7 Excellent Style Ideas for Your Custom Soap Boxes


Getting your soap bars noticed in this highly competitive industry is nearly impossible. Big brands have already taken over the market with their products, making it impossible to beat the competition and stand out. If you are a small business selling homemade soaps, you might feel left out in this competitive market. 

The market is quite tough for small businesses, and getting your soaps noticed might take a lot of work. But worry not; it is not impossible. Getting your products noticed is all about attractive packaging. You can easily win the market and improve sales with attractive soap boxes. But how do you make your soap packaging attractive? That can be done by simply getting customized soap packaging. 

With custom boxes for your soaps, you can get more customers and improve your sales. But only if your packaging is well-designed. This article will help you out with that. Here are 7 great style ideas to design your custom soap packaging boxes correctly.

Style Ideas for Your Custom Soap Boxes:

Here are some excellent style ideas to perfectly design your custom soap packaging boxes. Let’s get started.

  1.   Customized Cardboard Soap Boxes with Logo:

One great idea is to use a cardboard soap packaging box customized with your brand logo. Your logo is your brand identity, and putting it on your packaging helps the customer remember your brand. This way, you can get recurring customers and improve your sales.


Use a cardboard box for the purpose. This is because cardboard has a smooth surface that allows high-end printing. So cardboard can help you present your brand logo the right way.

  1.           Window-Cut Soap Packaging Boxes:

Another great idea is using a window-cut soap packaging box. Adding a die-cut window to your packaging box can help the customer get a sneak peek inside your box. This improves the customer’s trust in your brand, along with improving product presentation.


For this style, you can use Kraft paper or cardboard. They are both perfect for making soap packaging. Use Kraft paper if you are looking for a rustic and natural look. If you want to take advantage of high-quality printing, use cardboard.

  1.           Sleeve Soap Packaging Boxes:

Using sleeve boxes is another fantastic idea to present your soaps. Sleeve boxes provide an excellent unboxing experience for your customers. Keep them simple with contrasting colors for the sleeve and tray to create an impressive product presentation.


You can create sleeve boxes using any paperboard material. However, if you want to add a premium feel to your soap sleeve boxes, you can use rigid paperboard material.

  1.           Two-Piece Soap Boxes:

Another excellent idea for your line of premium products is to use a two-piece soap packaging box made of rigid paperboard. This is a beautiful way to present your soap gifts. It provides a premium feel, and the unboxing experience is heavenly. 

  1.           Flip Top Box:

Flip-top boxes can be an excellent choice for packing your soaps. You can use a flip-top box with a magnetic closure to provide a superb unboxing experience. In addition, this box style is great for creating soap gift boxes. You can use rigid paperboard to create this excellent packaging box. 

  1.           Square Soap Boxes:

If you are thinking of going artistic with the shape of your soap packaging boxes, you can use a custom-shaped box. For this, a great choice would be to use square soap boxes. This excellent shape can be perfect for any kind of soap. Use a single base color for this box and add a flip top or a removable lid to enhance the appeal of your packaging. 

  1.           Soap Packaging Boxes with Inserts:

This style is an extension of any of the above packaging styles. In addition, you can use inserts for enhanced product presentation. Inserts not only improve the appearance of your product but also provide safety. Custom inserts made precisely according to your product specifications can prevent your products from getting damaged.


Another great benefit of inserts is that they help pack bulk soap boxes. If you plan to make a gift box with multiple soaps, you can use inserts to keep all your soaps in place and avoid getting damaged. 


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These are some excellent style ideas for your custom soap packaging boxes. Use these styles to enhance the appearance of your soaps and make more sales. 

How to Design Custom Soap Boxes?

Now that you have a list of some excellent soap packaging styles, you might wonder how to design them correctly. Here are some amazing ideas to design your packaging the right way.

  1.   Use Custom Stickers and Labels:

Use custom stickers and labels to improve your product packaging. Custom labels help you to add details to your soap packaging. For example, add the ingredients you have used in your soaps and all the information the customer would like to know. 

This can help build trust between your brand and the customer.


Along with custom labels, you should also use custom stickers to create an impressive look for your soap boxes. Stickers can be used to highlight some details. For example, if your soap is handmade, feature this detail on custom packaging boxes wholesale and add it to your packaging to ensure the customer notices it. This can be a selling factor for your product.

  1.           Go Right with The Colors:

Colors are an essential thing in your soap packaging design. Be sure to go right with them. The colors you choose can highly impact the customers buying decisions. Make sure the color you choose complements your soap and looks attractive. 


Another thing you need to consider with the colors is to use contrasting colors for your background and text. Make sure the text is readable on the packaging. Getting help from a packaging professional would be great in this regard. 

  1.           Choose an Eco-Friendly Material:

Another thing to consider to design the right packaging boxes for your soaps is to ensure that you use eco-friendly packaging material. Two great options you have are cardboard and Kraft paper. Cardboard is a recyclable material that supports high-end printing due to its smooth surface.


On the other hand, Kraft is completely biodegradable, but its porous surface doesn’t allow high-end printing. Use the material accordingly to design excellent custom soap boxes.

These are three ways to design your soap packaging boxes the right way. Have another idea in mind? Share it with us, and we will add it here for you. Be sure to get help from a great custom packaging expert to ensure your soap packaging boxes become the market winner.


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