Cannot remember the name of a song apart from a few lyrics? Enter them into YouTube, and voila!’s your song. Want to learn how to make pasta? Ask youtube! Want to know how to upcycle an old pair of jeans? See the tutorial on Youtube.


Youtube has revolutionized households across the globe. Everything from songs, to news, tutorials, movies, etc., is available on the platform. 


It makes YouTube the perfect platform for building a brand and using it as a tool for social media marketing. However, it is not easy. There are so many brands that are competing for high rankings and better performance. How will you then build a brand on YouTube? Will you buy YouTube views?


This article will help you in some simple ways to build a brand on Youtube so you can gain more Youtube subscribers.


1) Improve Your Account

The key to building a brand is popularity and visibility. That is only possible when people see your videos. To target the right audience, you need a good ranking on the platform, so you need to optimize your account.

Make sure to upload a profile picture that connotes your brand. The channel description should be short yet comprehensive. Tell the story of your channel and what it is about within a few witty words because no one enjoys reading long texts.

Properly arrange all your videos into a playlist to make it easier for the viewer to find the required video.

These small adjustments make your account appear more professional, thus helping you gain more Youtube subscribers.


2) Tags and Keywords

The two things mentioned above are at the core of YouTube SEO. The keywords and tags optimize your account and give it a better rake so that you can easily reach your target audience.


The more keywords you use, the more visible you are in the search results. It is only then that you can bring organic traffic to your channel instead of buying Youtube views.


Optimize your video descriptions with the right keywords and tags. However, make sure not to overload your videos with tags.


3) Collaborate

Merely optimizing and technically perfecting your content is insufficient; you must also perfect your social presence. You must build contacts within the Youtube community to strengthen your brand personality.


Collaboration serves multiple purposes, which are helpful to building a brand on Youtube. Collaborating with content creators and other brands introduces you to a wider audience. As a result, they will develop an affinity for your band if they see you in action and essence with a brand they already trust, helping you gain more Youtube subscribers.


4) Cross-Platform Marketing

The central concern of any brand on any social media platform is engagement. A good engagement will take your brand to the next level. Therefore, a much-used but less noticed trick is cross-platform promotion. As a brand, your presence cannot get limited to YouTube. You will present on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., too.


Therefore, promote your business on these platforms too. Add screenshots of your latest YouTube videos, give links, or even provide paid memberships at a discount to those who already follow you on Instagram or Facebook. It will increase traffic to your YouTube channel, consequently driving its popularity.


5) Opt for Planning.

A lot of times, even if the above steps are correct, our plan goes downhill. It happens because we do not plan and do everything haphazardly. Planning is time, and time is money. Thus, make clear pen-paper notes about what content you will create and how you will advertise to gain the maximum views.


Check out the set, the props, the script, lighting, time, and everything else that goes into creating the perfect shot. Constant planning and reevaluation are what will get you views. Apart from direction requirements, plan how to launch these videos. Plan your trailers and BTS shots to leverage the audience’s curiosity.



The YouTube ecosystem, like any other social media platform, is always evolving with the introduction of new technologies and algorithms. With time and trends, people are realizing the potential of social media and investing time and effort to ace the same. As a result, the competition is constantly on the rise. Therefore, your social media strategy must be flexible and all-rounder. Today, there are also a number of tools that help you with the appropriate keywords, tags, and optimized descriptions. 

Google AdWords is one tool that helps bring traffic to your YouTube channel.


While you work on your channel, keep observing and learning from the top players in the field. Look at their activities and tricks to engage people. Their experience and budget give them an edge over other new brands. Learn from them and avoid buying Youtube views. We hope this article was helpful, and now you will be able to get started on your YouTube journey. All the best!

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