7 Best File Hosting Companies with a Direct Download Link or a Hotlink


1. Google Drive

It is a personal favourite and one of the most popular cloud storage/file hosting providers.

Google Drive allows you to store up to 15 GB of data, synchronised across all devices with the same email address. This is also true if the owner has granted permissions to view or edit files.

You don’t even have to pay a dime. Share links so that everyone can download files at the same time.

Google has yet to set a download bandwidth limit, but users suggest it be set at 500 GB/day. However, almost all Android users can use it as a file hosting service. There will also be 1.5 billion Gmail users who have Google Drive as an add-on.

Website: Google Drive

2. MediaFire

MediaFire is a great tool for downloading files if you have technical knowledge.


It is one of the most well-known file hosting providers, offering a simple platform to store photos, audio, documents, videos, and all other files, making it easy for others to share.

MediaFire has a 150 million user base and offers 10 GB of free storage and up to 50 GB in bonuses. It also gives you full access to your files with multi-platform support.

It makes it easy for users to view, edit, delete, manage, share, and even manage files without any fuss. MediaFire has unlimited bandwidth and allows multiple downloads. There are also direct download links and one time links.

Website: MediaFire

3. Box

The Box is the next file hosting service on the list. You get 10GB of free storage, and it is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Box is now integrated with over 1,500 apps, making it easier to use your Box app. It’s a cloud content management platform, which allows you to upload and share files in real-time across multiple devices.

Box provides multi-platform support and an ad-free user experience. Download hotlinks can be created by simply creating a shareable URL and changing the syntax to make it available for download.

Website: Box

4. Mega NZ

Mega NZ, a next-generation cloud file storage provider, offers unprecedented features to its customers. You get 50 GB of free storage space, a maximum download limit of 5 GB/day, and an upload limit of 1 GB/6 hours.

Mega NZ is encrypted from the beginning, unlike Dropbox and Google Drive. This means that no matter what data you store, Mega NZ will keep it safe without ever coming in contact with prying eyes.


You can make shareables and hotlinks as you wish. Mega NZ supports multiple platforms, so it can be used on all smartphones and computers, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and others.

Mega NZ offers cloud storage that is both generous and reliable, thanks to its many redundant servers. Mega NZ will not disappoint you when it comes time to download or retrieve any file stored elsewhere on Mega NZ.

Website: Mega NZ

5. Dropbox

I’m curious to know why you haven’t heard of Dropbox. Dropbox is a popular cloud file storage platform for file hosting. It allows you to store files up to 2GB and then share them with your friends.

Once you have created a shareable URL, modify the syntax to allow users to download the files that you shared. That’s all.

Dropbox limits you to 100,000 downloads per day and 20 GB bandwidth. Dropbox has multi-platform support and a 500MB bonus for successful referrals. It also offers a simple interface that makes it easier to use.

Dropbox has 600 million users and is well-integrated with tonnes of apps and tools.


6. OneDrive

You have probably already used Google Drive and Dropbox. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t add OneDrive from Microsoft to the mix. It provides data synchronisation and storage services, with more than 5GB of free storage.

You can increase it up to 6TB with Office 365 subscriptions and other options. You have to be aware that you can only upload 10,000 files and that file sizes are limited to 250GB.


You will need to create a shareable URL for the file or folder you wish to share with others. After that, you can modify the syntax to make it a Hotlink immediately.

There are many features included, including SSL encryption, expiry of shared links, ransomware detection, and more.

Website: OneDrive

7. 4Shared

4Shared offers 15GB of free storage on its cloud storage platform.

Access to data from all your Android, iOS, and Windows OSes is possible. This is a premium version.

You can search for files quickly and get up to 100GB of storage with the premium plan. You can also generate direct download links, which is just as simple as it sounds. You can do all of this and more, so why not try 4Shared now?

Website: 4Shared

Other honourable mentions are TinyUpload and FileFactory. SaberCatHost, ADrive. HighTail. Kiwi6. WeTransfer. DepositFiles. JUmpshare. And that’s just the tip.


This was the entire list of top file hosting companies that provide hotlinks or direct download links. There are many other apps, but these seven must be tried.

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