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6 Promo Campaign Items for Student Customers

Promo marketing has allowed businesses to connect with target customer bases successfully for decades. Being able to convince students that your company is worth being loyal to can be highly lucrative. With this in mind, you want to tailor your promo campaigns to give them items that they will get a ton of use out of. Here are six quality promo campaign items that are perfect for campaigns involving student customers:

1. Drawstring Backpacks


If you want to give your student customers the ultimate way to carry around textbooks and other items in style, you want to hand out quality drawstring backpacks. Drawstring backpacks have become much more trendy in recent years and can be bought in bulk for a budget-friendly price. Be sure to keep your logo subtle, but visible, if you want to convince hip students to wear your branded drawstring backpacks around their campus.

2. Tote Bags


In today’s hyper-social society, a lot of people are constantly out and about (especially students). Give students a branded, totally free tote bag so they can enjoy the comfort of not having to awkwardly carry all of their possessions, textbooks, and valuables. Take advantage of this fashion trend by purchasing high-quality bulk promotional tote bags for the clientele that your company is aiming to serve, including the students that we’re focusing on, and you’ll see huge dividends. People pay special attention to the branding on people’s tote bags, so if you can make your gifted tote bag look awesome, you’ll create the all-valuable “walking billboard” effect on your student customers’ campuses.

3. Headphones


Although using headphones during the school day can seem paradoxical given the more socially centered nature of education, they are actually ideal for making calls discreetly between classes, or for focusing when you’re deep into a study session. You can get headphones for much less than you might think, and you may distribute them at a variety of events (both school-related and otherwise) where you will be implementing future promotional campaign marketing methods. Be sure to consider the current trends in headphone usage and style, however, as students will be less likely to use them if they feel “dorky” or uncomfortable while using them.

4. Pens and Notepads


Notepads and pens are the perfect combo promo item package. If you want to keep students on top of note taking, contact info harvesting, and generally want to support their brainstorming, you need to give them high-quality pens and notepads with your brand emblazoned upon them. Many promo item manufacturers offer discounts for companies who offer these two items together as well, which helps get you much more bang for your promotional campaign buck. Get pens and notepads that have a fantastically tactile nature, that way they are both comfortable and convenient to use, and you’ll have a stellar campaign strategy on your hands.

5. Multi-Tools


There are many instances where a multi-tool will come in handy, even during the school day. A multi-tool is a must-need item in the daily lives of many people, both full-time students and otherwise. Furthermore, as multi-tools gain popularity among the general population faster than they have in many years, the value of receiving a free multi-tool has increased. When creating your promotional multi-tool presents, just be sure to showcase your brand in a fun, striking way, that way you can make students feel cool and hip while using them. If your students are dealing with physics or another hands-on degree, they’ll be especially thrilled to receive a quality multi-tool for free.

6. Water Bottles


Water bottles are a fantastic item for any promo campaign, but especially for those aimed specifically at students. Students are on the go constantly, so they need to stay hydrated if they want to remain healthy and productive. Water bottles are easy to buy in bulk, and are designed in a way that makes adding your company’s logo and contact information an absolute no-brainer. If you take the time to research which bulk water bottles are of the best quality, you’ll have the ability to get your company’s logo moving around campuses all around the area where you do business. Add your social media profiles to the water bottles you give out to boost your brand’s online presence.

Support Your Student Customers


If you support your student customers with free, and highly-useful promo gifts, they will remember you once they enter the workforce, and start businesses of their own. Staring the customer retention process early on is always highly recommended, and can help you skyrocket to the top of your field with ease. Just make sure you give a ton of thought to your choice of item(s) for student-centric promotional campaigns.


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