7 Best Webcam Apps That Turn Your iPhone into Webcam


iPhones are famous for their high-quality cameras, which are thousands of times better than normal webcams. So, you probably want to use your iPhone as a webcam for your PC, but which software can do it?

Here are the seven best webcam apps that can turn your iPhone into an HD Webcam for free. They will offer not only premium-quality picture results but also offer various other useful features. So, let’s jump into their details!

1. FineCam


FineCam is an utterly unique virtual camera driven by artificial intelligence that simplifies the process of video creation. It is compatible with all your preferred video calling and streaming applications, such as Zoom, Twitch, OBS, and MS Teams.

FineCam lets you use iPhone as webcam, which supports resolutions up to 4K. In addition, FineCam is accessible to a wider variety of cameras, including the iPad, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, webcams, and more.

The application enables you to construct a multi-camera rig for your video recording needs. Now, you can capture a single photo from various perspectives, swap between lenses without interruption, alter the video quality, and so on. Hence, creating a high-quality video with several takes has never been simpler.

2. EpocCam

EpocCam is one of the finest webcams to create a digital persona and experience AR. This handy webcam software can switch your iPhone device into an HD webcam for use on a Mac or your personal computer.

It is the first webcam software that includes Snapchat Lenses. It gives you access to various lenses you can manage with gestures during video chats and live-streaming. Moreover, you can create a backdrop that looks completely different from the original using the chroma key or background blur.

EpocCam is suitable for various platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only), and OBS Studio once you install it on your PC as well. That’s how you can embrace your phone’s better processing features to seem professional online.

3. DroidCam

DroidCam is another outstanding software with no complex setup and delivers reliable results. Converting your phone into a camera is as easy as pressing a button with DroidCam. It’s compatible with many web conferencing applications, including Microsoft Team, Zoom, Skype, etc.

You can access the camera with the DroidCam app on your mobile device via a web browser. One of its crucial features is that it does not display any Ads to interrupt your work. Furthermore, DroidCam Webcam enables you to manage and control many features like rotate, flip, adjust brightness, and zoom in/out while chatting on your computer. Also, it has an additional layer of protection and privacy with USB-only mode.

4. iVCam

iVCam is a fantastic application that converts your iOS or even Android device into an HD camera for your Windows computer. Like a remote video recorder, iVCam can record video straight to your computer. Also, this app works wonderfully as a pet cam, security camera, spy camera, and baby monitor.

Once you download Windows client software on your PC, you’ll be ready to snap photos and record videos. Since it is entirely automated., you don’t have to set up the connection manually.

5. Reincubate Camo

Reincubate Camo is compatible with the most popular video recording, streaming, and teleconferencing applications. These include Zoom, Meet, Skype, Slack, Google Chrome, and many more.

This application will assist you in tuning your image by providing both hardware and software controls for adjusting lenses, focusing, and contrasting. Hence, you can manage everything from your computer, so you won’t even have to pick up your phone.

6. iCam

iCam is another fantastic addition to webcam apps that helps you remotely watch numerous live video and audio webcam streams from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad through WiFi and mobile data connections. You can easily download iCam from the App Store for free.

When your iCam detects Motion, you can archive Motion Events, play them back, and receive push alerts on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad).

The iCam application is compatible with new versions of macOS and Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Also, iCam Mobile is compatible with iOS devices with a version of iOS 8.2 or later.

7. IP Cam

IP Cam (internet protocol camera) takes and sends video footage via an IP network. This cam functions as a digital security webcam that works for monitoring and spying. Hence, you can watch live or recorded videos on any computer linked to the same computer network or the Internet.

Moreover, you can view and command your surveillance cameras virtually anywhere in the world with IP video security cameras. Also, IP camera-based security systems are always the preferred choice for any new CCTV installation, regardless of the installation size, because they are the most versatile and cost-effective option.


Using your iPhone as a webcam is not a big-brainer game these days due to various software available on the internet. They are fantastic in delivering top-tier picture results and assisting you with many features. Here, you have the seven best webcam apps that can turn your iPhone into an HD webcam. So, pick one that suits you best, and start recording!

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