5+ Excellent MegaShare Alternatives for Streaming Free Movies Online


MegaShare was renowned as the biggest portal for streaming video of TV and films online at the time.

It was closed in the year 2014, and the reason behind the closure is not clear as of now.

However, we have a rough concept of what could have transpired that led to the closure of MegaShare.

MegaShare’s owners, MegaShare, claimed they were having issues with the video hosting company that led them to shut the site.

On the other side, MegaShare was hosting its videos on platforms like Google, PutLocker, and other sites.

Google was criticised for the way it hosted pirated material on its platforms. Changes were forced upon the company.

It is unclear whether MegaShare was shut down because of this or if it was actually experiencing hosting problems.

Since then, lots of MegaShare copies were on the internet, but the majority of them had malware issues as well as being fake.

Additionally, they were shut off by Google, which is why we’ve created an extensive list of the top MegaShare alternatives you can use for viewing right now. Movies and TV shows can be streamed online.

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or advocate any actions that lead to the illegal streaming or downloading of content with copyright rights. This article is solely to be used for educational purposes. Therefore, the user’s discretion is essential.

MegaShare Alternatives to Watching Free Movies Online

Disclosure: All of the below MegaShare alternatives might be unavailable in your area, but you can make use of an excellent VPN provider to gain access to these options.


Solar Movies is one of the top MegaShare alternatives due to its elegant and clear user interface, and it provides subtitles for your movies in a variety of languages.

You can find videos and TV shows from this site, and it’s completely free to view the content.

The most watched TV and movie shows are on the main page of Solar Movies, and you can select the material you’d like to see by its rating.


PopcornFlix is one of the best MegaShare alternatives, and it also offers a simple user interface, similar to Solar Movies.

You will notice the website has New Arrivals and other categories to allow you to easily browse through the material and start watching it.

PopcornFlix also offers its own Android and iOS application for mobile devices, and desktop users can access its website.

It’s possible that PopcornFlix may not be available in your region, in which case you can make use of a VPN to stream the content.


123Movies is the next option on our list of top MegaShare alternatives. This site is identical to Solar Movies in its interface as it looks like the interface of a movie search engine.

123Movies was initially referred to as GoMovies but was shut down during the day. It is now back with a new name, 123Movies.

There are many servers that are available for each film as well as each TV program. There is no need to look for servers that are new on this site.


1337x has been operating for a long time, and it has been among the most popular torrent websites with millions of people visiting its website each month.

The site hosts the top torrents of movies or TV programmes on this website, and other users are able to download the files.

It offers a massive collection of MegaShare TV and films, and resolutions range from 1080p to all the way to 4K.

It is important to note that the site has continuously been the target of Internet service providers from all over the globe, which is the reason for its change of domain name.

The domain currently used that allows you to access this site is 1337x.to, which is linked to above.


Fmovies is another top video streaming site where you can watch your preferred web-based or TV series absolutely free. The most appealing thing is that there are no advertisements on the site.

There are multiple servers available to stream movies and TV shows, so in case one isn’t working, it is possible to switch over to a different one.

The most popular films are shown on the home screen, and there are subtitles for each film as well.

The selection of films on this site is impressive as well. You can also download the movies onto your computer so that you can watch them later.


Netflix is regarded as the most popular movie streaming site today, and the best thing is that it’s legal and you won’t be required to redirect to various domains to watch movies on the site.

The only issue that is different about Netflix is that its television movies and shows aren’t free due to the fact that they charge their creators for the right to create original content. However, we can guarantee that the quality of the content is top-quality.

It is necessary to purchase an annual subscription to view films on Netflix; however, in our opinion, it’s worth the price when you’re a film fan.

Amazon Prime Video

Then, we’ll look at Amazon Prime Video, which is another streaming service that is completely legal, creates its own content, and also offers content from all over the Internet.

Like Netflix, it is necessary to purchase a subscription in order to stream videos on the platform. However, by using Amazon Prime Video, you will be able to purchase the Amazon Prime subscription and enjoy the television shows and films with the same subscription.

It’s likely that many of you already own an Amazon Prime membership for free shipping when you purchase at Amazon.

It’s easy to gain access to Amazon Prime Video’s vast library of content and the benefits of free shipping for Amazon purchases.


As we mentioned previously, this is our top list of the best MegaShare alternatives that you can find online following the demise of MegaShare because of unknown reasons.

It is important to remember that even though the streaming websites that are free like PopcornFlix, 123Movies, 1337X.to, and many more are excellent, there is no assurance that they will remain in operation for a long time.

Because anti-piracy organisations are constantly targeting them and making ISPs stop these websites, for those who want security, they can sign up for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix and enjoy its content without problems.

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