Do not overwork or overheat your vacuum cleaner. Use it correctly and with great care for effective vacuuming.


Tip 3: Use the correct attachment

Your vacuum cleaner comes with several different attachments. Read the manual and get to know what attachments are used for different purposes. Use the appropriate attachment for the specific cleaning needs. Below are the functions of 3 attachments.


  • Crevice Cleaner

For cleaning or removing the dust from tight corners and blind spots such as behind the wall cabinets, cupboards and the sides of refrigerators. Attach this crevice tool to your vacuum cleaner for this task.


  • Upholstery tool 

For cleaning and removing hidden dust on your sofa, leather settee and mattress. Attach this upholstery tool to your vacuum cleaner. It can suck up all the invisible dust and dirt very effectively and powerfully.

  • Dusting Brush

For removing dust from window screens, mosquito netting, lampshades, drawers and cupboards. The dust and dirt will cling onto the long soft bristles of the dusting brush and get sucked into the vacuum cleaner. 


Tip 4: Choose the right setting

For most effective and efficient vacuuming, adjust the setting of your vacuum cleaner. The setting is adjustable for various types of dusting such as the floor or the carpets and rugs. By using the appropriate setting, you will be able to protect your floor and your carpets.


Tip 5: Remove all small objects before vacuuming

For better and more effective suction power of your vacuum cleaner, first remove all small objects on the floor and form all surfaces. This will prevent your vacuum cleaner from getting blocked and thus spoiling the machine. If this happens, your vacuum cleaner needs to be repaired.


Tip 6: Vacuum high traffic areas more often

Vacuum the high traffic areas of your house more regularly. These areas include the living room, the sofa, the corridors between the bedrooms and the kitchen area. Doing this regularly ensures a dust-free environment. 


Tip 7: Clean the vacuum cleaner after using it

Remember to clean your vacuum cleaner after using it. Then keep your vacuum cleaner in its original box. Make sure you keep all its attachments properly as well. Pack them neatly inside the same box. Store the box in a safe place, preferably in the store room and out of reach of the children.



Using a good quality vacuum cleaner of a trusted brand will enable you to enjoy living in a healthy, dust-free and clean home. Remember to follow all the 7 tips discussed above in getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner. These 7 tips will enable you to vacuum and clean your home most effectively and efficiently. Should you need help in house or office cleaning, contact us, Cleaning Services Malaysia at www.cleaningservicesmalaysia.com for assistance. 


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