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7 Steps to find information online about someone you love: How to do it!

You want to find a person? You can use a variety of powerful online search tools online to find people.


The internet is full of potential resources to help you find someone. Search engines, social networks, public records, and other tools make it easy to find anyone online.

You should be able locate your lost friend, an old teacher or rogue landlord with just a little digging. These are the steps you need to take in order to find information online about someone.

1. Google Search

Google should be your first port-of-call. Google is the best place to start your search for information about someone, such as their family and where they live.

To narrow down your search, you can use some of Google’s Boolean operators if the person is known by a common name. Google News is also worth a look. You can see any scandalous or notable recent achievements.

2. Create a Google Alert

You can set up Google Alerts if you are having trouble finding information on Google. You’ll be notified by email if the information you need about the person you are searching for is found on the internet in the future.

Go to, and type the name of the person in the search box. To customize settings, such as language, region and frequency of notifications, click Show Options.

3. You might also be interested in these search engines

Google is not the only search engine in town. There are many search engines available. Each search engine has a different search algorithm, so you can find alternative information using them.

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4. Mainstream Social Networks

According to estimates, the global number of social media users is around 4.2 billion by January 2021. There’s a good chance that you will find the person you are looking for.

It is important to scan all of the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. However, LinkedIn is a must-see. LinkedIn may be the only social media platform for professionals.

5. Public Records

Public records is a broad term. It is not always easy to find records online. You might be able find the birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree and other records online if you are lucky.


You can also check documents like land use certificates or company registers to determine if there are any entries that may be related to the person.

You can also visit these sites:


Zabasearch can be a great starting point. However, it will return a lot of information. It pulls information directly from public records such as court records, voter registration information and Yellow Pages. You can reduce the information to a specific state in order to manage the overwhelming amount of data.

The majority of the information you need is free. You should exhaust all options before you pay for it.


VitalRec can help you locate birth certificates, death records and marriage licenses in every state and county of the United States.


You can also find international records on the site. The countries covered are Australia, Austria and Canada, Czech Republic.

National Sex Offender Public Website

The U.S. government’s list of registered sex offenders is the National Sex Offender Public Website (or NSOW).

It includes the databases for all 50 US states, as well as the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories, as well as Indian Country.

Military Records

The National Archives of the United States has Veterans’ Service Records. This includes photographs, documents, as well as searchable databases.

The data are not complete. Most of the information is not accessible online, according to the National Archive’s curators. This is especially true for records from pre-World War I.


Copyright Records

You might be able to find a reference to the person you are trying to locate if they are a writer, musician or other creative artist. All records of the department can be searched online.

Searches can be made for personal and corporate names. Other countries have their own searchable databases.

Patent Records

Similar to the above, if you are looking for an inventor or scientist, you may find them in the public records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Searches can be made by name, design mark or keywords. Similar databases are also available in other countries.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

There is a possibility that the person may be in prison. One in 100 American adults has been taken into custody.

They might not appear on social media if they are a convicted criminal. You can find the complete nationwide list of detainees at the Federal Bureau of Prisons site.

6. Check Niche Search Engines

Are you still having trouble? You don’t have to give up, there are still options. Next, you can check out some deep-search engines. They are experts in particular industries, regions, or social networks.


These niche search engines will help you to find someone online.


PeekYou scans the social media accounts of people and provides references to the usernames on other websites and blogs. To begin, you will need to provide a name and (optionally), a telephone number.


Pipl excels at locating phone numbers, addresses, or links to public records. To narrow down your results, you can refine your search by zip code, state, or city.

Search a Grave

You can also search the Find a Grave website if the person you are looking for has passed away. It contains the largest database of information on graves and tombstones in the world. It’s a collection user-submitted photos, and other content.

There are currently 170 million memorials that you can search. You can find both ordinary people who have died and famous people who have departed. also offers millions of official records from thousands cemeteries all over the globe.

Data are available for the United States of America, Brazil, Cuba and Czech Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Cyprus and Czech Republic, Finland France, Germany, Ireland Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Poland.


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7. Check Niche Social Networks

It’s worthwhile to explore niche social networks. It’s amazing how many smaller sites there are. There are many networks that have been created specifically for beer lovers, investors, and other communities.

It’s easy to find people online

These tools will help you find the right information for someone.

You are almost certain to find the right person if you look through all possible sources in a rational manner and spread your net far enough.




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