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7 Things You Will Need to Create a Low-Cost YouTube Studios

You have been creating YouTube videos and they are gaining popularity. You want to take your YouTube videos to the next level by creating a YouTube studio.



YouTube videos are becoming increasingly popular. But you want to go further and create a YouTube studio.


Money. Or, at the very least, a shortage of it.


Do you let a lack cash stop you from pursuing your dreams? Is it really necessary to have a YouTube studio? Is it really necessary?


MakeUseOf is a big fan of helping you save money. Let’s see how to set up a YouTube channel for very little money.


Are You Really Going to Need a YouTube Studio or Not?

It’s important to stop and take stock of the situation before you continue. Is it really necessary to have a YouTube studio?


We have already thought about how a lack of funds could affect this plan. What about space? You need somewhere to store your equipment to create a YouTube studio. It seems pointless to buy equipment for a YouTube channel if you don’t have enough space.


You can also use the YouTube studio to create a YouTube channel if you are primarily interested in video game streaming or rely on slideshows. All you need is a voiceover or captions.


It is in your tablet or PC, as a video editing application.


You can be certain that you will need a studio if you take the time to think about it. Do you need it for vlogging or another type of YouTube video? Do you plan to record many videos? Is it easier to film in a studio than in other rooms of your home?

Your YouTube studio selections will be affected by the type of video that you create. Do you want to create how-tos, DIY or cooking videos? These video types require a specific area, such as a shed and kitchen. Is it feasible to turn these spaces into a studio?


This is likely to be the correct answer. If you truly need a YouTube studio, then you should consider hardware that is simple to set up. Also, consider portability and storage.


The YouTube Studio Basic Setup

You will need the following:






Audio software

Software for video editing

An easily-reachable background


You will also need a computer to do all this. But you already know that. A high-end iPad or Android tablet can produce videos, but a Mac or PC is better.


Let’s look at each component of the basic YouTube setup one by one.


  1. Select Your Camera

Image credit: MiniStocker/Shutterstock

There are three options for YouTube camera setups. You can use one or two of them simultaneously.


This is the best option if you own a smartphone. Just launch the camera app to start recording.


Any smartphone made since 2015 should work, regardless of manufacturer. Most manufacturers consider cameras to be a major selling point. Therefore, clarity and quality are almost guaranteed.


You can also use a DSLR to record video. This is the best option if you already have a DSLR. Although the differences between smartphones and DSLRs are ever decreasing, you can switch lenses. This allows for better quality.


You can also record footage with multiple cameras. Are you expecting your viewer to be distracted by one static shot of you opining on the subject? For the “B-roll”, simply record using your smartphone camera. When you edit, you’ll have plenty of options.


A webcam is all you need if you are streaming games. It is easier to position an external device than one that is built in. You should know how you can live stream YouTube.


  1. Tripod

The majority of DSLR tripods under $100 will suffice. A tripod that is sturdy and suitable for home use should be priced between $25 and $55.


Are you planning to use your smartphone? There are many tripods that can be used with smartphones. Some tripods come with adaptors for smartphones. We even showed you how to build a DIY stand for your smartphone. One of the “mount everywhere” tripods is ideal for this type of situation. These tripods have bendy legs that allow you to attach your phone to pipes or walls.


This is a great choice for a secondary camera.

  1. You can add a microphone to your YouTube setup

Most microphones built-in are not suitable for other purposes than Skype calls. A third-party microphone is recommended for podcasting and YouTube video production.


The microphone should be used with an audio recording software on your computer. The audio can be then added to the video during the edting stage.


There are many types of microphones available. A USB desktop microphone is one option. Another option is to use a Lavalier-type microphone with a tie clip. You want a microphone that produces good sound quality.



How to Choose the Best Podcast Microphone


  1. Lighting your YouTube Video

It will look amazing if your video has good lighting. You don’t need to add lighting. You can use the same lighting in large, well-lit spaces. Record a test video to determine if lighting is necessary and then judge the results.


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