6 Ways to Engage Your Organic Search Traffic on Social Media


Any professional marketer will tell you that social media is where all the hype is these days. Gone are the days when you simply logged in to Facebook or Instagram to post vacation photos or photos of your latte. Now, social media platforms also serve as a booming marketplace for content creators and businesses to sell their products and services.


When you’re working to grow your brand online, bringing in organic search traffic can perhaps seem like the slowest waiting game. Sometimes it can even feel like the internet is working against you. After all, it is not an easy feat for your brand to gain popularity, increase engagement and increase your reach on social media overnight.


Social networking sites are undeniably a great source of organic traffic to your website. So the larger your online presence is, the more organic search traffic you can generate via social media platforms. So you need to connect with the target audience on each networking site and form strong connections. This way you can gently push them to complete the buying process.


Do you want your business’s social media account to increase engagement and boost sales and conversions? Then read on to learn more about the proven tips and tricks that help engage organic search traffic on social media.


6 Ways to Engage Your Organic Search Traffic on Social Media


●     Appeal to the Audience Visually

On social media platforms, it is important to make a lasting first impression. While it’s not socially acceptable to judge people based on their looks in real life, your brand’s visuals matter a lot online.


Visual content is generally more effective in convincing the audience to buy your products and services. Customers are more likely to take an action on your business if you post a product video or demo to pique their interest. One of the most receptive platforms for visual content is Instagram. So you should work on creating attractive content that tells the story of your brand.


●     Make Your Content Shareable

As a marketer or a business owner, you should know how important it is for your content to be mobile-friendly. As most people get their daily dose of social media and news from their phones. So it is crucial that you design your content to be compatible with all devices. When the audience can view your content seamlessly, they will be more enthusiastic about sharing it with their friends and family. Share buttons are the most crucial components that help drive organic social media traffic.


You can also add mobile-friendly social media plugins buttons to encourage viewers to spread your content on social media. This way you can increase your reach and your website traffic will also go up.


●     Enhance SEO Best Practices

It’s one thing for your content to be shareable. But you also need to ensure that your content is shared correctly and effectively. And you can do this by incorporating SEO best practices into your social media marketing strategy. As a result, you will not only gain popularity and increase your website traffic but also increase buyer persuasion with your high ranking.


As you produce quality content and increase your reach, you will also encourage external sites to link your sites to their social media too.


●     Use a Social Media Calendar

Consistency will help you build up a strong online presence and drive organic traffic through your social media accounts. And once the traffic picks up the pace, you shouldn’t slow down when it comes to posting content.


A social media content calendar can help you keep track of a daily publishing schedule to increase traffic. You can use various social media insights tools to plan out your weekly or monthly schedule and post accordingly.


●     Study Your Competitors

Researching your competitors is a proven trick that works in any kind of marketing. Competitive analysis can help you uncover any gaps in your social media marketing strategy and improve them. Insight into your competitors can help you build up an audience and gain organic instagram likes on your posts.


You should try to figure out the best time and days to post, how they interact in the comments and what kind of content they post.


●     Engage With the Audience

Providing quality customer service should be among your top priorities. This means that you should make it your ultimate objective to reply to comments, questions and DMs.


You don’t have to say in touch 24/7 but you need to ensure that you’re engaging with the audience effectively. This can play a crucial role in influencing potential customers to check out your brand and take an action.



Many marketers, content creators and businesses are refocusing all their resources on marketing on social media. Social media platforms currently hold immense power as many of them have some of the largest audiences on the internet. So it is an opportunity for brands to build up their socials and leverage the high visibility rates to increase engagement and create organic traffic.


But that is easier said than done if you don’t know the right growth tactics. So take a good look at these tips and apply them to your social media marketing strategy to engage your organic search traffic.




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