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7 Cool Ways NFC Can Be Used to Impress Your Friends

NFC does not have to be a joke. Learn how NFC works.

Near Field Communication, also known as NFC, may sound technical and dry. NFC apps are worth considering.

NFC has been available for Android smartphones for many years. Apple iPhones only had a limited version of NFC.

Learn how to make the most of NFC applications.

What’s NFC?

Near Field Communication, also known as , is a wireless communication method that allows two electronic devices to communicate wirelessly within close proximity.

These can be done in two ways: device to device communication or readable tags. While NFC can allow two devices to communicate with each other, it is not possible to use physical cables.

Contactless payments are possible via NFC. NFC can be used to initiate transactions when paying in your local shop using your smartphone via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The primary interaction between a smartphone and an NFC tag is between the smartphone and the tag.

NFC Compatibility

Android smartphones have supported NFC since its inception. Apple chose to not support NFC in its Android smartphones. Apple Pay, which allows contactless payments via NFC, was introduced by Apple in 2011. These wireless chips were first included in iPhones by Apple.

Apple Pay was the only contactless payment method available before iOS 11. iPhone 7 (and later models) with iOS 13 or higher support contactless payments. They can also read and write NFC tags.

NFC can be used with an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, this is not possible due to differences in the specifications of Android smartphones.


What You’ll Need

You will need NFC tags before you can use NFC technology on your smartphone.

To make use of NFC applications, you will need to buy a rewritable NFC tags. The Timeskey Stickers (10 packs) are the best value. These tags can be rewritten to fit wherever you need them.

An NFC tag creator app must also be downloaded to your smartphone. However, Android users may experience a different experience.


There are many apps that can create tags, both in the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play Store. NFC TagWriter by NXP is one of the most popular. It works with both Android as well as iOS. It is easy to use.

iOS (Free)

NFC: The Best Methods

Once your smartphone is compatible with NFC, and you have downloaded a tag-writing application, you can begin to use NFC immediately.

1. Connect instantly to a Wi Fi Network

Wi-Fi passwords are often long and complicated. You can tap the tag to populate Wi-Fi connection details and get online quickly.


This idea might appeal to you, but perhaps you prefer something more formal. You might like the idea but prefer something more formal.

2. Get out of bed

It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning.

These stickers are used to verify your actions and require you to interact with an object. Next, get out of bed and locate the NFC sticker by tapping your smartphone against it.

3. Start a website

Sometimes, you may want to point someone towards a specific website.


4. Autonomously enter driving mode

iPhone owners are well aware that the iPhone automatically switches to Driving mode when they connect their iPhone to their car’s entertainment system. Not all Android smartphones can do this.

Automate the process by placing your phone in the car and tapping it. This will activate Do Not Disturb, turn on data, or turn off the alarm. It can also open your navigator app.

5. Make payments

As we mentioned, NFC can allow contactless payments. As we have already mentioned, contactless payments are possible with services like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay allow you to track and analyze your spending and redeem coupons. You don’t have to use any other payment method with your phone.

6. Automate Common Phone Tasks

While Android and iOS offer many ways to automate routine tasks they might not be able to give you the flexibility you desire. NFC lets you create shortcuts for actions like opening your camera, calling a friend, or streaming your favorite services while you’re gone.


A set DIMPLE SmartButtons can be used to automate the steps.

7. Share Media

You can upload videos to YouTube, stream on Twitch, or upload music on Spotify. NFC is a great tool to help you get people interested in your content.

You could embed a link from your work onto NFC tags and strategically place it where people are interested .

8. Make an NFC Business Card

It’s likely that you will be attending a conference or other networking event. Business cards allow you to stay in touch with your contacts, remind them of who you are, and what you do.

What if there was a better way to exchange information? NFC would be the best way to do so.

An NFC business card can be made with the necessary information, such as your name and title. It can also include your email address, social media profiles and website.


It’s easy to create an NFC business cards. Simply scan the tag with your phone to exchange information.

NFC’s Best Uses

NFC chips have changed the way we interact with others. This has allowed home automation to become a reality.

NFC is useful but vulnerable to security issues.



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