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7 of the Best Mobile Time Wasters for Monday Mornings and Beyond

Your smartphone acts as a portable computer, giving you unlimited access to information. You can also use it as a distraction tool with thousands of games available. Here are our top time wasters if you prefer the former.

Both the App Store as well as Google Play Store now offer many different games. You can play classics like Final Fantasy 9 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. But you also have the option to play newer hits like Puzzle Games, Monument Valley, or The Room 3. There are many options. You don’t need a “proper” console to enjoy great games. We’re not here to talk about the award-winning titles. You should play them with focus and dedication.

Today’s focus is on games that you can only access for a few moments at a time. You might be busy, and not always have time to play a game. These titles allow you to enjoy the games for as little as a few minutes, while still accomplishing something. These games are a great distraction from the demands of life and don’t require long play sessions. These are seven of the most entertaining time-wasters.

Universal Paperclips (Android/iOS, $2)

Universal Paperclips looks awful, but it is incredibly compelling. You play an AI that wants to build a huge empire of paperclips. This is a time-waster that was previously successful in browser format.

It’s basically a mathematical simulator. It is necessary to be able to create paperclips quickly and efficiently. Although it sounds tedious, it is actually quite addictive. You’re always close to another improvement that will improve your productivity. It’s satisfying to feel accomplished when you are up against all things in life. Is it possible for such a game to entice you or not? When it was first released, it drew us in immediately. It was so addictive that we wrote an article all about Universal Paperclips. It was originally a web-based delight. Now it is available for Android as well as iOS.


2048 (Android/iOS, Free)

2048 was a browser-based game that is still available in . It’s a simple but addictive numbers game for Android or iOS. Do you want a simple game that allows you to focus and zone in on one goal while remaining delightfully easy? This is it.

It’s easy to understand: swipe to move tiles. When two tiles of the same number touch each other, they merge, resulting in a double. You must create 2048 numbers to win the game. Although it is unlikely that you will achieve this, it’s a lot of fun and rewarding to try. You can always chase high scores, even if you don’t win the grand prize of “winning”. The game’s relaxed pace allows you to play it at your own pace. It is great for those 30 seconds that you don’t have.


Clicker Heroes (Android/iOS, Free)

Although Clicker Heroes shares many similarities with Universal Paperclips, it is a more elegant way to do things. Clicker Heroes is an “idle clicking” game that works for Android as well as iOS. It requires minimal interaction to get the job done, much like Universal Paperclips. You’re a hero on an epic quest to find treasure and hunt monsters.

You can tap your way to victory with vibrant cartoon-style graphics. The game will continue to run while you are gone. There are many skills to unlock, new heroes and levels up to be hired, as well as thousands of zones to negotiate. Although it can be repetitive at times, you will find yourself reaching for this game throughout the day to unlock new skills and zones. It’s satisfying to see the level up bars increase steadily.


Dunk Shot (Android/iOS, Free)

Dunk Shot is one the easiest games you can play. Your goal? Your goal? Simply to dunk the ball into a net and then continue on indefinitely. It’s simple, but it’s a lot of fun. Physics is a key component of this game. You will soon learn how to get the ball in the net for maximum points. You can make a difference in your score multiplier by hitting the ball just right. Higher scores will unlock new balls.

It’s like fast food gaming. Although your soul will not be completely enriched, you’ll still have lots of fun playing a game for a few seconds. This app is available for Android as well as iOS. It’s worth a try.


Bowmasters (Android/iOS, Free)

Bowmasters is my personal favorite. It’s bloodthirsty, but provides great stress relief during breaks in the work day. Duels are played with AI-based or real players. You fire projectiles at other players from a distance. You must adjust your power and angle to hit them. The round ends when you strike them with your weapon.

Although it could be alarming, Bowmasters is far too cute to be scary. The silliness of the game is evident by the tens and dozens of characters that it offers, each with their own unique weapons. It’s difficult to not be disgusted when you can decapitate someone using a games controller. There are many modes available, and it will take you a while to unlock all of the content. It’s great for those downtime moments and is available for Android as well as iOS.


Words With Friends 2 (Android/iOS Free)

Words With Friends is a hugely popular game that has enjoyed great success in recent years. The sequel is even better. You can still play Scrabble against friends, or against random players through Android and iOS. Words With Friends 2 adds new modes to the game. You can join teams and collaborate in lightning rounds. As you progress, you earn badges or rewards.

You can also compete against fictional characters in solo challenges. This will help you improve your vocabulary skills. There’s always something new and different to do. Words With Friends 2 offers something more challenging than the others. It’s a great way to get a quick thrill and still challenge your gray matter.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Android/iOS Free)

Many mobile games allow you to build a city or village. FarmVille, for example, started this trend by letting you check in on your “land”, complete a few tasks, and then departing for a while. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a great example of this genre thanks to its Nintendo affiliation.

You’ll be creating a charming and unique campsite to host a variety of animals friends. Although it sounds childish, it is actually quite fun. Although it’s more involved and longer-lasting than some of the other games, you can still accomplish a lot in just 5-10 minutes. You can also make new equipment or complete errands to help the animals. It’s a relaxing experience that gives you a feeling of accomplishment, but it is also calming. It’s a charming game. The only thing we have to say is that it requires an active internet connection (just like other mobile Nintendo games like Super Mario Run). This makes it not ideal for subway commutes or airplane rides where there is limited internet access. It is available for Android as well as iOS.




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