6 apps to listen to music without data or wi-fi!


Music is a must-have for our times. You might listen to the most recent releases, a playlist that makes you feel good, or a song that transports you back to a special place. It is possible to listen to music anywhere you go, regardless of what your needs might be. What are the best music apps for free that allow you to listen to music with no Wifi?

You can listen to music offline with these apps:


It is one of the most popular music streaming services and offers a great selection of tracks. Based on your listening habits, it will suggest playlists and new music. It can be linked to social media so that you can keep your followers updated on what you’re listening to. But, what makes it an even better app is the ability for you to listen offline. This feature is included with the premium account. It allows you to download your music and listen to it offline without having to connect to Wifi.

Google Play Music

This pre-installed on many Android devices gives you access to a wide range of music. It is easy to use and categorizes the music library into playlists, artists, albums, songs, making it simple and efficient to find your favourite songs and albums. This app works in the same way Spotify does. You can play your music offline after you’ve downloaded it to your device.


Deezer has the right playlists for you, whether you are looking to listen to your favorite artists or keep up with the latest music releases. Deezer allows you to create playlists and personalize them. You can also customize search results so that they are tailored to your tastes. Deezer allows you to reduce your data costs by allowing you to listen to your music offline.

Sound Cloud Music and Sound Cloud Audio

It is one of the most popular offline and streaming music apps available for Android users. You can access a wide range of playlists from all over the globe. It will suggest playlists based on your listening habits and recent releases, just like other apps. It also has a direct link to social media where you can share your music and playlists. This app is great for those who don’t have access to Wifi. It allows you to take your music offline, which is easy and effective.


This app was the first to offer internet music back in the early 2000’s. However, many would consider it the best. You can access a huge number of songs and radio stations without ads. The clever interface and design make it easy to use for all ages. You don’t even need an internet connection to listen to your music offline.

Apple Music

Apple music has tried its best to compete with Spotify, and it has succeeded. You have access to an extensive list of tracks, albums and playlists, so you will always have music on hand. You can make your own playlists, then download them to your phone for offline listening. Although this feature is only available with a paid subscription, it allows you to listen to your music offline without having to depend on Wifi.


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