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7 Cool Ways NFC Can Be Used to Impress Your Friends

NFC is not just a gimmick. You can do so much with NFC if you learn how it works.


Near Field Communication (also known as NFC) may sound dry and technical. It is in many ways. NFC applications are worth looking at.

NFC has been available on Android smartphones for years. Apple iPhones had a limited version. Both platforms can use NFC for contactless payments, headphone pairing and some automation.

We’ll show how to get the most out of NFC applications.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows wireless communication between electronic devices within close proximity, allows for two electronic devices to communicate with each other. Officially, NFC supports distances up to 1.5 inches, but in practice it can reach up to 4 inches.

This can be done in one of two ways: device-to-device communication, or readable tags. Although NFC can be used to allow two devices to communicate, it’s not possible to do so using physical cables.

Contactless payments can be made via NFC, however. NFC is used to initiate transactions when you pay in your local store using your smartphone via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Therefore, the primary interaction is between a smartphone or other mobile device and an NFC tag that can be read. These tags are small and inexpensive, but they don’t have any power. This is possible because your smartphone can create a Radio Frequency field (RF) that will power the tag.

NFC Compatibility

NFC has been supported by Android smartphones since the inception of the smartphone. Apple, however, chose not to support the iPhone. Apple Pay enabled contactless payments through NFC was introduced by the company in 2011. Apple began to include these wireless chips in iPhones.

Apple Pay was the only use of contactless payments before iOS 11. iPhone 7 and later models with iOS 13 or higher now support contactless payments. They can read NFC tags and write them.

This allows you to use NFC with your iPhone or Android smartphone. NFC support cannot be guaranteed due to the differences in specifications between Android smartphones. This is particularly true for the lower end of the market where other features are prioritized.


What you’ll need

Before you can use NFC technology with your smartphone, you will need to buy NFC tags. There are many types of NFC tags available, from inexpensive in-home tags to more expensive industrial tags.

You will need to purchase rewritable NFC tag in order to make the most of these NFC applications. There are many options for tags but the Timeskey Stickers (10 Packs) are the best value. They can be rewritten and placed wherever you need them.

A NFC tag creator app will also be required to be downloaded to your smartphone. NFC-enabled iPhones are able to read tags without the need for additional software. However, Android users may experience a different experience.


Many apps are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that can create tags. One of the best is NFC TagWriter from NXP. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The app is simple to use.

iOS (Free)

NFC: The Best Methods

Once you have a compatible smartphone and rewritable NFC tag, and have downloaded a tag-writing app, you will be able to start taking advantage of NFC’s many benefits. You can also rewrite tags to create your own automated setup. There are many NFC uses you can start with immediately.

1. Instantly connect to a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi passwords can be complicated and long. Connecting to your network can be difficult because of this. You can replace this cumbersome process by writing your Wi-Fi password directly to an NFC tag. This feature is supported by iOS and Android. A tap on the tag will populate Wi-Fi connections details and get you online quickly.


You might like this idea but prefer something more formal. Consider a product such as the WiFi Porter. This device does the same thing, and it is well-designed and easy to use. Are you still unsure? Before you invest, take a look at the Wi-Fi Porter review.

2. Get out of bed

It can be difficult to get up in the morning. Some people find that even the most persistent alarm clock is not enough to motivate them. An NFC tag can be used to get you out of bed if this is the case. Apps such as Sleep As Android can integrate alarms with NFC tags by using in-app capstchas.

These are used to verify your actions by requiring you to interact with a physical object. You can use the app to create an NFC-based captcha. Then, you will need to get out of bed to find the NFC sticker and tap your smartphone against it.

3. Start a website

Sometimes you might want to point someone to a particular website. This can be tricky, especially if the website address is not simple. Instead of asking them to type a random URL, you can direct them to an NFC tag. It loads the user’s mobile browser when they tap it and takes them directly to the website you want.


4. Autonomously enter driving mode

iPhone users are aware that their iPhone will automatically enter Driving mode when they connect to their car entertainment system and get in the vehicle. This turns off all notifications and optimizes your setup to make your journey more enjoyable. Some Android smartphones are capable of this, but most don’t.

You can automate the process by writing the tasks to an NFC Tag if you prefer. A phone tap placed in the car can activate Do Not Disturb and turn on or off data. It can also open your navigation app.

5. Make payments

NFC allows contactless payments, as we have already mentioned. This is possible when you use services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Contactless payments are now commonplace in many parts of the world. Contactless payments are the preferred method of payment in many convenience and food stores in the United States.

Apple Pay and Google Pay both allow you to track your spending, analyze and redeem coupons. NFC payments are also available. This means that you don’t need to have any other payment methods with your phone.

6. Automate Common Phone Tasks

Although Android and iOS have many ways to automate routine tasks, they may not offer the flexibility you want. NFC allows you to create shortcuts for actions such as calling a friend or family member, opening the camera, or streaming your favorite service while you’re away.


A set of DIMPLE SmartButtons is a better way to automate these steps. These buttons attach to the rear of your smartphone near the NFC chip. When pressed, they activate a custom NFC task that you can assign via the DIMPLE App.

7. Share Media

You can create videos on YouTube, stream on Twitch or upload music to Spotify. One of the most difficult challenges is getting people interested in your content. NFC can help you overcome this obstacle.

You can embed a link to your work onto the NFC tag, and strategically place it where people will be interested. People may be apprehensive about the important NFC security issues.

8. Make an NFC Business Card

You’ve probably been to conferences or attended networking events and know how important it can be to bring a business card. They allow you to keep in touch with your contacts and remind them who you are and what they do.

What if there were a better way for information to be exchanged? NFC is the best way to exchange information.

You can make an NFC business card with all the essential information such as your name, title and company. It also includes your email address, social media profiles, and website. It will scan and load all the data to the phone of the other person so they can save it later.


It is simple to create an NFC business card. You only need an NFC tag, and an NFC-enabled smartphone. To save your information on the tag, you can use an NFC tag-writing app. Once you are ready to exchange information with the other person, simply scan the tag using their phone.

NFC’s Best Uses

NFC chips have revolutionized how we interact with the outside world. Contactless payment systems such as Google Pay or Apple Pay are possible thanks to these cheap electronic components. This has made it possible for home automation to become a reality.

NFC, while it may be useful, is susceptible to security problems, just like any other technology. You should be able to prevent yourself from being hacked by NFC drivers before you dive into wireless technology.



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