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5 Style Tips You Need to Know when Dressing Classy

Fashion is what is pivotal these days. One cannot look chic or stylish without understanding it. And mastering fashion and how to look classy each day is no walk in the park (let me tell you). On the flip side, it requires thorough research and adequate sense. You cannot simply roll with denim teamed with regular tees and expect everyone to give you a round of applause. Snap out of it! It’s not that simple.

Be that as it may, but some crucial insights and tips about it can help you pull off your dream look. Too often, celebs make fashion statements across the red carpet for gala events. But do you think they do that without the backing of a fashion designer? Hell, NO! Quiet about always, celebs have designers to revamp their wardrobes each season to make their fashion game high and commendable. And I don’t mean the stylings they shed only at the grant events, but for their casual outings too.

Anchoring a chic look every day is a blessing and can sometimes be hard to perform. But worry not! We’re here to give you the top 5 designers’ advice and tips for fabulous looks.

Top 5 Style Tips You Need to Know

Having classic wardrobe staples are must-haves for any individual who likes to be praised and adored for their appearance. In the same way, not everyone can afford to buy all those high-end designers’ suits to make a statement, although they can start with the basics (casual basics). Shopping is tricky and money-consuming too. To shop nice and without draining all the savings in the bank, you must adhere to simple and sophisticated dresses to make a style statement while remaining in the fashion play.

Here is what you can do:

Give A Boost to Your Wardrobe

A wardrobe full of statement pieces is crucial and worthy of some investments. Now that is for many reasons; to look great, classy, and stand out. On a side note, your wardrobes may include numerous pieces you may not wear or see (in most cases) due to the swarming mess. So first, you need to organize your wardrobe – hang and fold to categorize them nicely.

Second, keep the pieces you’d like to wear or those that look classy. And sell those that you don’t want. Finally, now that your wardrobe is clean and tidy and easy to distinguish from them – clothing, you can now choose smoothly on “what to wear?” moments.

Give A Boost to Your Wardrobe

That said, your wardrobe needs statement pieces for your daily chic look. A statement piece can be anything from your ensemble; that is what we say, “pleasing to the eyes.” Indeed, eye-catching apparels are must-have in any wardrobe. To give you an example, here are some of the statement pieces that you need to shop for (including but not limited to):

  •       Black Blazer – Easy-going wear.
  •       Leather Jacket black/brown.
  •       Boots – Pairable with flared skirts, maxis, and more.
  •       Designer handbag
  •       Rhinestone leather belt – for party dresses and more.
  •       Denim Jeans and Tees

Make Sure Your Top and Bottom Are in Sync

Slowly but surely, fashion is leading in every culture and society. However, you cannot simply roll out with the wrong top and bottom combo around your people. Pieces that can seamlessly fit in your wardrobe and transition with you each season are tops and bottoms. They are both one yet separate garment that can elevate your neutral looks and add a significant impact to your usual appearance. For that, all you need to know is striking the right balance of tops and bottoms – in terms of coloring, cuttings, designs, and so on.

Not quite sure how to tackle styling those? Don’t sweat it! We’re here to help, aren’t we?

  •       Plan outfits that complement each other – either elegantly contrasting or suavely matching.
  •       Pair loose shirts with tight pants.
  •       Wide-leg pants with ripped crop tops or fitted ones.
  •       Denim shorts with flamboyant tees and crops – along with boots and bracelets.
  •       Skirts with monochromatic shirts/tops paired with a studded belt (rhinestone belt).

Anchor Body Shape Appropriate Outfits

Different body shapes require different styles for fashion-inherent reasons. But, believe it or not, the right styling always makes a big impact on setting your styling endeavors to the next level. Many times, what looks stunning on others doesn’t necessarily will look appealing on you as well. That’s because their body shapes are harmoniously in sync with the outfit. In short, it’s their body-matching dress, not yours. To top it off, you must know your body type and what would look the best over it.

The only way to elevate the charisma of the dress on your body is to experiment in front of the mirror before setting foot outside. If you have an hourglass body, try to wear tightening garments to display the middle curves; for an apple shape body, maxi and loose dresses and a belt over the middles would be seamless; for a chubby body shape, always go with V-line dressings.

Statement Accessories

Aside from dresses, tops, and bottoms, it’s time to elevate your fashion skills by accessorizing with handbags, sunglasses, belts, hats, and whatnot. Who said only garments would make you look chic? Don’t listen to them, although they’re included but not curbed. Hence, any branded accessory for the right occasion and outing plays an important part, which is never to be undervalued. For one thing, they’re both style-elevating and handy. Similarly, they’re must-have items in one’s closet.

  •       Having your extras in one place – Handbags.
  •       Shading your eyes against the heat and sun’s brightness – Sunglasses.
  •       Giving your personality a noble and arty touch – Bracelets and Jewels.
  •       Helping you balance your hair from untangling and protecting your face from the sunny rays – Hats.
  •       Keeping your pants in position and displaying your eye-catching body curves – belts.


Having a sense of self-assurance thru outfits is a must. Every now and then, we feel we’re unsuitable for the venue or the occasion. Thus, it’s front-paged to look classy regardless of whatsoever. To be classy and appealing to others and not foolish (fashion-wise), you must follow those tips mentioned above for a fresh start and reinvent your style.





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