5 steps that matter after a car crash in Toledo


As someone injured in a car accident in Toledo, you may find it hard to process the outcome. The immediate aftermath of such mishaps is always chaotic. People are often unaware of their legal options to recover a settlement. The first thing to know is the fault-based system in Ohio. If the other driver rammed into your vehicle or acted recklessly to cause the accident, they are liable for your damages. You can file a lawsuit seeking compensation, which will help recover medical care expenses, lost income, and losses like vehicle damage. Consider meeting lawyers of grothlaw.com to know your claim’s value. For your help, here are the five steps you must take after a car crash in Toledo.

  1. Call 911 or see a doctor immediately. You need evidence to prove that your injuries were a result of the mishap, and if you don’t get medical care right after, you may have a tough time recovering compensation for your treatment costs. Even if you didn’t need emergency care at the scene, check with an injury doctor soon.
  2. Stay at the scene and note down the details. Inform local police right away after the accident and remain at the scene. When an investigating officer arrives, note down their badge number and share the details of the accident as you remember. Don’t try to blame the other party or admit your mistake. Also, request the officer for a copy of the police report.
  3. Call an attorney. We have mentioned earlier that an attorney can help evaluate your car accident case. You should consider looking for legal advice without delay so that you have enough time to work on your case. If an attorney accepts the claim, they will swing into action to find evidence and gather details to prove fault and liability.
  4. Don’t miss out on the treatment plan. Depending on the injuries you have suffered, you may need to continue with your treatment and medical care for a long time. If you fail to do so, the insurance company may use the fact against you. Do not miss appointments, physical therapy sessions, and other things recommended by your doctor.
  5. Keep a file ready with all details. Your lawyer will want details of your medical bills, vehicle damage bills, and other expenses. Ensure that you have an accident file ready with you at all times.

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